Create Your Own Family Traditions

Family traditions come in all sorts.  We are a rather active bunch at our house.  More from my prodding than anything else.

As the weather has warmed, we have enjoyed going to the local community market on Saturday mornings.  We can pick up our local bread, jams/jellies and produce each week.  Its a great way to start the weekend!

After the market, we have started going to take a walk and enjoy a picnic breakfast.  Before heading out, I prepare a quick breakfast that packs easily.  Wax paper is my favorite wrapping paper for our morning meal.  I have done items such as:
Our picnic breakfast

  • toasted waffles with almond butter and sliced strawberries
  • biscuits with cheese and ham
  • English muffins with cheese spread and ham
  • Fruit, cheese and muffins
Mainly, our choices depend on what we have at the end of the week.  

It has come to be one of our favorite things to do on the weekend, and I hope it is a tradition we keep up.  Eating outdoors is fun and relaxing.  

Our Saturday morning picnic spot
As King Diaper gets older, hopefully we can spend some time playing before going back to the car.  But, for now, he can sit back and relax while we stroll to our picnic spot.  

Look for ways to get outdoors with your family and make it a tradition.  Its something to look forward to in our weekly routine.