3 RV Trends Worth Watching

Our Grand Design Imagine XLS 19BWE follows both the trend of a smaller RV and a Murphy bed.  We love both!

The words RV and trendy don't seem to go together for me.  Classic or travel are words that come to mind when I think about RV's. But there are trends in every industry, and the RV industry is no different.  Sales were on the rise in previous years.  Even with the current decline in sales, manufacturers do have a pulse on what the buyer wants.  When we were shopping for our new RV, we noticed several trends over and over.

Social media impacts the markets where we shop.  There is a surge in full-time RV'ers and tiny home enthusiast.  There is no shortage of people sharing their lives through the lens of living in smaller spaces.  Home improvement shows also impact our interior spaces.  The RV industry has answered that call and current trends reflect these very things we see on television and social media.  If you are in the market for a new RV, now is the prime time for getting some of the best deals to be had.  And, here are three things to consider and look for while shopping on lots now.  You can score a great deal and have a trendy travel trailer too!

Why should we care about RV trends?  Well, some trends are ones that will make you RV easier to sell when and if the time comes.  Getting something modern and fresh will hold up well over the next few years and look less dated so soon.  Plus, trends can involve improvements that answer consumers buying needs.  Trends can be as practical as they are pretty.

Small RVs

I don't think that big fifth wheels are going away any time soon.  However, we have seen an increase in smart, compact travel trailers.  Small models feature lower tow weights and allow owners to tow with vehicles they may already have.  

There are many different models that you can find.  From teardrop campers that are basic and can be pulled with something as small as a Toyota Prius to larger mid-sized models, there are a lot of models that are compact.  Some of the smallest models are best for single campers and couples.  However, you can find a bunkhouse model under 25 feet.  We did and love it!

You don't have to go big or go home with a new RV.  Keep an open mind to find something that suits your needs.  The Rockwood Geo Pro, Little Guy Max and Mini- Max, and Intech Sol are some creative spaces that you may or may not know about.

The Little Guy Max and Max Mini are also examples of small, compact RV's with a low tow weight.
Don't forget about classic pop up campers.  If you are considering a first-time camper, look for a well cared for pop up!  These are the ultimate in compact campers.  Rockwood is still making pop up campers.  And while Jayco suspended production of its Jay Sport Folding Camper line in 2019, this does not mean pop up campers are going away.  You can follow pop up enthusiasts on Instagram like the Pop Up Princess and Let's Camp S'moreRice Camp is another pop-up favorite.  We loved Peggy Sue, our pop up, and I still consider this an RV trend.

Peggy Sue, the pop-up, on our last camping adventure with her.

Murphy Beds

One of the things that go with small spaces is Murphy Beds.  There are a lot of models that maximize a small space with a Murphy Bed right now.  We bought the Grand Design Imagine XLS 19 BWE.  We were able to get a queen bed, bunkhouse, and sofa in just over 23 feet with this space-saving feature.

My husband was adamantly opposed to a Murphy Bed until we looked at the Grand Design.  Their beds are designed to stay made when folding and unfolding.  You can fold down or up with little effort.

Our Murphy Bed gives us a cozy seating area during the day time.

This seating area is perfect for our little family.

Our sofa folds down and gives a comfy sleeping space at night.

Farmhouse Decor and Lightened Interiors

It is true that a lighter and brighter space makes everything seem bigger and more open.  Nothing helps a small camper like a palette of greys, whites and neutral tones.  Why do you think so many remodels of RV's that you see online are bright white and farmhouse style?  I love this look and so do shoppers in the RV industry.

The Rockwood Geo Pro is the perfect example of a light and bright interior.  The 2020 line up is no different.

Jayco has just released quite a few models in light interiors and model farmhouse decor.  You can find anything from large luxury campers to small Hummingbird models in this interior plan.  Other RV manufacturers are also offering lighter interiors.  2020 seems to be the year of lighter and brighter in the RV industry.  If you are waiting to buy, now is a great time to snap up this fresh look.  Even Grand Design has lightened their traditionally dark cabinets.  I love this look.

And what if you have an existing trailer and want a new look?  Add some farmhouse flair and brighten the interior that you have.  Some fresh decorating touches can give your space a whole new feel.  I used shiplap style adhesive wallpaper to achieve this design touch.  I see others that paint cabinets, apply lighter backsplashes and more.

This was an easy project that had a big impact on our interior space.

If you are in the market for a brand new camper or a project to remodel, you can score a great deal as we enter into the fall.  People are selling RV's that they didn't use this season.  Or, they are looking to upgrade.  Dealerships are dropping prices.  Check out Facebook Marketplace and be on the lookout for a great deal.  No matter what you do, the trailer of your dreams can be yours.

One thing that I like about current trends in RVs is that they answer buyer needs.  More people want to RV, but they don't all want large tow vehicles and large campers.  Bigger isn't always better.  What counts is how you use your space.

If you are looking for camping gear ideas or how to get started with a pop-up camper remodel, I have pages for that.  Just click on the link.  I know that many people that are just getting started have lots of questions.  Drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time...

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