Mach 10 AC Review

Our pop up camper set up complete with pop up gizmos on the bunk ends.

Pop up campers have so many advantages.  They are lightweight and can be towed by almost any vehicle with a tow package.  The ability to have heating and cooling may be one of the biggest advantages.  Climate control while camping makes camping enjoyable for both hot and cool weather camping.

Last year, we upgraded our RV AC to the new Mach 10 by Coleman Mach.  If you are looking to update your existing pop-up camper AC or if you are installing one for the first time, the Mach 10 is an excellent choice.  This unit has the features and strength to meet your camping needs. COLEMAN RVP 45203876 MACH 10 13.5 BTU AC WHITE

Mach 10 by Coleman Mach

We had a heat strip installed into our unit to give us some needed warmth for camping in cooler temperatures.  The heat strip is a safe and effective way to warm up the interior of your camper on cool nights and days.  While this is not meant to be a furnace option, we have had good results with this feature because we camp in temperatures that are not below freezing.

Now that the temperatures have climbed, it is time for us to crank up the AC.  Memorial Day Weekend had temperatures into the 90's.  The AC was a welcome retreat from the muggy days and nights.  This was the first trip that we have taken that the heat and humidity were so intense that we went indoors for an afternoon break and rest from the temperatures.

Having an AC in our pop up gives us a comfortable place to rest.

This unit with 13,500 BTU's puts out plenty of cold air for indoor comfort.  When temperatures are high outdoors and cool inside, this can create a fair amount of condensation on the exterior of the camper.  It is important to take measures to reduce the amount of moisture run off.

Try and keep a more even temperature between the interior and exterior of the camper.  During the day, keep the AC at a midrange temperature to keep the camper from being freezing cold inside while blazing hot outside.  This difference in temperatures creates the most condensation.  Turning the interior controls to a warmer setting during AC use is helpful.

Additionally, having the AC running early in the day keeps an even interior temperature.  If you allow the camper to get too warm inside, the AC has to work harder to cool down.  When we camped in the early spring, we were able to open up our bunk ends for fresh air flow during the day.  At night, we used our heat strip to warm up a bit.

The Mach 10 offers a lot of flexibility when camping.  Depending on the time of year and fluctuations in temperatures, you may need your heat strip.  Other times, the AC is excellent.  And, if you need to circulate the air, there are fan options available as well.

Finally, be sure to check your AC vents and keep them clean.  This was our third trip of the year, and I cleaned our vented from dust on this last trip.  Clean vents will keep your unit running its best.  Warm soapy water is all that you need for this job.

Be sure to remove your vents and clean them as needed during the busy camping season.

One final thing that I recommend with a pop-up camper is solar blankets on the bunk ends.  We have pop up gizmos that we use.  These attach to the bunk ends and keep cool or warm air inside.  The added insulation is a bonus for the added comfort the AC provides.

I've had several inquiries lately about keeping cool inside of our camper during the summer months.  Open windows and fans can make a difference.  But, nothing gives you the comfort that an AC does.  If you have been considering this option for your pop up, go for it!  Having an AC with heating options gives us more options for camping throughout the year.  We sleep easy.  There is a nice place to rest from the heat or cold.

How do you stay comfortable in your pop up camper?  If you are camping in an older pop-up and plan to use it for a while, an AC may be the best update that you can make.  Until next time....

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  1. We are needing to replace the AC on our pop-up. It's old and froze up on our last camping trip.
    Definitely not a good thing. Plus it does not have a heating option...and the casing is cracked so it hangs weird of the ceiling...oh and their are the missing knobs. We probably should have done this right after purchasing our pop-up.

    This is the unit we were planning on using in our Coleman. We're planning on pulling the trigger and getting it done before our September trip. In Texas, it will still be hot enough then to need it, so it's a necessity to get it working correctly again. Thanks for the review!

    1. You will be glad you did it. This unit works great! It blows plenty of cold air. I do think the added heat strip is an excellent addition because it allows us to camp in cold weather. In Texas (like Mississippi), we don't get tons of super cold weather, but it does get cold in late fall and winter. We like being able to camp 12 months out of the year if we want. Let me know how it works out!


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