3 Favorite Classic Coleman Camping Gear

Our Coleman Camping Lantern puts out plenty of light for meals and outdoor games at night!

Coleman Camping Gear is a classic.  These iconic pieces can be readily found on social media market swaps, flea markets, and yard sales.  I even see these pieces on Etsy and eBay.  What makes these pieces so special, and why shouldn't I just invest in brand new trendy pieces?

3 Favorite Pieces of Classic Coleman Camping Gear

The statement, "They don't make them like they used to..." proves to be true in my life more times than not.  I love these pieces because they are simple and uncomplicated, and they work flawlessly.  We initially purchased two Coleman items when we bought our travel trailer.  The Coleman Camp Stove and a Coleman Camping Lamp were all it took.  We were in love and have used these pieces on repeat ever since.  I just added a third piece to our collection.  And while I don't feel like I am collecting Coleman camping gear as some collectors would, I like seeking out and investing in the kind of gear that will last a lifetime.  But, I also seek out things that serve a purpose overlooking pretty!

We have three key pieces of Coleman camping gear that have quickly become our staples and favorites.  If you like the look and idea of owning this type of gear, this is where I would start.  

A vintage Coleman Camping Stove is a true workhorse and can outlast many newer models!

Coleman Camp Stove

The Coleman Camp Stove is practical for all kinds of outdoor cooking.  It has two burners that put out plenty of heat.  I use a cast iron griddle over the top for making pancakes, burgers, or steaks.  This stove creates my outdoor kitchen since my RV doesn't have one built-in.  It does all of the necessary cooking that I do on the road and cooks well.  Why would I need anything else?  If you follow me on social media, you will see my outdoor setup for meals quite a bit.  

It also uses white gas in a refillable chamber for fuel.  I don't love using disposable propane canisters, and this solves that whole problem.  The white gas costs about $8 for a gallon.  A 16-ounce propane canister costs nearly $5.  This can really add up to savings over time not to mention the landfill space it saves.  

To use the camp stove, fill up the fuel container that attaches to the front. Mine is red as you see in the picture above.  You then, open the pump knob on the fuel container by turning to the left a couple of times and pump it about 40 times to force enough air and pressure into the container.  This will help you to light the stove and keep it burning properly.  After you have pumped in enough air, turn on the gas and light with a match.  This took a little practice for me.  Once I learned how to do it, it works great every time.  And it cooks fantastically.  Take the time to learn how to use your stove, and it will be something you love for years to come.

If you don't want to find a vintage one or just think it is easier to get a new one, Coleman still makes a Dual Fuel Powerhouse Camp Stove that you can easily obtain online.  They are more expensive and more powerful than some other models.  I would opt for this type because of how it is made and functions.  The refillable fuel chamber alone is huge!  I paid $35 for the one I purchased on Facebook.  But, you can't go wrong here old or new in my opinion.

Not only is this piece functional, its pretty too!

Coleman Camp Lantern

Outdoor lighting is something that we use a lot since we spend most of our time outdoors when camping.  The Coleman Camp Lamp allows us to use the same White Gas from our stove to fuel our lamp.  

I found this lantern a little tricky and scary at first.  It uses fuel that is poured into the chamber below.  You open the little fuel pump on the side and pump it several times to force pressure into the chamber.  Open the gas slowly and light the mantles inside of the glass container.  You can control how bright these burn.  And from time to time, you will have to replace the mantles inside of the glass container.  These mantles look like little mesh bags that fit over the little rods inside where the gas is released.  

What I love most about these lanterns is how bright and how long these burn.  I can light up a huge area at our campsite with this one lantern.  We use this more during fall and winter camping because the days are a lot shorter and seem so much darker.  But, we do use our lantern year around!

You can also find brand new Powerhouse Duel Fuel Lanterns that are new.  These are also going to be more expensive.  But, again, I think the quality and the craftsmanship is worth spending a little extra.  If you get a new one, I encourage you to get a carrying case to protect your investment.  Again, my vintage one cost $20, but you will love this new or used!

This is our newest piece of Coleman camping gear.  While this water jug is vintage, it looks new inside and out!

Coleman Water Jug

We recently purchased a Coleman Water Jug.  This $25 insulated container keeps water cold so that we always have cool drinking water.  I like being able to place it on our outdoor table for meals and have plenty of water for drinking.  But, I can also keep it indoors at night for when someone wants a drink of water in the night.  

I typically boil the water we drink in our electric kettle.  I boil and let the water cool before placing it in our water jug.  I also boil the water I use in our icemaker.  This has made a big difference in how the water tastes and us drinking more water overall.  

If you can find a clean one of these, grab it.  I love the looks and functionality.  However, just like our stove and lamp, you can find similar new Coleman items.  They still make water jugs like this stackable one that is about $20.  

The Coleman Camp Oven makes your set up a complete outdoor kitchen.  Plus, it folds flat for storage!

One additional piece of Coleman gear that we really loved was our Coleman Camp Oven.  It is a collapsible box that fits over a camp stove burner.  It will heat up internally just like an oven.  Use it for making biscuits or other baked items.  It is lightweight and compact for storage.  It would recommend a set of compact bake ware.  This bakeware is perfect for the camp oven, but it also works well for a traditional RV oven that tends to be compact as well.  

We used the camp oven quite a bit when we were in our pop-up camper.  If you prefer cooking outdoors at the campground, the Coleman Camp Stove and Oven make a complete outdoor combo for making nearly any meal.  And both of these can cost far less than you would think!  I did a full review of our Coleman Camp Oven a couple of years ago.  I don't own mine anymore, but I might revisit this at some point.  It is great for pop-up campers or anyone that just doesn't cook much inside of their RV!

At some point, I think I might add an old-school Coleman Cooler.  But, I'm not quite there yet.  

I don't think I have a problem with too much Coleman gear.  I have just the right amount for the camping that we do.  I try to shop practically for the gear we have.  But, I'm not gonna lie.  That classic Coleman gear sure does look pretty at the campsite.  It has this iconic flair that brings a sense of vintage style while serving a specific purpose.  

If you see one of these pieces in good shape while you are on the road.  Grab it.  I've found that some of these pieces were barely used and in other cases are brand new in the original packaging.  Give these pieces some new life and a new home in your RV.  You will be glad you did!

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