RV Bunk Bed Mattress Replacement

The Tochta mattress is custom made and provides amazing comfort.

Last Labor Day Weekend, we talked my mother into camping with us for one night of our trip.  While we had plenty of space, hot water and every comfort we felt she needed, my mom described our bunk bed mattress as "like sleeping on a soft board".  We may have given her permanent campground anxiety and nightmares of that bed!  I hope not.  But, I knew there would be a day that our young son would feel the same as he grew bigger.  It was just a matter of time.  We bought our RV with the plan to hopefully have a friend camp with us or even my mom joining us occasionally.  This mattress situation was a problem!

RV Bunk Bed Mattress Replacement

The mattress arrives in a box ready to unbox into your space.

Last year, we replaced our Murphy bed mattress with a custom mattress from Tochta.  This company makes custom RV mattresses.  We had a hinged mattress made to fit perfectly into our specialty bedding space.  Not only does it fit like a glove, but it also provides a wonderful night's sleep!  The hinge allows us to fold our bed into the wall space with ease.  The need for a hinged mattress was the main reason for a custom mattress on our Murphy bed.

Our bunk beds also have a unique shape and size.  The double over double bunks have curved edges and a not quite standard size.  Anything we would have purchased would have to be retrofitted for our space, but not with a Tochta mattress.  

Why buy a custom mattress from Tochta?  And this isn't just about specialty sizes and spaces.  There is much more to it than that.  There are multiple reasons really, and all of these matter to us!

Our son approves of his new comfy sleeping space!

Customer Service

Tochta cares about your mattress purchase.  Out bunk mattress is our second purchase from Tochta.  Both times we ordered, I had questions about sizing and measurements for a proper fit.  Each time, I added questions into the notes for my order.  I received a call from their office to talk to me through the process and ensure that the order was correct before processing.  There is something to be said for personalized service like this.  And we are willing to pay for it!  You won't be just a number and order from a random customer with Tochta.  They really do value your business and want to provide you with a quality product.

The mattress fits perfectly into the curved space of our bunk beds.  I was amazed at how well it fit!

Also, the company will make recommendations the ensure you are happy with the final product.  Our bunk mattresses that came with our RV are about 3 inches thick.  Tochta recommended that we purchase a 5-inch thick mattress.  While customers can order a mattress that is 4 inches thick, this is the minimum.  The gentleman that helped me over the phone said he felt like the extra inch would be more comfortable over time.  In a bunk space with limited headroom, mattress thickness is a necessary consideration.  If you are overly concerned about the issue of the headroom, you can always go with a 4-inch thick mattress.  A trick I learned from our pop up camper days was to add anti-fatigue mats under our bedding to provide an extra layer of cushion under the mattress.  I mentioned this to Tochta over the phone.  While they had not heard of this camping hack, I did this under our new bunk mattress anyway.

Tochta's online order form provides you with a place to enter the measurements for curved and angled edges on a mattress.  I was the most afraid of this process.  What if it arrived wrong?  It didn't.  I made the measurements.  I checked them in triplicate.  And, I questioned customer service about the measuring and calculating for my curved end.  I felt like I had done it correctly.

For a curved or angled mattress, you will need to do the following:

  1. Get a total length and width measurement.  Measure in the middle of the mattress for both measurements so that you get a true length and width.
  2. Measure from the top (lengthwise) of the mattress to the place where it starts to curve or angle.
  3. Subtract that number from the total length.  (first measurement)  This number is how many inches to curve or angle on the length side.  There is a place for that on the online order form.
  4. Measure from the side wall (width) to the place where it starts to curve or angle.
  5. Subtract number 4 from the total width.  This is your number is how many inches to cut for the curve or angle on the width.  There is also a place for that on the online order form.
We remeasurement in our RV more than once just to be sure that we were correct.  I recommend you do the same.  Because of their hard work, attention to detail and customer service, We are truly happy with the end product.  We didn't guess about what we wanted as a consumer.  We were completely and totally informed about the purchase and process.

American Made

These mattresses are American made.  This helps to fuel our economy by a company that takes pride in their work.  I want to support this type of entrepreneurship.   Does this matter?  Yes.  It certainly does!  How you spend your money does matter, and it is a conscious choice that we make in our home often.  I encourage you to do the same when you can!

Joseph was eager to test out the new mattress on the top bunk where he sleeps.

Quality Craftmanship

This is a high-quality mattress that will really last.  The detailing on the exterior stitching is exceptional.  We have the Utopia mattress that is 6-inches thick on our Murphy Bed.  Our bunk bed has a 5-inch thick mattress.  Both are plush and provide ample support for a good night's rest.  The mattress is soft to the touch but your body won't just sink while laying on it.  Your body is cradled in comfort and given adequate support.  It can only be described as just right.  This mattress won't make you hot during the night either.

I was amazed both times at how quickly the mattress expanded into its full size after removing it from the packaging.  The mattress cover provides excellent protection for the interior mattress. I like the way that it all fits together and works.  It is apparent that this mattress is built to last over time.  


Mattresses from Tochta come with a 10-year warranty.  This warranty includes body indentions into the mattress of more than 1 1/2 inches.  Tochta stands behind the products that they build.  In 10 years, you will likely move to a different RV or just need a different mattress anyway.

While these mattresses are more money, consider what this mattress would cost you over the total ownership.  A mattress that costs you $535 would cost you $53 a year over 10 years.  And, this is only $4.46 a month over the entire ten years.  If you camped 1 time a month, wouldn't monthly amount be worth the night's sleep you get out of it?  And, how many times would you replace a mattress topper or cheaper option?  You could easily spend the same amount that you would on this mattress with less expensive options that you replace more readily.

The mattress you order will arrive in a vacuum-sealed package that has been rolled into a box.  Its a mattress in a box, but not any mattress.  They are like none other that we have slept on.  You can unroll and release the mattress from the packaging.  There are no weird smells that you get with other foam mattresses, and you are ready to rest well!

The mattress arrives packed and wrapped in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag.  It expands quickly into the correct size!

These mattresses are not cheap.  So, if you are looking for a cheap option, this is not it.  However, Tochta mattresses are quality made in America and backed by a great warranty.  Plus, now I feel like we can use our beds without feeling like we have substandard sleeping arrangments for our growing camper (our son) or guests.  When you look at all of these factors, I don't think the price is so high!

You can save $25 on your mattress purchase by clicking on this link!  What are you waiting for?  The only thing you have to lose are the nights you aren't sleeping on this mattress (and the great night's sleep that goes with it.)

This was a great decision for our RV, and now everyone will get their best night's sleep on the road as well as at home!

Until next time...

This post contains links to Tochta's website for their mattresses and a discount provided by them.  This mattress was paid for by us, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Decide on the desired height for your new bunk mattress. The thicker the mattress, the more room there is to fit comfort and support layers and you’re replacing the mattress on the top bunk. Great choice! Loved to read your blog. Keep posting for us.


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