Glamping Style - Outdoor Table Set Up

Our outdoor table set up is practical, flexible and pretty!  What more can you want?

Eating outdoors is synonymous with camping for our family.  Unless the weather is rainy or cold, we almost always eat outdoors.  And, we have been known to eat outdoors when it is raining.  We just eat in our chairs under the awning.  Our table set up is many times festive, but it is also practical.  And, it is most definitely used often.  If you want to take your table from basic to brilliant, you can achieve this task with less effort than you think.  Today, I'm sharing my glamping table set up tips!

Glamping Style - Outdoor Table Set Up

Over time, I have perfected the outdoor table set up for our family.  I enjoy having a cozy, clean and inviting spot for us to enjoy meals.  I also like to make things portable enough to transfer items back and forth indoors as needed.  Some items remain in place for the duration of our trip, but other items are used strictly for meals and brought back indoors.  This keeps things clean and dry.  It's the practical side of pretty.

Start with Your Table

Most campsites come with a picnic table for meals.  However, some campgrounds and sites don't include a table.  We have a portable table that can be used for dining, meal prep and cooking, serving meals or even playing games.

The table is basic but it is also compact for storage!  It only weighs 11.5 pounds but can withstand 60 pounds of weight.

Rio Brands Compact Table is the perfect table to keep in your RV.  This is an excellent option for RVs, pop up campers and tent campers.  This table can be a small table for placing a grill or a camping stove.  Its heat resistant and I like this flexibility.  We plan to use this table on multiple trips this year where we won't have a picnic table.  It is lightweight and can be moved under the awning as needed with little effort.

If your campsite has a picnic table, then use it as a home base for your meals.  Campground picnic tables are often large and heavy.  So, if you needed to provide shelter from the elements it would be difficult to do this.  Some campers choose to have a portable awning.  I have never done this.  Mainly because it seems like a lot of extra work.

Layer Your Look

I have a plastic table cloth that I like to use.  Dollar General has table cloths that you can use over and over.  The only thing about these table cloths is that they are somewhat disposable.  Over time, they develop tears and won't last more than a season or so.

This table cloth and table runner are both from Dollar General.  The table cloth was $8.  The runner was $7.  

These basic colors works well together but also allow me to add lots of additional colors.

Dollar General Logo

 If you want something more durable, a fabric table cloth will last much longer.  Many times, you can use one that you already have.  You can also purchase one from any retailer.  Dollar General has some neutral patterns right now that I really love.  They have a neutral farmhouse feel.  I grabbed a black and white plaid table cloth for $8 from Dollar General.  I also found a coordinating table running in gray for $7.  I've also seen a navy blue with white accents and cream with navy accents.  Additional table runner selections include this navy and white theme.

The additional table cloth laid on a diagonal gives an additional rich layer that I love.

Don't be afraid to mix patterns and prints.  Be bold with color choices.  I like a mixture of lots of different things going on.  You could even layer two table cloths by turning each on a diagonal and adding a table cloth over the top.  The more layers textures and colors that you have the richer and more vibrant the overall effect will be.

Layer your table with a table cloth and a runner.  Once you have added these basic pieces, add lighting.  I have some solar candelabras that I really love for lighting.  I also include my Luci Light as an additional option.  Finally, add seasonal or holiday decorative pieces to accent your table.  I also enjoy inexpensive flowers in a mason jar for color.  This will create your tablescape for dining and meals.  

Set Up for Dining and Meals

I prefer to have actual flatware, dishes, and napkins to use.  I don't like to have so much waste at the campground, so I use items that we can reuse over and over.  In our camper, I keep:
I made both the placemats and napkins a couple of years ago, and I still love both.  The placemats help keep the table cloth clean.  Since they are laminated, I can just wipe them off.  Dollar General also has some cloth placemats and napkins right now that you can purchase in neutral colors.

This little tray holds napkins and flatware.  It also came from Dollar General for $6.

A better look at these napkins that I made and love using over and over.

Cloth napkins are a staple for us at the campground.

To make it easy to carry things in and out of our RV for meals, I have several little trays and baskets that I use to transport things as needed.  None of these items are particularly large or bulky.  I'm able to store these items and retrieve them as needed.

Shopping for Your Outdoor Table Set Up

Look around your house for items that you no longer use.  If you have baskets or trays, table cloths, napkins or placemats, grab these to use at the campground.  Everything doesn't have to match.  Select items that coordinate.  

Yard sales and thrift stores are other economical options for locating camping gear.  Be on the lookout for candlesticks that can be used to create solar lights.  You can spray-paint anything for this purpose.

Look out for additional options that you can use at the campground in your dining set up.

If you are looking for new items, go the economical route.  Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Big Lots are all places that I frequent for camping needs.  You can easily find trays, table cloths, baskets and dishes there.  

Finally, don't feel like it has to all be done at once.  Start with basic pieces.  Grab a table cloth first and build upward from there.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors, and prints.  If you can a color scheme in mind, mix in whatever you like and enjoy the ability to be bold with your choices!

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