Why I love Tupperware in Our RV

I did a whole pantry and cabinet reboot this year with my new Tupperware, and I love it!

I grew up surrounded by Tupperware.  I can still see my grandmother drinking sweet tea from a yellow translucent narrow Tupperware cup.  My mother's cabinets were filled with Tupperware canisters and containers.  In my twenties, I organized my cabinets with rows of Tupperware.  But, I have not purchased Tupperware in nearly 25 years.  Recently, a friend hosted a party and fell in love all over again!
These items and slim and the perfect size to stack and have in our pantry!

Why I love Tupperware in Our RV

So what does Tupperware have to do with camping?  Nothing really and quite a lot - all depending on how you look at it.  I like practical items for our kitchen that are lightweight, won't break and air tight.  Tupperware really checks all of the boxes.  

Now I know that people will tell you that you can buy less expensive plastic ware.  True, and you get what you pay for.  Tupperware makes a superior product with a Lifetime Guarantee.  I recently had a lid replaced for Modular Mate piece.  I only paid for shipping, and that piece was 25 years old!

If you have never really looked at Tupperware, now is a great time to take a look.  I have purchased a few pieces here and there lately and love how it has worked for us. 

Tupperware runs seasonal and monthly specials.  So, check with their Special Offers to see what is new and on sale.  If you want to shop deals this is where to go!

These salt shakers are great!  Many times, they stay outside near my outdoor stove and can be used at the table or while cooking.  Since they are airtight, I don't have to worry about them!

Drinkware and More

When I first looked at Tupperware again recently, I zeroed in on a set of tall tumbler cups.  These were a monthly special in a Mexican pattern and on sale.  I loved the look and knew that they would work well in our RV for new drinking glasses.  

I had also wanted to get a set of Tupperware salt and pepper shakers.  I have spilled my fair share of spices in our RV over the years.  I knew that these wouldn't break or spill.  The retro look is also right up my alley and reminds me of my childhood.

I call these my bento boxes, but they are really for grown up lunchables.  I love these on travel days for a meal on the go!

I also decided to invest in some lunch containers for meals on the go.  I like to make snack boxes with boiled eggs, pickles or olives, nuts and fruit for hikes or travel days.  They are lightweight.  And you can use them over and over for lunches.

We have cannisters for all of our dog food.  These are large enough to store all of our treats and food for each dog!

Pet Food Storage

Tupperware has a special set of canisters just for pet food and treats.  These are the perfect size for our dogs.  We have a canister for each of our two dogs and a third one for treats.  Since they are airtight, they keep ants and critters at bay.  Plus they fit perfectly in our cabinet.

These are not currently available as I write this post, but you could certainly use any set of canisters or Modular Mates from Tupperware for your pet storage needs.

This is where I store flour, brown sugar and an empty one for chips or crackers to keep them fresh and free of ants!

Pantry Storage

Tupperware's Modular Mate line is one of my favorite product lines within their catalog.  These sets are stackable and come in oval, square and rectangular sizes.  I recently purchased the baking set of modular makes.  I have storage for:

I have plenty of room for these to line by panty and stacking up perfectly.  I even have enough room for a couple of more oval or square containers.  No matter what I did in the past, my containers seemed to topple over, loosing a lid.  Or, ants would get into something.  Now I have a permanent solution to my pantry storage.  

One other cool fact is that the numbers add up for stacking.  A set of Oval 2s will be the height of a an oval 4.  This math helps you you maximize your cabinet space by mixing and matching and stacking pieces.  

I bought a tortilla keeper and this storage container underneath during a sale earlier this year.  I like to make breakfast tacos or just a taco night.  The bottom container is perfect for serving chips or whatever other side items at the table!

What Else?

Tupperware is pretty diverse in all of its offerings.  Some of my other favorites are:
I like to have snack tray dinners on the road and at home.  The cheese storage option is great for storing sandwich items as well as charcuterie board ingredients.

I love coffee, and I make my own as opposed to buying expensive coffee shop options.  I purchased my Cold Brew Carafe on sale after Christmas, and I love it so much.  This is a great piece to have on hand for the summer months ahead!

A brown Tupperware tea pitcher was a staple in my family's refrigerator growing up.  While you can still buy a standard pitcher, the slim pitchers will fit in a fridge door.  These are durable and handy options to keep on hand at the campground and home.

Do you need Tupperware for camping?  No.  Not really.  Is is handy and something that works well with camping?  A solid and emphatic yes.  Plus, the quality of every single product is well worth it!  If you have never bought Tupperware, give it a look.  If you haven't look at these products in a while, revisit this high quality line of products.  I'm so glad my friend Josh is selling Tupperware.  Its a side gig he loves, and it is something that helped me organize our RV in a way I didn't know I needed until now!

If you use Tupperware in your RV, I'd love to hear from you.  Or maybe you have questions about some of the products I mentioned, drop me a line or feel free to comment below.  

Until next time...happy camping!

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