When Everyone Else is Camping - And You Can't

Summer's are my busy conference season at work.  While everyone is heading to the campground, the lake and lots of other outdoor activities, I'm busy working.  It is nearly impossible to schedule any time off during the months of June and July.  If I am home for a weekend, the last thing that I want to do it take a trip anywhere since I am gone all week for work.

We have planned camping trips for almost every month in 2017.  During peak season months, we are taking a break.  Living in the deep south has its advantages.  One of them is longer months of warmer weather.  We can camp nearly 12 months out of the year really.  Even our winters really aren't that cold.

Toilet paper tube and dryer lint lighter fuel for upcoming trips.
Sure I'm disappointed when I see everyone camping in their social media posts.  I know that I have more camping trips planned ahead.  We are just taking a little break.  A break in the hottest part of the year for us isn't all that bad.  It is disappointing, but not that bad!

I'm spending the little free time that I have working on projects to finish updating our camper.  We are in the midst of several small projects that lead up to a much larger roof rebuild.

New yard flag for our camper to use on trips.
Maybe next year, we can work in more summer camping trips.  And maybe not camping during the hottest months of the year isn't the worst thing ever.  The heat in a few weeks will be hotter than the seventh level of hell.  I can't say that my husband or I either one want to set up and take down in that heat.  Even the joys of camping don't outweigh that for us.

I've had plenty of time to do some camping crafts that I wanted to do.  I can enjoy my time indoors dreaming about our next camping trip.  And, when we have time, we eat outdoors on our deck or build a fire in our fire pit and make smores in our backyard.  We have been taking long walks and taking in the nature that is in our own backyard.

Long afternoon walks are the best!

We can also do some day trips to visit our friends at the lake or camping.  For some that would just cause a good case of camper envy.  For me it is just a brief break from the busy world of work, giving me something to look forward to after school starts back.

Really it is just a break in June and July.  Peggy Sue is patiently waiting for us while we work and have her covered at home.  I'll be opening her up in another week to finish our door update.  I also have some cleaning and organizing to do.  Hopefully, the time will pass quickly, and we can start camping again.

A beautiful sunset on a recent trip for work.  No matter where you are, stop and enjoy the view!
But what I think that I miss most is our time with sweet friends that we enjoy spending those precious bits of free time with along with my guys that are home while I travel.  If absence makes that heart grow fonder, I'm going to be heartsick for a camping trip when the time gets here.  Maybe I'll pop her up and spend a little time inside for old times sake.  While I wait, there is beauty all around.  I'm stopping a bit each day to take it in with my guys at home and enjoy life around me wherever I happen to be on that day.