10 Things You Can Do While You are Not Camping This Spring

Don't can still enjoy your RV and do other things even if you aren't at the campground.

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  There all of the Negative Nancy's out there that are angrily posting on social media.  Then, there are the Positive Polly's that have the lemonade stand full of positive saying and quotes.  Either way, we are all experiencing a drastic change in our lives.  And, for many of us, this means camping plans have been canceled or are on hold at least for now.  This unwelcome change has us all filling our time with new things. The abundance of unfilled time and canceled plans can be overwhelming, frustrating and depressing.  But, it doesn't have to be this way.  What could you be spending this time doing?  I have a few suggestions to help you beat the quarantine blues!

10 Things You Can Do While You are Not Camping This Spring

Ordinarily, I am working long hours and traveling for work.  This leaves me little time at home with my family, and even less to get chores done.  Use this time to get your annual RV maintenance done.  This could be a good time to do some things you might pay someone else to do in a typical year.  But don't limit yourself to chores.  Build-in some time for fun too so that there is some balance in your life!

A long-handled brush that attaches to your hose will make light work of the big job of washing your RV.

Wash and Wax Your RV

All of the pollen in Mississippi has our RV covered in a coat of yellow.  Until this is over, there isn't much point in washing just yet.  Once the pollen season is over, we are going to get the outside cleaned up nicely.  Start with your roof.  Clean and condition your roof and work your way down with a good all-over wash.  Using a long-handled brush that attaches to a hose will make this job a lot easier.  This is also the perfect time to extend your awning and get it nice and clean.  

Check the tire pressure on your tires and inflate them properly.

Check Your Seals, Slides, and Tires

These are all things that you shouldn't neglect.  Use a good conditioner on your slide out seals. This will keep your seals from drying out and cracking over time.  The slides also need lubricating from time to time.  Do, this while you are at it.

You can also apply a rubber seal conditioner for your plumbing.  This will ensure that the rubber seal in the toilet will continue to seal properly.

Finally, check your tires.  Check the tire pressure.  Make sure your spare is in good working order.  And, check for any dry rot.  If you think your RV is going to sitting for a long time, it would be wise to invest in some tire covers.  You will still need to check your tire pressure again before your next trip but at least you will ensure that you still have well-maintained tires.

Clean Your Interior and Reorganize

Use this time to get everything clean from top to bottom inside as well.  Give everyone a job and put them to work.  Organize your cabinets and look for things that need to be replaced or tossed out.  This could also be a good time to line your cabinets to keep things from falling over when towing.  I used this Gorilla Grip shelf liner that I learned about from a podcast, and it works wonders.

Make a list of things that need restocking like cleaning supplies, garbage bags and more!  When you restock on your cleaning supplies, make sure that you are sticking to RV specific products.  I made a video about the products that we use regularly in our RV if you are looking for ideas.

Install a Slide Awning

Now, this is a larger DIY project!  But, it is also something that you probably have more time than normal for this.  We installed our slide awning ourselves, and it works perfectly!  We have the Carefree of Colorado Alpine Awning.  The design of the arms and how it remains close to your RV when towing and your slide is closed make this a superior product.  We really love the quality of the product overall.  You can visit their website to find out more about this product and how to order yours.

That cotter pin almost sent me over the edge, but this was a user error.  This project is easy I promise and could be done at home!  

The slide awning looks great and works great too!  This is a two-person job, but could easily be done at home.

I would do it again except for pulling that pesky cotter pin that I pulled too soon during our installation process.  This misstep caused me to have to rewind our springs manually!  Since then, no issues.  And you can learn from my mistakes.  If this is something that you have considered but was waiting to take your RV in to do it, I can assure you it's a straightforward task that just times time and patience.  Tackling this project will save you money and give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Clean Your Camping Chairs

Those camping chairs can need a scrub from time to time.  They always wind up with something spilled in them, dirt and grime build-up or even mold depending on where you may store them and what they are made of.  Last fall, my husband sat on a persimmon that had dropped from a nearby tree at our campsite into a chair.  It made the worst mess.  He took the chairs and scrubbed them all with some 303 Mold and Mildew Cleaner and Blocker and a brush.  They were left outside to dry in the sun, and they are as good as new.

Scrubbing your chairs will keep them in good working order for longer!

Set Up Your Outdoor Kitchen and Cook a Meal Outdoors

Put that outdoor kitchen to good use.  Maybe you have an outdoor kitchen built into your RV.  Or, maybe you have a Coleman Camp Stove.  You could even pull out that Dutch Oven.  Cook a meal at home like you would at the campground.  If you are at home cooking multiple meals a day, a change of scenery and routine is a great way to keep your sanity and make things a little less humdrum.  Maybe you have a favorite campground meal or have been waiting to try something new.  Don't wait.  Do it now and enjoy it wherever you are!  I have a whole Pinterest Board of campfire cooking recipes.

We love to make burgers on your cast iron griddle and camp stove.  You could even cook pancakes for breakfast like this at home!

Take a Hike

Hiking is a great family or solo activity.  Get out that All Trails app and find a hiking spot near you.  We have been enjoying nightly walks.  And if you are unable to get to a place to hike, that would be a good activity too.  But, immersing yourself in nature on a long hike is an excellent mental break from the news and social media.  We have been using the All Trails App to find new places to explore near us and branch out a little more.  If you plan to do more hiking, now is the perfect time to try some trekking poles.  I have a set of Hiker Hunger Aluminum Trekking Poles that I have really enjoyed using.  You can go farther and get a better work out on the trail by using trekking poles.  I wish I had started using these sooner!

Do Some Landscaping, Yard Work or Plant a Garden

If you have an outdoor project at home that you have been putting off, take some time to do it now.  Clean up the yard from winter.  This is the perfect time to clean out your pots and get them ready for planting.  Weed your beds.  You can plant some seeds for a garden and make this into a science lesson for kids at home from school.  I have one friend that had her kids to research plants for a garden.  Order some plants or seeds online to get started.  You could even propagate some plants or cuttings at home from what you have or even phone a neighbor or friend to come and cut some clippings for propagating.  You could even engage kids in this as well.  And if you aren't an outdoor person, plant some houseplants or window sill herb gardens in containers.

Have a Driveway or Backyard Campout

Who says you have to camp at the campground?  You can camp in your driveway or your backyard.  We have a plug at our house to hook up our RV.  We plan to do some driveway camping over the next few weeks just for a change of scenery.  But, this is the perfect time to pull out that tent you haven't used in a while and camp in your backyard under the stars.  Our son is dying to do that.  And, we may do that as well!  I mean, what else do we have to do?

You can always camp at home!  Why not?

Read a Book About Camping

One final way to get that camping fix is to read about camping!  Get out that hammock and set it up in your backyard and read!  See You at the Campground is a new book from Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi.  This book is a work of love from the RV Atlas.  They share their personal journey as a family of campers in this book.

Another RV read is Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer that tells the story of RV life on the road with the University of Alabama Fans.  While Alabama is an SEC rival, you don't have to be an Alabama fan to enjoy and appreciate this tale of sports fan on the road following their favorite team!

Life has certainly changed, but there are still things that we can do and enjoy.  We just have to look for new ways to do them.  We have made the best of our time together at home so far, and I'm hoping that on the other side of this we will be a stronger family together.

Until next time...

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