Never Run Out of Propane Again

Having enough propane in your tanks while camping can be a guessing game.  But not anymore!  Earlier this summer, my cousin Derek, texted me about a propane tank sensor that he had purchased.  I was immediately intrigued.  We have used those little magnetic strips in the past with limited success.  Mopeka makes a propane tank sensor that works with an app on your phone.  There is also a double check monitor that works without a smartphone!  Want to know more?

I have the kit that includes two propane tank sensors and the Double Check Monitor.

The Standard Propane Gas Sensor has two magnets fixed to the base of the sensor.  Installation is a snap.  I literally had this done in about 5 minutes.

First, download the Mopeka App from your app store.  This app is available for both Android and Apple devices.  Once you install the app, open it up.  Next, press the sync button on the propane sensor 5 to 6 times quickly to wake up the device.  The app will then recognize the sensor.  Place the sensor in the middle of the bottom of your propane tank.  You should get a reading about the level of propane available in your tank.  Easy peasy!

The sensor will communicate with the app to give you a reading on the tank level of your propane.

Don't get caught with your propane empty!

If you not a smartphone user, you can use the Double Check Monitor that can be installed inside of your camper.  I recommend doing this inside of a cabinet door.  To sync the double check monitor, hold one of the monitor buttons for about 5 seconds to activate the lights.  Then hold the button on the propane sensor for approximately 10 seconds.  When the lights on the double check monitor stop flashing, it is now synced with the system.

The Double Check Monitor communicates with the sensor without the need for WiFi.  This is great when you don't have enough cell service to monitor your tanks.

 Both components work easily so that you make sure that you always have enough propane on the road.
  1. Make sure that your propane tank is clean and free of debris.
  2. You may have to adjust the placement of the monitor on the bottom of your tank to get it in just the right place.
  3. Take off the sensor while traveling down the road to keep it from flying off.
  4. Be sure to close out your app when you are done to save battery life.
  5. Check your propane before hitting the road each time.
  6. While at the campground, you can monitor how much propane you have to see how much you are using during your trip.
  7. If you are using tanks that you swap out for refills, be sure to take the sensor off of the bottom of the tank so that you don't lose it.
  8. Install your double propane monitor in a place where you can easily get to it in a pop-up.  We have ours on the very interior door so that I can get to it without popping up our whole camper.
I really love this little product.  It is really practical.  This would also be a good tool for a propane grill at home.  Anyone that uses a propane tank can benefit from this tool.  There is nothing worse than getting to where you are going or starting to cook a meal to discover that you have no fuel.  This product really does solve that problem.

If you are looking for additional gear options for your camper, check out my Camping Gear page!  I update this page regularly, so check back often.  I recently added all of my fall gear recommendations to the camping gear page.

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