Boon bath storage whale
Bath time and its accessories certainly add to the amount of baby gear in the house.  In a small house, storage is at a premium.  But, in any house, organization is key.  One thing that has kept me sane with the mountains of gear in our small home is organization.  For every item or group of items, I'm thinking storage solutions.

Bath time is no different.  When I purchased King Diaper some bath toys, I had two criteria:
  1. Well made toys that wouldn't mildew and would stay clean.
  2. Something to store items easily.
I purchased a few simple items from the Boon line of baby bath gear.  Boon offers colorful toys that are safe for children.  I chose the Scrubble Interchangeable Bath Squirt Set.  I also added a Water Bugs Floating Bath Toy Set.  and the 

Bath toys!!!
The toys I chose are good for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.  It has been a fun addition to our nightly routine.  Bright, happy colors aren't a bad way to end the day either!

For our storage solution, I selected the Whale Pod Bath Toy Scoop and Storage Solution.  The bath pod hangs on the wall of the shower.  There is a caddy on top for bubble bath and shampoo.  The scoop underneath can be used for scooping the the toys from the bath tub and drains off the water.  

One recommendation, the foam adhesive tape doesn't hold well.  I would encourage you to find something like a 3M outdoor permanent foam tape for this.  It will hold much better and is typically water proof.  
Water bugs floating toys

This is a great solution for keeping everything out of the way and easily accessible.  

If you are looking for bath toys for your little one or for baby registry.  These are great items that have been fun for our little man.  Or, if you are looking for a gift for a new mom or small child, these are great items.

Build something fun into your nightly routine.  But keeping it all put in its place make your bath time routine more enjoyable.  No one wants to fight with rubber ducks and boats to take a shower or get to the sink.  Everyone at our house has our gear and our space.