2018 Fall Gear Guide

This year, I have a jam-packed list of gear for the first day of fall.  Even though the days will be getting cooler and shorter doesn't mean you can't get your camping fix on.  In the deep south, fall camping is second only to spring due to a break in temperatures.  What made my gear list for this fall?

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Fall weather (when it finally gets here) means jackets, hot drinks, and comfort food.  Lightweight jackets that you can layer are the perfect pieces for fall.  I love this Anorak jacket that comes in so many different color and lining options!  The price is right too!

When you are ready to cozy up with a warm drink, Maple Ginger hot tea is just what crisp mornings and cool evenings need!  And while you are at it, pull out that trusty crockpot because you can whip up overnight oats or that game day chili while you do something else!

Be prepared for whatever the day brings at the campground.  The Mopeka Propane Sensor will make sure you have plenty of propane for cooking and heat.  A good headlamp will help you to find your way at night when it is getting dark earlier.  And keep your camper clean by putting out a doormat that will trap dirt from all of those muddy feet!

During the fall, I'm not a fan of washing my hair every day while camping.  When the weather is cool, use dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh.  I have a bottle stashed in my new Fine Living Shower Caddy.  This toiletry bag is on point!  Everything zips into a bag that has heavy-duty, waterproof mesh.  There is a plastic zipper pouch for items you don't want to get wet, and it has a hook to hang up in the bath house!  This bag is a game changer for me.  I'll be doing a full review next month!

Finally, keep your electric running like it should.  You may have heard of reverse polarization at campsites.  This Camco Power Defender has diagnostic lights that will indicate any problems before you plug in at your site.  It also doubles as a surge protector.

Once you are up and running, charge everything using this fast charging Powerqube.  We have used this charger on every single trip.  It charges up all of our devices quickly and keeps us from having things plugged in all over.  I create one charging station for everyone to use.

Here is a quick recap of my 2018 Fall Camping Gear.
  1. Hask Dry Shampoo
  2. Crock Pot
  3. Fine Living Shower Caddy
  4. Mopeka Propane Sensor
  5. Maple Ginger Tea
  6. Anorak Jacket
  7. Headlamp
  8. RV Designer Powerqube
  9. Life is Better at the Campsite Door Mat
  10. Camco Electric Defender

A quick shout out to my cousin Derek!  He really is a master camper.  He puts his engineering smarts to work on his RV and the camping gear he uses.  The Camco Electric Defender and Mopeka Propane Sensor are both his suggestions.  I love it when he sends a text suggesting something new that he has found that works.

So, what are your fall camping must-haves?  Feel free to share something that you think makes travel easier when the seasons change!  I'd love to hear from you. Comment below or drop me a line by email.  You can also check out my Camping Gear page to see what else we use at our campsite.

Until next time...

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