Camp Life Crate Subscription Box Spring 2020 Review

The Camp Life Crate Spring 2020 box had a theme of Life is a Picnic!

Subscription boxes are not new, but Camp Life Crate has a new owner and a whole new vibe.  Formerly Out of the Box Camping, this themed subscription box has totally been revamped for spring 2020.  For $49.95 subscribers are treated to carefully curated items to enjoy on your next camping or outdoor adventure.  The spring box for this year has several custom ordered items that showcase well and make this box really special.

Camp Life Crate Subscription Box Spring 2020 Review

When I spoke with the new Camp Life Crate owner last December, she was excited about this new endeavor.  She has been a full-time RV'er and has also owned a subscription box service before.  She has the expertise to anticipate what campers want.  This spring, she delivered a huge Life is a Picnic themed box to subscribers.  These boxes were stuffed with useful goodies that will be enjoyed long after those first flowers bloom.

The buffalo plaid picnic blanket is cherry, bright and well made!

Buffalo Plaid Picnic Blanket - $23.49

No picnic is complete without a blanket to spread out.  Plus you can enjoy this blanket on trips to the park, play dates and more.  The buffalo plaid fleece top is bright and has that camping feel that I love.  It has a waterproof backing that will protect the blanket when spread out on the ground.  It is roomy and rolls up neatly with velcro closure for easy storage and toting with you on the go.  I don't have anything like this, but it is also something that I will use often.  This may be my favorite item from the box!

Lemon powder is portable and provides a citrus punch to any drink on the go!

Perfetta Lemon Powder - $4.99

Picnics and lemonade go perfectly together.  In this box are 14 packets of lemon powder that you can use for lemonade, adding a little lift to iced tea or other hot beverages.  I like this portable option.  This product pairs well with the overall camping theme.  I can see this being useful.  I drink hot lemon water every morning when I get up.  So, I can see this being my lemon water on the road!

Frosted Camping Themed Mason Jar with Lid and Straw - approximately $14.87

I love a mason jar for drinks.  And this one made my heart happy.  It has "Camping Rules" placed on the front.  The frosted glass makes the wording stand out and provides a unique look.  The lid fits a straw that came with it.  So, you can reuse the straw over and over.  This little gem is already in our camper ready to use!  You can drink everything from iced coffee, to lemonade or your favorite adult beverage of choice out of this fun glass!  I was not able to find the exact one online because I think the jars are custom made for this box.  I found a seller on Etsy that will customize a similar one just for you!  If you have your heart set on this mug but didn't get a box before they sold out, try this seller!

How fun are submersible lights for drinks at night?

Submersible LED Lights - $9.54

Make your drinks even more fun and festive with these submersible lights.  My husband will tell you that I love lights!  I haven't met one that I didn't light except on a police car or ones that are too bright!  I was like a kid when I saw these.  I think they will be perfect in my new "camping rules" glass for a spring evening.

This tent bottle opener will be just right for evenings around the campfire or an afternoon picnic.

Tent Camping Bottle Opener - approximately $4.99

Having a bottle opener is always handy, and I like things that are flat and store easily.  This tent-shaped bottle opener is a great addition to the box.  Whether at the campsite or on a picnic, this tool can come in handy.   I wasn't able to find a bottle opener exactly like the one in the box.  However, Camco does have a Life is Better at the Campsite RV shaped bottle opener that would be a good substitution for any camper.

A camping tote can be used in so many ways.  This is just an all-around practical piece that is also my favorite color!

Life is Better Around the Campfire Tote - approximately $16.00

I love a good tote.  I like bright fun ones even more.  The bag included in the spring Camp Life Crate box is large enough to store the picnic blanket as well as additional picnic supplies.  I really appreciate how roomy the bag is overall.  It's not a heavyweight tote, so you couldn't load it down with heavy items.  But, it would work well for lightweight items.  It could also be used for trips to the bathhouse at the campground or toting kid's toys to take on a camping adventure.  I couldn't find an exact one online.  But, I was able to find two that were similar.

May Adventures Tote Bag
Etsy Life Is Better Around the Campfire Market Bag

Any cook would enjoy this camping recipe journal.

Camping Recipes Journal - approximately $6.96 to $15

This cookbook is a blank journal that you can use to add your own camping creations into.  I like that I can add personal items into this that I can use as we camp.  But this could also be a fun journal to pass down to our son as a memory or keepsake of these years growing up and camping as a family. Add pictures you take of your dishes to make it even more special as a keepsake!  You can find the one that was actually printed for Camp Life Crate for sale on Amazon now.

Life is a Picnic Spring Camp Life Crate Box 2020

The spring Camp Life Crate box is one of my favorites so far.  I would value this box at approximately $80 to $90.  Considering the box cost just under $50, this season's selection feels like a great value.  Several items were customized for this box, so that made it a little more difficult to determine the overall, actual price.  But, these amounts seem fair based on comparable items that I found online.  One of my favorite things about this box is that it felt more tailored to the specific theme.  Having these customized items included in the box shows the amount of time and effort that went into putting this season's box together.  And, I also feel this is a preview of what it so come in upcoming boxes!

If you have not yet subscribed to this box, now is a great time.  There are still some spring boxes left for shipment.  But, you can also subscribe to the upcoming summer box. These boxes make great gifts for loved ones and friends.  Plus, you can always gift items from the box to someone else if it isn't your style or you don't need or want an item.  Nothing says you have to keep every item that came in the box.  You can keep up with what is going on at Camp Life Crate by following along on Facebook or Instagram.   Until next time...

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