Three Key Pieces of Summer Gear You Need Now

Summer is here.  Well maybe not officially until June 22, but we are in summer mode at our house.  School is out.  The pool is open, and summer travel has started for us!  Are you ready?  I don't know that we are ever really totally ready, but we are there and living the life!

If you are gearing up for summer (pun intended!), then here are three pieces of gear that every camper needs.

Drying Rack

When my friend Bryan showed me his drying rack at Easter, I was immediately in love.  We have used bungee cords in the past to construct drying lines.  We have traded our bungee cords for a Sunbeam Folding Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack.  It fits right under our bunk ends to stay out of sight and the way.

This rack has everything.  There are lots of hangers for towels, wet clothes or suits.  The bottom has shoe racks for 2 pairs of shoes.  We always seem to have wet shoes.  Little feet are drawn to water like magnets!

I love that my drying rack pulls double duty at home for my delicates.  When it is time to camp, I place it on top of my gear in the back of our tow vehicle.  It is lightweight and folds flat.

Recycling Can

I am trying to do more recycling and waste less at the campground.  We already have a
Coghlan's Deluxe Pop-Up Trash Can.  It has served us well.  Coglans also makes a pop-up recycling can.  It is bright blue and has a recycling symbol on the front to help keep everything separate from the trash.

I can't take full credit for this find.  My cousin Derek was ordering a trash can and found this.  I ordered one too so that we can separate out our items.  Since this collapses, it takes up virtually no space and can stow away under our dinette.

No matter how you camp, there are always cans, plastic and more items that could be recycled instead of going into a landfill.  

Paper Towel Holder

We use very few paper towels while camping.  However, we do still use them.  Having a paper towel holder keeps them from falling over and onto the ground so easily.  This one from Camco can be mounted or portable.  I opt for the later so that I can take our paper towels outdoors as needed and bring them back in at night.  The little handle makes it easy to carry.  Camco Pop-A-Towel- Mountable or Portable Paper Towel Holder

What gear are you adding to your rig for summer?  Think about the activities that you'll be doing over the summer months while on the road and be prepared.  We learned from a recent trip that having the right gear is what gets you through any little speed bump and keeps your trip trucking along with ease.

If you are looking for more Camping Gear or Camp Kitchen ideas check out my pages devoted to these particulars.  My Camp Kitchen Page also has some checklists and menus that you might find helpful.

It's summer people!  Get out there and enjoy the months ahead and as always...

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