Glamping Essentials

So by now, you've heard the words 'glamper' and 'glamping' a few thousand times.  Glamping is essentially fancy camping.  And before you stop reading, hang in there for a minute.  Fancy camping isn't all that bad.  Even my husband admits he enjoys our cozy camper at night.  How can you go from camper to glamper?  Seven steps will take your camping up a notch and much of it can be done with found items and your own creativity!

Color Pallete or Theme

Most glampers seem to have a color palette or theme.  I believe that this is the most basic place to start.  If you aren't looking to redo your entire camper or even if you are a tent camper, survey what you have and look for common themes or colors and build on that to create a cohesive plan for your camping experience.

I picked out a coral, mint and grey palette for our camper.  I don't really have a theme.  But those colors are the ones that part of our decor throughout.   I picked this color palette based on colors that I have always wanted to use to decorate but have not done so in our own home.  It was a chance to do something that I've always wanted to do.

So, if you are pining for something crazy and bold or eclectic and boho but it isn't your everyday style, take those risks on your camper.  After all, unless you are a full-timer, you can afford the risk.  Something totally different is a great departure from your every day life!  Shake it up a little!


Once you have your color palette or theme down, you can start to build from there.  Pillows are my first step to changing your look.  If you don't want to recover your cushions in your camper, then look for new pillows to brighten things up!  You can make or even buy pillows.  I have made most of my pillows.  But Tuesday Morning and Big Lots are great places to find pillows.  You can also find deals at dollar stores like Freds and Dollar General.  But pile on the pillows.  It gives you space a posh new look.  They weigh little and pack a big punch!

Pillows are an excellent starting point for new campers.  My cousin and his wife have a new rig.  He laughs describing his coffee interior.  The neutral tones and browns can the background of anything you like in a camper that just needs a pop of color.  Yes.  I just used that phrase.


Tie together your look with your bedding.  Maybe you are going for a vintage look.  Go through what you have at home and repurpose old bedspreads or quits.  You could even find bedding at yard sales, the Salvation Army or other thrift stores.  Mix and match your sheets as well from what you have.

Wayfair is where I picked up my quilt sets for less than $30 a set.  I bought mint sheets from there also!  So, if you are looking to purchase bedding, check out bargain shopping spots to save some money.  Tuesday Morning and Big Lots again are go-to spots for picking up camping essentials.  Check out the sheets and bedding options the next time you are in any of these stores.


Every glamper needs a fun outdoor rug.  I don't really have room for an interior rug.  An outdoor rug isn't just pretty.  It provides a place for little ones to play.  It keeps some of the dirt out.  Our rug folds into a handy bag for storage and has held up well.  Stylish Camping RH8117 Brown/Beige 8'x11' RV Home Mat


Lights are my favorite at the campsite.  I have them on my awning.  I also have them on our picnic table.  I have more than one set that travels with us.  Those lights create a warm glow at night.  I enjoy watching them.  It's so camping festive.

On our table, I have some solar landscaping lights that are placed into candelabras to make pretty tablescape by day and provide lighting at night.  I also add our solar Luci Light to the table for additional lighting.  MPOWERD Luci Lux - Inflatable Solar Light, Matte Finish

Our awning lights include a set of solar lights that we enjoy.  However, I also have lights that I have picked up at Target that run on both electricity and batteries.  Choose lights that won't easily break and are durable since they will be outdoors.  Solar Outdoor String Lights


Bunting is another glamping must!  I used leftover fabric from our pillows and curtains to make the bunting that matches our interior.  I have some at the end of each bed.  I also attach some on our awning.  It is simple to make.  Anyone can do it.  And, it is easy to pack and store in your camper.  This can be a beginners project for any seamstress.

Kitschy Decor

This is where you can really get creative.  Almost any place that has home decorating items has camping themed decor right now.  Be on the lookout for little knick-knacks, canisters, trays or other items.  Your decor could even be the practical vintage thermos, wool blankets, canisters, lamps, dishes, a lunch box or picnic basket.  Thrift shops, antique stores, and even dollar stores can turn up little items to spruce up your interior or exterior look.

Don't feel like you have to do it all at once.  Let your glamper be a work in progress.  If you are looking for more Camping Gear or ideas and instructions for Glamping Projects, visit my other pages on my blog.  Feel free to drop me a line with comments or questions.  Until next time...

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