Fall Gear Guide 2023

Fall is right around the corner.  Get ready now!

I feel like we are in the home stretch to fall.  After the summer we had in Mississippi, I'll take whatever I can get.  We just finished our final summer camping trip of the year, and our next trip will be officially in the fall!  That is relative here in the deep south, but okay.  Again, we cannot be choosey after temperatures that mimicked the 7th level of hell!   So, how are we gearing up for fall?
Setting a pretty table in the evenings is one of my favorite things to do!

Fall Gear Guide 2023

Any time there is a change in season, I'm looking to clean up our gear line up and stream line what we have going on.  I've really been working on decluttering both at home and in our RV.  

Fall hiking is my favorite.  One reason is less snakes and cooler temps!

Get Outdoors

Fall is the best time to get outdoors and take advantage of cooler temps and beautiful foliage.  We have a Thanksgiving trip planned with quite a bit of hiking.  If you love to hike, Hiker Hunger hiking poles are a great way to increase your heart rate, give some additional support and more!  I love these poles, and I plan to use them this fall as we do some more strenuous hikes.

The Big Red Campfire from Camco is a compact way to have a fire anywhere you go!

After you have returned back to the campground, it is time to get that fire pit going.  We are under a burn ban where we are now.  We camp out west in the winter each each, and burn bans are often in place there also.  The Camco Big Red Campfire is a great way to have a fire when you can't strike a match.  Check your local areas to make sure that this is not a problem also, but a propane fire is an easy way to go.

The kindling cracker is one of the best ways to start a traditional fire every time.

If you can build an actual fire, I recommend getting a Kindling Cracker from Northern Tool.  This has been a game changer for my husband.  He loves this tool and uses it often.  And, while you are at it, add these campfire colors to give your fire a special and fun glow.  

The Coleman Lamp puts out a lot of light and runs off of white gas.

Campground Lighting

Days start to get shorter in the fall.  Lighting is a big deal as we head into winter.  This also means we are stretching to get to the campground before dark.  A headlamp is an easy hands free way to help set up when light starts to fade.

We also love our Coleman Lamp.  We have an older lamp that we bought used from a gentleman that restores them.  I recommend this route if you can get your hands on one.  It runs on white gas and lights up our whole site!

It is also worth mentioning that a Nebo Slyde Flashlight is another great tool to have on hand.  This is a multipurpose flashlight that is great to have at the campground but also in your tow vehicle.  

Andersen Levelers will help you get leveled quickly and accurately every time.  We have used these for years.

RV Gear

We bought a set of Andersen Levelers when we had our pop up camper.  We have owned the same set for years.  If you are looking for an easier way to level your RV, these are the tools that you need.

The Andersen Jack Block is another way to get things stabilized and secure.

Andersen has an entire line of tools to help you level and stabilize your RV.  We purchased the Andersen jack block about a year ago.  You don't have to extend your tongue jack as far when leveling your RV, and it keeps things nice and stable.  

The same company also makes these handy stabilizer jack blocks.  These fit directly under your stabilizer jacks so that you stabilize everything easily and without extending as far either.  

Change a tire on your RV the easier way and always be prepared on the road!

Finally, don't get caught without a way to change your tire.  Camco makes a tire changing tool that is similar to the Andersen Levelers that we own.  You drive up onto it with your good tire.  This will raise your RV enough to change the flat tire without any specialized jacks!  It is lightweight and simple to use.  

I took a more practical approach to gear this season.  Towing to farther locations with less daylight heightens my awareness for increased safety and just overall use.  Being prepared and camping comfortably make for a good trip every time.  Take some time at the start of this new season to check out your gear.  Sell or donate things you no longer use, but add those items that will make your experience better.  I've curated everything from this fall list into one place to shop on my Amazon Store.  

If you are looking for more places to explore, be sure to check out my Camping Map.  I've reviewed the different campgrounds where we have gone.  This map is also updated regularly.  So, check back to see what is new.  Until next time...Happy Camping!

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