Glamp Up Your Camper

Spring camping is here.  What do you need to glamp up your camper?

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about glamping up your camping game.  If you are getting ready for that first trip of the year or season, look for new ways to spruce things up.  I have some tried and true favorites that we love and enjoy over and over.  

Glamp Up Your Camper

I have 12 easy ways to give your RV a little style.  I always find that it is the little touches that make the most difference.  And, many of these options cost less than what you think!

The Camco wine glasses are as practical as they are fun!

Camco Wine Glasses

These insulated wine tumblers from Camco can be used with or without the stems.  They come with a handy lid that will keep drinks contained.  Plus, you can use these for both hot and cold drinks.  We use these on every trip we take.  

Add a fun cutting board to your gear for snack tray dinners.

Snack Tray Meals are an easy and healthy meal time option at the campground!

Camco Cutting Board

Snack tray meals are a favorite for us.  It is an easy meal that doesn't require any cooking.  Arrange some meats, cheese, olives, veggies, fruit and dips.  Why not take this to the next level on a fun cutting board?  Camco makes more than one RV cutting board that can serve as the base for your snack tray meal.  If you are looking for more meal ideas, check out my favorite summer time meals!

A lightweight and compact table is an excellent option for meals outdoors, meal prep as well as a place to play games.

Rio Brands Table

Most campsites have tables for eating outdoors.  But, sometimes they don't.  And, what if you need an extra table for more guests or prep?  Rio Brands makes a folding table that can expand for dining or be used as a smaller side table.  It is compact and light for easy storage.  We use this table regularly and is a campground favorite.  It the table where we celebrated our last meal of 2021 and the first meal of 2022.  So many memories around this table, and its such a handy accessory to have!

There is nothing better than a good set of awning lights to give your RV a unique look and glow!

Red Lantern Lights

On one of our first trips after purchasing our travel trailer, I spotted a set of red lantern camping lights at a near by RV.  I immediately sought out a set and purchased some for us.  I just bought a second set to give us a few more.  One string seemed like too few.  These are more pretty than practical.  But, I love them all the same.  If you want something different to hang from your awning, these are the ones!

Mac World Chairs 

We upgraded our chairs this year and love the result!  These chairs are comfy and are just right in my book.  We had been using a round, moon chair for years and loved them, but over time the quality had somewhat decreased.  So, after the last break, I started scouting out new alternatives.  Another camper I follow on social media had purchased these from Camping World, and she was spot on with these chairs.  If your chairs need an upgrade, these are the ones!  They are sturdy.  You can melt into them.  And, they have just the right amount of padding and comfort to make you never want to get up!  Is that a bad thing?

This little ice maker is a work horse and makes more ice than you can imagine.  It paid for itself in  year!

Portable Ice Maker

We received an Igloo Portable Ice Maker for Christmas while still in our pop up camper.  First, once you get one of these, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  It takes up no more counter space than a piece of typing paper on your countertop.  And it produces far more ice than you would think in a relatively short period of time.  It will basically pay for itself in no time because you are not buying bagged ice.  Plus, you always have ice cold drinks!  

Our Home Is Where You Park It Rug has held up since our pop up camper days and is still in great shape.

Outdoor Rug

We have owned this outdoor rug since we bought our pop up camper.  It traveled with us all during that time and has been with us and our travel trailer.  It is such a cute, fun and practical item.  If you are in the market for a new rug, I can firmly say this one will hold up over time and look great for years to come.  

You need a foot rest!  You just do.  It such a comfy way to enjoy a campfire.

Foot Rest

A foot rest is the perfect accessory for your outdoor chairs and set up.  There is nothing like putting your feet up around the campfire or after a long hike.   

There is nothing better than snuggling under a Camp Casual Throw at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

Camp Casual Throw

These throws are amazing.  Plain and simple.  If you have wondered if these throws are worth the hype, they are.  And, you need one.  I love them while watching tv at night during our bedtime routines or while drinking my coffee in the mornings.  We have more than one and love them both.  

The Camp Casual Serving Set is excellent addition to your kitchen gear.

Camp Casual Serving Set

I incorporate lots of salads into our meals on the road.  This serving set from Camp Casual is as pretty as it is practical.  We use this set regularly at the campground.  And one of my favorite salads is this Crunchy Romaine Toss that can be used with a variety of proteins or on its on.  

Camp Casual Mugs are great for coffee and tea, but you can also use them for mug cakes!

Camp Casual Mugs

I know I have shared several Camp Casual items here, but I LOVE their product line.  Their mugs are just one more thing I love when camping.  They are great for a cup of coffee or tea, but you can also use them for hot chocolate or these fun mug cakes from Kate Dunbar of the Campground Gourmet.  Her e-cookbook has lots of great recipes, and I usually keep a few of the mug cake mixes ready to go in our RV for when we want a quick and easy treat after a meal.  

Beddy's Beds were our choice for our Murphy Bed, but we ended up using these bedding sets on our bunks too!

The bedding is so soft and comfortable.  And, they are well made too!

Our bunk end sets make it so much easier to make up these beds before a trip!

Beddy's Bed Sets

I don't think I can talk about glamping without Beddy's Beds.  We purchased our first Beddy's set for our Murphy Bed a few years ago.  I felt like this system would stay put and be easier for folding up our bed each morning.  It has worked like a charm and held up great.  We finally added these bedding sets to our bunks a little over a year ago.  And I love them just as much.  

Don't let the sticker shock fool you.  These are not cheap, but they are well made.  They last over the long haul.  The beds are so comfy and soft with these.  And I have considered a set for my son's bed at home.  If you are looking for a splurge item, just do it.  You won't regret this purchase.  And its just a great investment that you will enjoy every single night on the road.  

What are your favorite glamping items?  Is there something that you can't live without on the road?  I would love to hear from you if you do.  Feel free to drop me a line or comment below.  

Camping is so much fun.  We enjoy every single night on the road and have learned how to make our home on the road as comfy and cozy as our sticks and bricks.  Until next time...happy camping (or glamping rather)!

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