Birthing and special occasion gifts for dad

Push presents have become a fun new tradition for new mothers.  When King Diaper was born, Craig gave me a very special necklace that has the imprint of our little one's thumb on it.  It is truly a special gift that I love dearly.

However, dads seem to get the shaft at times when it comes to gifts.  I recently heard a dad telling about his traditional shorts and tee shirt gift for fathers day.  While he was smiling and very much loved his family, just like anyone, a thoughtful and unique gift is always something cherished and special - even for dad.

Craig's bracelet from Blue Giraffe
This year for Father's Day, I ordered Craig a custom made bracelet from Blue Giraffe.  This bracelet is made a braided leather.  It has a magnetic clasp.  Featured on the bracelet is King Diaper's birthdate in Roman Numerals.  Underneath is his name.

However, you don't have to wait until Father's Day for a special gift like this.  What about…
  • a birthday
  • Christmas
  • celebrating the babies birth as a birthing present for dad
  • celebrating the adoption of a child
I really thought that Blue Giraffe did a great job on the bracelet.  It arrived in its own little gift box with confetti and displayed beautifully.  Plus, I was able to order directly from my phone app!  Score!

And, if you are looking for a unique gift for a new mom or grandmothers, Blue Giraffe does have items for her as well.  I will most definitely order something from this site again!

Finally, this is a great place for gifts for you own parents and grandparents.  Whatever the occasion something personal is always special.  Your mom or grandmother might need a monogrammed gift from you. 

I love the unique and personalized.  These gifts say "I thought specifically of something for YOU".  It is something that lets your loved one know that you spent a little more time on the gift than a rush up the aisle at Walgreens or Target.  

Happy shopping and remember that great gifts won't drain your wallet.  Just look for creative options from vendors that provide options just for you!