RV Gear from Ikea

IKEA may be known for home goods, but it is also great for your home on the road.

IKEA may be well known for home goods, but did you know that you can also find great gear for your RV there as well?  I never make a trip to IKEA without picking up a few RV items.  IKEA typically has reasonable prices combined with a huge selection of products.  On our recent trip, I decided to share a few of our favorite RV finds.

RV Gear from IKEA

There are some things that are naturally wise purchases at IKEA.  This store makes storage and organization a breeze with lots of containers and compact solutions for small spaces.  You need these in an RV.  However, there are other things that I draw from our IKEA shopping adventures, and I would encourage you to check out one of these stores if you have the time or access to one.  Before venturing out to IKEA, download their app to help you locate items on your radar in the store and check the store availability.  This will limit your disappointment and overall frustration with your shopping experience.  These stores are huge and can become a time suck if you don't have a strategy going into it. 

I just replaced my broken French Press with this one that I found at IKEA for a bargain.

Kitchen Goods

I recently broke the French Press that has traveled with us from the beginning of our RV journey.  While I was sad, I had a collapsible pour-over coffee maker that worked fine.  But, when I saw this French Press at IKEA for $8.99, I couldn't pass it up!  Always look for items that you need or would use but have put them off because you are waiting on a sale or lower price.

Handy plastic storage containers will keep bugs out of food and provide space for left overs too!

I always need storage containers for food and leftovers in our RV.  This set is only $6.99 for 16 pieces!  Look around and see what else you can find.  This is only one example of the storage options that IKEA offers.

Plain dish clothes are also a handy item to have.  Grab several so that you always have what you need!

Dish cloths are another favorite item to pick up at this retailer.  They are low cost.  These wash well and work just fine.  I buy these for both home and on the road.  

This bright and cheery pack of dish towels is only $4.99.  They are lightweight.  They dry quickly, and I love the print!  They also have a green patterned set as well!

Drying mats are also a steal at IKEA.  They have several colors to choose from, and these are a fraction of the cost of the ones from other retailers.

From iced tea to margaritas and sangria, these pitchers keep drinks cold and are tall and slim for easy storage.

I have been searching for a plastic pitcher for a while.  This one is $5.99.  You can take the middle insert out and freeze it to keep drinks cold.  How handy is that?  I went ahead and grabbed two in case we needed drinks for a crowd.

IKEA offers a wide assortment of kitchen utensils.  You can grab everything from sets of basic utensils to a single wooden spoon.  I have experienced good luck with the items from this section, and it is worth a browse around if you are there.

Other items that I have lucked out and found on other trips are things like collapsible colanders, compact baking sheets, and pans that fit into our RV oven.  The kitchen section is one of my favorites at IKEA because you can find so many useful things there and save a ton of money!

But, what if you aren't looking for kitchen items?

A shoe tray will help keep shoes tidy and your floors clean!

Outdoor Items and Miscellaneous

A shoe tray is an excellent tool for keeping floors clean.  Place this outside of your camper door or inside if you choose.  Line up your shoes and no more mess on the floor.  This is only $3.99.  Grab one for home and your RV while you are at it!

Do you need a door mat that will scrub off your feet and shoes to keep from making such a big mess?  Again, this is another bargain item.  They have lots of basic ones to choose from as well as ones with earthy or fun prints.  

I recommend getting a drying rack in the summer for wet swimsuits and towels.  This is super helpful in terms of keeping things from getting messy and gross inside or your RV.  Place this near a door after you return from the pool and collect suits and towels to dry in one compact spot.  

IKEA also has basic tool sets and drills that you can use solely for your RV.  While these might not be your typical Stanley or Craftsman set, if you are on a budget or need a quick replacement set, this could be a great buy for you.

Finally, check out things like throws, bedding, and pillows.  I have some of their throws and decorator pillows on our bunk beds in our RV.  These were easy solutions that I like and found to be cost-effective as well.  IKEA's inventory and selection change regularly.  But hopefully, this will give you some ideas and starting points of what to look for the next time you have a chance.

Until next time....happy camping...

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