More Fredericksburg and Texas Hill Country

Our hike on the summit trail at Enchanted Rock was a great way to start 2024!

I fell in love with Texas long before our first RV trip there in 2020.  The Texas Hill Country is a favorite for all of us.  We just returned from our second trip there as a family.  If this location is on your radar, start planning now.  It has something for everyone.    What is so great about the Texas Hill Country?
The drive over the Johnson City to see the lights was worth it!

More Fredericksburg and Texas Hill Country

The Hill Country of Texas is a vacation destination for many because it offers a variety of activities.  Plus Fredericksburg and this whole area really rolls out the red carpet for tourist.  I know there are people that would argue that the spring is the best time to visit when bluebonnets are in full bloom.  I won't dispute this fact, but I will also say that winter is amazing in Texas.  And Fredericksburg was a great place to land for the new year.  

One of the things that make Fredericksburg a great spot for vacation is that is has great food, fun shopping, wineries and lots of outdoor excursions.  

Where to Stay

We have stayed twice at the Fredericksburg RV Park.  Both the facilities and staff are amazing.  And, we would stay there all over again.  It is located right in the heart of the Hill County, and you have easy access to everything you would want to do.  
If you don't want to travel with you RV, there are lots of charming rental and lodging options.  You an explore the city website to find out more!  

Food trucks are so much fun to explore, plus everyone gets to choose what they want.

I opted for the coconut shrimp.  As a child, shrimp dinners were synonymous with vacation.  As an adult, I still love this treat!


Fredericksburg may be known for its German food, but you are are sure to get a great meal here no matter where you go.  From true Texas barbeque and Tex Mex to upscale dining, you can find a meal for you.  We love the Munch Food Truck Park.  It is next door to the Fredericksburg RV Park.  We have stopped in for dinner on the night of our arrival both times we have stayed in Fredericksburg.  There are plenty of food choices, and the food is great.

Pritzer Sweet Shop is a must stop while you are shopping downtown.  While they are known for their German Sweet Pretzel, the Apple Strudel is hard to beat!  Buy one of each so that you can share and vote for your favorite!

Holidays can be tricky for dining out.  I'm glad that people have time with their families, so we make the most of what opportunities are available when we travel at odd times.  After our hike at Enchanted Rock on New Year's Day, we took advantage of some German food at the Old German Bakery.  Since German food tends to be hearty, this a good winter option.  My husband had the Jager Snitzel and enjoyed it.  I'm not a huge fan of German food, so I had a grilled cheese and potato salad.  The potato salad may have been some of the best I've ever had.  It had a lot of dill and was seasoned perfectly.  Our son had pancakes and loved them.  Obviously!  Sugar.


Fredericksburg has a busy downtown shopping area.  I'm not a huge shopper.  About 3 hours is my max for this type of activity.  Don't get me wrong, its a fun spot.  And I don't want to spend all of my time shopping.

If you want a great pair of boots, Fredericksburg can hook you up.  I went in Allens Boots and tried on several pairs.  I ended up buying a much cheaper pair of boots at another shop, but they are not nearly the quality of the boots from Allens.  If this is on your bucket list or you want great boots, put this on your list.  

I also recommend a stop in at the Flying Cow.  I stumbled in this spot a few years ago and still use their products.  They make tallow based creams that you use on your skin.  Their lip balm, tattoo cream and blemish balm are all part of my daily routine.  

Depending on your time, check out the shops at Johnson City.  This is on my list for next time.  We did manage to get in little window shopping when we drove over to the see the lights, but I haven't gotten to go inside.  It is a charming area and looks fun to explore.

Alexander was a hands down winner with wineries in this area.  Make a point to visit their location.

They offer both indoor and outdoor seating.  The wines were excellent.


If you are in Fredericksburg, visit one of the wineries.  There are lots of spots to stop in throughout this geographic region.  I recently wrote a post how to select the best wineries for your experience.  Bottom line, pick what is right for you.

We've visited Barron's Creek, Augusta Vin, and Alexander Vineyards.  Each spot was great and provided a good experience and wine.  Of the three, Alexander Vineyards was hands down my favorite.  I felt like the wine was not as expensive, but the quality was phenomenal.  And the host was fantastic and really took the time to make suggestions and listened to what we were looking for.  It is a smaller spot that is located off the road and unsuspecting.  Give it a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!  

As I said in my post specifically about wineries, pick one or two that you really want to visit.  Make it happen and take in some of the other things in the area.  We still have things we want to do in the Hill Country, and you can always plan a second or third trip to see wineries you didn't visit the first time.  

Enchanted Rock is spectacular.  I'm so glad we took the time to explore this area.

The views were beautiful at every turn.

The farther you go, the steeper it gets.  Take your time and enjoy it all.


First Day Hikes is a nation wide initiative that encourages families to get outdoors.  We decided to take a drive out to Enchanted Rock after breakfast on New Year's Day.    If you plan to do this, I strongly encourage you to purchase online passes in advance.  It took us nearly 45 minutes just to purchase passes, and we were afraid we were going to get turned away.  It was well worth the wait.  While the Summit Trail is possibly the most popular, there are 11 trails that you can hike in this area.  You can also camp at Enchanted Rock.  This is tent camping.  My sister and her husband have loved camping in this area.

Johnson City has a light display that should not be missed.

The courthouse is completely draped in lights with all of the surrounding areas lit from top to bottom!

Just a couple of blocks away is the Pernales Electric Co-Op.  It illuminates the entire skyline!

If you manage to come to The Hill County in December, you have to drive over the Johnson City to see the Christmas lights.  First, they have a beautiful downtown square where the town hall and surrounding businesses are decked to the nines!  It is amazing!  Then, when you think you have see it all, the local electric cooperative, Perdenales, puts on a show beyond belief.  It is so many lights that it looks like daylight underneath the trees when it is pitch black out!  One girl in town told us, "You can see them lights from outer space."  I have not challenged this, but it will surely put Clark Griswold to shame!

Downtown Fredericksburg is bustling with activity in both the shops and on the Marketplatz for New Year's Eve!

Fredericksburg has beautiful Christmas lights and displays as well.  Take a stroll under the trees and enjoy the sights!

The ball drop for kids and families is at 6:30 on the Marketplatz.  It was a fun way to end the day before enjoying a family meal at the campground.

The Marketplatz in downtown Fredericksburg hosts lots of events throughout the year.  During December, they host the Christmas Nights of Lights.  These last into the New Year.  Since were there for New Years, we went to the New Year's Eve Countdown for kids.  They do and early New Year's Celebration for families.  There were bounce houses, a train ride, balloon animals, face painting, ice skating and more.  At 6:30, they did a ball drop to countdown the New Year.  It was a perfect early evening, and our son had a fantastic time!

More Hill Country

One of the best ways to find out what is going on around the Fredericksburg area is social media.  The City itself shares fantastic content that showcase local events and businesses.  This is how I knew about the New Year's Event in downtown.  The Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor's Bureau does a great job of featuring content to feature the best of the Hill Country!  Fredericksburg Texas Online is an excellent resource on Instagram.  

Finally, if you love live music, take a drive over to Lukenbach, Texas.  We have missed this spot both times.  And, I think a third trip is in store so that we can take in this venue.  

While this isn't my first post or trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, this won't be our last.  You can read about our first trip to the Hill Country in my previous post.  Its a small town that offers a lot.  It is friendly and fun, and I think it should be on your Texas bucket list  

Until next time...happy camping!

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