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Camping Gear

Watch for updates to this page as I share handy products and gear for camping enthusiast.

If you have ideas for handy camping gear that you love, feel free to comment!  I'd love to hear your

The Andersen Camper Leveler 3604 is the easiest way that we have found to level our camper.  You will wonder why you didn't buy these sooner!

I don't know why I resisted the urge to get a proper drying rack until now.  Our friends bought one, and I realized how much we needed this.  A drying rack might be my new favorite piece of gear.  It will be perfect for drying towels and wet swimsuits in the summer!

I have changed the way that we dispose of our grey water at campsites.  If you reserve a sewer spot, you can drain grey water directly into the sewer line.  I use a grey water drain hose connected to a sewer hose with an adapter cap to connect the two.  This works great and is much better than draining those blue holding tanks while camping!  You may or may not choose to use the sewer extension hose with this.  We have drained our grey water without it and hooked our grey water hose directly into the sewer line with the adapter piece.


We have a bike rack that mounts onto the back of our tow vehicle where our trailer hitch goes.  This dual hitch extender allows us to tow and take bikes!  Big win!

Do you need more cargo space when you are taking your camping adventures?  Add a cargo bag to the top of your tow vehicle.

I have created a dishwashing station using a collapsible dishpan to make our dishwashing area a little larger.  I've also added an electric kettle to heat up water for washing dishes.  The collapsible dishpan stores easily in my camper.


Luci lights are inflatable and solar powered.  This company works to provide clean and affordable light to persons around the world without reliable electricity.  I admire their work and mission.

If you are going to hit the trail, purchase good shoes.  We are starting our 2018 with a new pair of hiking shoes.


Good camping chairs are a must.  Not everyone in your family will want the same chairs.  That's okay.  Get the ones that work for each member of your family!  We have the Kijaro Dual Lock Quad Chairs for our tailgating and love them.  They come in more colors than purple.  Don't let the color throw you.  Kids need their own chairs.  These Coleman child size char is perfect for our little one. My husband likes a Zero Gravity Chair while I like the moon chair.  We love each one of these chairs!


Nebo sliding flashlight with magnetic base.  This flashlight has lots of features.

Gear for your little campers.  The little explorer kit is worth the price alone for the headlight and binoculars.  The scooter folds flat and will travel.  As a bonus it grow with your child!


We have added a little Duraflame Cube Heater to our camper for the winter for a little ambiance and warmth.  These are a steal and are super cute!  They also stay cool to the touch.

Solar String lights are handy on your awning and save you from using extension cords.

Telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks can also be used with hot dogs.  These are compact, well made and extend for safe use around the fire!

We recently installed this refrigerator in our pop up camper and think that it works great and keeps things nice and cold.  With a price only slightly above a dorm fridge but much less than an absorption fridge, this is a product that will save you money without sacrificing quality!  You can read my review of this fridge on my post about Adding a Refridgerator to Your Pop Up Camper.

Making sure that your camper is level is important to safety when camping.  We have both the Camco Levelers as well as the Anderson Levelers.  Both work well.


A first aid kit should be one of the first things you pack in our camper.  This compact and well-organized kit is competitively priced and is a great investment for your summer gear!  Full review on my Safety First post from March 2017.

This handy outdoor rug is fun and comes with a storage bag to easily pack and stow!  The perfect addition to your outdoor gear.

If you are looking for light clips to go around the awning on your camper, these are easy and come in a variety of styles based on the kinds of lights that you have on your camper.  We have a couple of sets stored with our lights so that we are always ready!


If you a looking for a cooking option that will serve as an oven and a large pot for casseroles and stews, the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is it!  You will need a charcoal starter, lid lifter and some heat resistant gloves to make this something that you use with ease.  Also, find out more about Dutch Oven Cooking and how I do it at our campsite.


Another fun camping gadget for making pies, pizza or easy breakfast sandwiches over a fire are pie irons.  

Don't forget your fur babies!  They want to camp too!  This little portable play yard is inexpensive and folds flat!  It is the perfect addition to your camping set up.  Take a look at our camping dog and how we camp with our chihuahua.

Storage of your pop up camper during the winter requires some thought and planning.  Here are a few products that I think are great!  You definitely need a cover and some rodent repellent!


A porta potty is a great addition to any camper.  We have the Thetford Curve Porta Potti and LOVE it!  Find a full review of this Potti on my blog.  After several months - we still love it!  Potti Talk


Our pop up camper needed a container for waste water coming out of our sink.  We opted for a rolling model that is easy to wheel away and dump.

Reliance Products Hydroller 8 Gallon wheeled water container -

I purchased an Eno Double Nest Hammock last year at an event, and I love it!  Compact and so durable!  This is about $25 less than the price I paid!  And it is the same one!

If you are going to use a city water hook up at campsites, the water pressure is probably going to be too high.  A pressure regulator can easily be attached to the hose to control the water pressure in your pop up.  This is the same one that I purchased at Camping World, and it is $4 less!  Also, avoid Rookie Mistakes like we made as we started camping this year.  There are always new lessons to learn while camping.

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  1. Last week I bought a rug it's durable and perfect for the front of our RV. Bought it from amazon for 45 dollars.


    1. Amazon has lots of great deals on rugs. We love the one we bought from Amazon. It came with a little bag to store it in! Happy Camping!


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