Biloxi Bay RV Resort Campground Review

Biloxi Bay RV Resort has a large pool and club house that is well equipped for guests.

For Labor Day this year, we tried a new RV Resort.  This campground lived up to all of our expectations.  Biloxi Bay RV Resort is located on the Bay in Biloxi, MS.  This campground has it all and is priced just right!  If you are looking for a new spot to camp, give this resort a try!  Why did we love it so much?
The zero entry pool makes this a perfect spot for families with small children too.

Biloxi Bay RV Resort Campground Review

RV Resort is somewhat of a loose term.  Amenities can vary greatly from one location to the next.  I like having recreational activities at the campground,  but sometimes these places fall short.  I have also decided that camping expectations are all very relative.  Biloxi Bay RV Resort was the perfect happy medium for us, and we plan to do it again next year.  

Enjoy the sunset while taking a dip in the hot tub at the end of the day.

First, let's talk price.  If you are looking for an RV resort that has water activities, onsite food options, planned recreational activities and more, you are going to spend around $100 a night give or take a few.  I went back to check our spreadsheet from previous Labor Day camping excursions, and we have hovered in this price range each year.  We have stayed at Paradise Ranch in Tylertown and Yogi Bear on the Lake in the Pelahatchie.  Both of these spots are close to that price and offer lots of activities including pools.  However, for the price, we feel like Biloxi Bay RV Resort is the true winner!

Yogi Bear on the Lake - $357 (around $119 per night)

Paradise Ranch RV Resort - $256  (around $85 per night)

Biloxi Bay RV Resort - $318 (around $106 per night)

All of these prices are based on Labor Day weekends arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday.  

Biloxi Bay RV Resort may fall in the middle price wise.  But, it came out on top in terms of all that it had to offer and campground appeal.  We chose mid price sites at all three locations.  So, I feel like this is a fair comparison of the three.  

The club house has a full bar that is open daily with televisions for watching sports and other events.


Biloxi Bay RV Resort is just off of Interstate 10 and is easy to get into and out of!  The location really is amazing.  If you want to check in and stay at the campground for your whole time there, it is an easy thing to do.  And, if you want to take advantage of other things on the MS Gulf Coast, access is simple as you can hop on and off the interstate quickly.  We had a meal at McElroy's Seafood one night.  We took the ferry to Ship Island one day.  Sunday also included a mass at St. Mark's in Gulfport.  This is typical of a trip for us, and I enjoyed the accessibility factor.

There are beautiful views of the water down by the pool.  Sit in the hot tub and relax while listening to the sound of the waves right next to you.  Or, enjoy lounging in the pool or in a chair next to the bay breeze.  While we didn't have a water front site, we loved our location. 

RV spots are large, level, paved spots with plenty of room to spread out!  This is a more expensive site with a large grassy yard.  We thought all of the sites were really nice!  This is site 51.


This is a large campground with lots of site options.  I always look at the map of the campground and weigh out my options.  I didn't want to pay a premium price, but I wanted to be close to the activities we wanted to participate in.  Site 64 worked great for us, and I would book this site again.  It is in a good location where you can walk to the pool or the lazy river.  It is close to the dog park and the playground.  Plus, it is a pull through site.  We could walk to everything without feeling the need to have a golf cart.  However, you can rent one if you like!

Sites within the campground are large and paved. Sites are level and have picnic tables for outdoor meals.  We were under a burn ban, so we didn't build a fire.  But our site was large enough to enjoy one had the weather been different.  

If you want a premium site, you can back in with better views of the water.  Some of the sites, like 51 offer a back in site with a large grassy area where you can lounge and hang out.  I like these spots too.  But, they are close to the pool area and could potentially be loud on holiday weekends.  

I didn't really see a bad campsite in the whole campground.  

Take advantage of the paddle boards and kayaks on the water.  There is no additional charge for the use during your stay.


This is where the action is at Biloxi Bay RV Resort.  We love a campground with fun water amenities in the summer.  You can enjoy:

  • A Lazy River with two little gathering pools and a nice seating area
  • A zero entry pool with plenty of seating for lounging
  • A hot tub
  • Kayaks and Paddle Boards
  • Food truck
  • Full service bar with televisions for watching sporting events and adults only hours at the pool and bar area beginning at 8 p.m. nightly
  • Multiple shower/bath house areas that are spacious and super clean
  • Multiple Laundry facilities that you can use at NO CHARGE (this is huge!)
  • Golf cart rental
  • Planned activities like color contests for kids, corn hole tournaments and more
  • Playground
  • Fenced dog yard
I may have missed some amenities, but they offer quite a lot.  And it seems that they are adding to it. I didn't feel like we were nickel and dimed to death like at some spots.  We paid one fee and could do laundry, use the kayaks or paddle boards, and it was included with the price.  This is a huge value and made the price worth it!

The hot tub is nice and relaxing.  I enjoyed listening to the waves and sitting here during our stay.

Tips for a Great Stay

Depending on your budget, you don't have to break the bank to stay at an RV resort.  Select a site that suits your needs and budget.  I saved a little by getting the spot we did and not booking a premium site.  However, we still had access to everything we wanted and needed and didn't feel short changed.  So, weigh out your options and maybe save a little by getting a spot that isn't a premium one.  

The campground will text you updates about activities going on at the campground.  If you like to participate in these events, they will keep you up to date.  So, allow them to text you.  There was a steak and seafood meal on Saturday night from their own site food truck.  They also had other activities like a coloring contest for kids and a cornhole tournament.  Lots of football fans gathered to watch the game at the clubhouse.  So, take advantage of the updates through your text messages.

There is more than one large bathhouse that has a spacious room for showering if needed.  They are so clean and nice.

There is a bathhouse at the front and back of the campground to serve all guests.

You can check in online for your stay, but picking up your parking pass was a bit of a pain.  We didn't arrive until after 9 p.m. our first night.  I had called ahead to let them know about our late arrival.  However, the next morning, took a ferry out to Ship Island and left at 8:15 or so.  The office wasn't open and was closed again when we returned.  We tried to stop by the office on our way back from church on Sunday, but the office was still closed.  So, be aware that office hours are kind of all over.  Our stay was fine.  This was a minor speed bump on our trip and won't keep us from going back.

Take advantage of some of the things the MS Gulf Coast has to offer while you are there.  There are lots of great seafood restaurants and things to do.  I've listed a few below.  However, feel free to drop me a line if you want a specific recommendation.   
We loved staying at Biloxi Bay RV Resort.  It is a fantastic location with lots to do there and plenty of access to things outside of the campground.  We will definitely be coming back. 

The pool also overlooks the bay.  They views are great!

If you want to know how it stacks up to other campgrounds that are RV resorts, it is well thought out without having too much going on!  The activities appeal to a wide audience and deliver well.  I find that many resorts end up being lack luster and try to do so many things that none of them are really great.  And it just ends up being a disappointment.  Biloxi Bay RV Resort does all of the things it is trying to accomplish well, and it has gained a repeat camper from our crew!  

If you are looking for more fun places to visit, check out my camping map.  You can see reviews from all of the campgrounds we visit.  Until next time...happy camping!

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