Got Fabric? Three Ways to Use Leftover Fabric to Finish Decorating Your Camper

When I first started decorating our camper, making curtains and recovering cushions were the first big projects I tackled. I started with some fabric pieces that I purchased in New York on a girls trip.  These pieces ended up helping me to make the color choices throughout.  After finishing the first two projects, I had several pieces left over.  I don't believe in wasting a thing.  I gently folded the pieces and put them away thinking of ways to use the leftover fabric for other projects.  Since this time I have ended up with three different decorative projects that I really love and a fourth is on the horizon.

These are the 5 fabrics that I began with for my glamper remodel.  I had some left of each one.

1.  Decorative Throw Pillows

Pillows are a simple way to use up fabric remnants.  I made 6 small 12-inch throw pillows for our camper.  4 pillows are for the ends of bench cushions.  2 pillows accent our bedding.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns and prints.  Be creative and add monograms or stencils.  I also had some piping from our cushions that I was able to use on my pillows.  Find out how I made these pillows and collect some ideas to use fabric you have to make fluffy pillows to decorate your space.

I added a deer head stencil on the throw pillows for the bed.  Both pillows had coordinating piping trim.
If you are still looking for inspiration, vintage tea towels make beautiful pillows.  Embroidered handkerchiefs could also be made into a pillow by adding a fabric border to increase the space if needed.  The possibilities are endless.

2.  Laminated Placemats

We made a new table to have inside of our camper.  I wanted to have some placemats to use at our table indoors.  Laminated placemats can be wiped off to clean.  They also hold up well over time.  The placemats I made have one pattern on one side and a second pattern on the other.  I sealed the fabric with fabric laminating vinyl before sewing up into a finished product.  I have full directions on how to make laminated placemats.

The placemats have one fabric on one side and another on the second.  I like having two choices when I use them. 

3.  Decorative Yard Flag

Yard flags are a fun was to create a personal space at the campground.  I made several variations of this yard flag.  The leftover fabric was used to create mini bunting on the flags.  I also constructed a camper applique on one.  These were inexpensive to make and turned out well.  Learn how you can make your own camping inspired yard flag to jazz up your space.  These could also be used at home.

I made four different yard flags.  The top two are mine and a gift for a friend.  The bottom two flags are for sale on Etsy.
My next and fourth project is going to be some decorative bunting to add to the camper.  I haven't decided if this will be an indoor or outdoor decoration.  But, I'll be sharing this project soon.  Again, this is another way to repurpose something that I already have.

If you have done a big camper remodel or if you have done some decorating in your home, fabric remnants can be used for lots of projects.  I keep a fabric box with these pieces to use later.  None of this is going to go to waste.  Christmas will be here before we know it.  I can see some of these being part of some gifts for friends or family.  How do you use what you already have for crafts and decorating?  I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

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