Help! I'm buried in toys!!!

Toys and gear in general are spilling over in every room of my house.  Keeping everything put up is a mere means of survival at this point.

Living room shelf with a large fabric bin and toys
When you start prepping for your new baby and as all of the stuff starts to multiply, have a storage plan.  If not, you will start to loose your mind!  Yes!  It is true.

My favorite storage containers are fabric baskets.  There are lots of different places where these can be picked up.  And, you can even have containers custom made to coordinate with your nursery or your living decor.  

To really organize your kid's loot, you will need:
  • Small baskets, bins or tubs for items like teethers, small cars, or other developmental toys.
  • Medium baskets for bibs, smaller stuffed animals, balls, etc.
  • Large baskets for larger stuffed animals and plastic toys.  
We have organized baskets and bins in the baby's room on shelving.  Taller furniture allows for storage underneath.  Everywhere is a possible storage point.  Plan wisely and shop for furniture accordingly.   

Small fabric baskets for the nursery bookshelf
In the living room, we have cleaned off the bottom shelf of the bookcase for baby items and a bin.  We have also placed some bins with toys in the living room.  Our main plan of attack is to have a place for toys to be scooped up and into at the end of day.  Grab a basket, chase the wreckage, and done!  Its an easy way to end the day!

Baffin Bags on Etsy is my favorite fabric bags that we have purchased.  They have held up great and look fantastic in King Diapers room!  These bags are worth every penny.  And they have lots of sizes, colors and patterns.

We also found some great baskets that look fantastic in our living room at TJ Maxx.  I would recommend this as a go to for baskets.  TJ Maxx always has home decor items for storage.  Tuesday Morning is another great spot for storage items.   

Also, if you are looking for more storage in your living space, consider an ottoman that doubles as storage in your living space.  A chest or trunk would also work.  This can be used as your coffee table and can tuck in toys at the end of the day.  

Whatever your plan of attack is for the baby gear, think of bins, baskets and tubs.  Look for items that fit into your decor.  This will help you to feel like you are keeping your house organized and looking put together.  And you won't feel like you are living in a day care.  There is no way to hide it all.  Your house is going to be baby central.  But, a plan for all of the stuff will make it manageable on a day to day basis that will help you to keep your sanity.