Pop Up Gizmos Review

We love Peggy Sue our pop up.  One of our favorite features is the heating and cooling unit.  We have used both the heat and air conditioning so far.  Both make camping really cozy in cold weather and a refreshing break from the heat in hot weather.  

Last year, our friends had a pop-up camper when we took our first camping trip together.  My camping sensei, Bryan, showed me his solar bunk end covers.  We were shopping for a pop-up camper at this point.  Bryan told me that we needed these bunk end covers if we had a pop-up camper.  He immediately said that these covers would protect the canvas from tree sap, bird droppings and help with the heating and cooling.

During our remodel, I began searching for some bunk end covers.  I already knew that camping in hot, humid summers we would need to try and make things as energy efficient as possible.  

Pop Up Gizmos are the brand of product we decided to purchase.  This company makes 3 different types.
  1. Original
  2. Original High Wind
  3. Super High Wind
At $79.95, the Original Pop Up Gizmos are a basic staple.  These come with two solar bunk end covers and 4 boxes of clamps to attach to your bunk ends.  There are more than enough clamps to hold your bunk ends in place.

Your Pop Up Gizmos come equipped with 2 bunk end covers to match the size of your pop up camper and 4 sets of clamps.
When I first opened my box, I was amazed at the size of the bunk ends.  They seemed thin but well made.  Each piece is cased off nicely with trim.  I think that I was expecting a thick solar blanket type material.  But these are really light weight.  

Don't let the weight fool you.  Even though they are not heavy, they work great.  On our first camping trip, we had temperatures in the high twenties.  We didn't have the bunk ends.  While the heat did make it nice and cozy, the bunk ends got really chilly quickly and didn't seem to hold the heat in that great.
The clamps are easy to attach to the canvas.  And, they hold in place well.

The bunk ends attach simply to the canvas top.  Our set camp with nice heavy duty clamps.
On our second trip, we had our bunk ends.  The temperatures were cold but not quite that cold.  However, the bunk ends really retained the heat.  It actually got almost too warm at times.  And, on our last trip where the temperatures were in the high 80's, the ac made it nearly cold at night.  

I do think the bunk ends make a difference.  

Putting on the Pop Up Gizmos are easy.  You basically start adding them to your bunk ends as you start to set up.  To see exactly how to do this, the Pop Up Gizmo's Guys have created a guide to help you get set up.  We get our Pop Up Gizmos out and ready to attach as soon as we lift the roof and before we finish setting up our bunk ends to make it easy to attach.  My husband is really tall, so this helps!

The Pop Up Gizmos are long enough to easily cover the bunk end and attach to the ends with plenty of room to clamp.

I see questions often in a Pop Up Campers group that I belong to about the bunk end covers and if they are worth it.  YES!  Consider the weather you typically camp end.  I don't think you would be sad with a basic set unless you are in windy weather often.  Then, I would recommend stepping up.  

**Since my original review, we were in a bad storm with straight line wind that blew these off of our camper.  While the bunk ends were not damaged, you might want to consider a higher wind version rather than the original if you think that there is the possibility of stormy weather when you camp.  I do think that this would make a difference.  However, I still think the original set is great and work very well!

You will notice a different in the interior space the first time you use them.  We did.  And it protects your canvas.  I can tell you from purchasing an older camper that has not had the best care, every decision you make regarding exterior care matters.  We are planning to replace our canvas later this year and are trying to make our canvas work until that point.  I do think these bunk ends can extend the life of a canvas also just by protecting it from the elements.  

If you need help in making this purchase, call Pop Up Gizmos.  They are amazing and so helpful!  

Have you added a set of Pop Up Gizmos to your camper?  What do you think about them?  Feel free to ask questions or comment about your experience with this product.  I love how easy they are to use, how well they are made and how well they work.  This product is a new staple for us that I can't imagine living without.  Have a great week!


  1. I agree with everything you say about them. Except for one thing. I think the light weight material are not very sturdy. I did not get them with velcro. I added the self adhesive velcro to them and to my popup. The velcro stuck well to my gizmos, but not to my camper. When I tried to remove the gizmos, the velcro came off of the camper and immediately stuck to the gizmos. While trying to "gently" remove the velcro, it tore holes in the gizmos. The number one reason I got them was the waterproof factor. So that has been ruined. I think if they were heavier, I could have safely removed the velcro. I have tried to patch the holes with silicone, so time will tell if they are still usable.

    1. I'm sorry that you had this issue. That is too bad. I think that the high wind version has bungee cord attachments that might make it easier to use.

  2. This is good feedback. Thank you for your comments. I do agree that the material is lightweight. We have just used ours with the clamps.

  3. We are on our second set of high wind ones. LOVE them. They are great. We camp a LOT (hence already going through a pair). I'd love a roof model of a similar concept... could have a hole for A/C unit...

    1. We love them too! I only wish we had gotten the high wind version. We don't typically camp in windy weather but we were in a bad storm over Memorial Day weekend and they blew right off! I think it would be better to camp with the ones that have a bungee cord attachment. You should make the suggestion about the ones for the roof to the owners. They might look into doing that. Or you might could buy one and cut a whole in it. Great idea!

    2. How long did your first set last?

    3. We owned our Pop up for 3 years, and they lasted that entire time and still looked great when we sold it. So, I think they hold up well over time.

  4. What size do I need to get? One side has a queen bed the other side has full size bed

    1. This is a great question. I would reach out to Pop Up Gizmos directly and ask them how to size this. I feel certain they would work with you on this. Its a really great company! You will love these once you have them!


Thank you for your feedback and comments. I always review before sharing with other readers. Have a great day!