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Learn more about the Colman-Mach ® line of RV AC's for your best season of camping!!

Pop Up Remodel

Here is a list of ideas and gear from our pop up remodel that we did to our Jayco Qwest Pop Up Camper.  Also, here are some additional tools for your Pop Up Camper Remodel.

If you are planning to remodel your pop up camper, I have created a budget planning list.  You can make a copy of this sheet and add it to your Google Drive to use it for your remodel.

Pop Up Camper Planning and Budget Sheet

You can also use my First Camping Checklist if you are new to camping.

I've also created a Camping Kitchen Checklist to help you get started cooking on the road!

We are also replacing our canvas on our pop up in January 2018.  We have ordered a canvas from Canvas Replacements.  Stay tuned to for a full review of the canvas as well as installation.  I can already tell you that this company has great customer service.  They are quick to answer emails and super friendly.  I asked around online in camping groups that I belong to and receive lots of positive feedback about this company and the products they deliver.

This year, we replaced our RV AC unit with a Coleman Mach 10.  We did add the heat strip to this for added use.  You can read my review of the heat strip if you are considering this option.

Getting ready for summer camping season?  Treat your canvas with 303 productcs!  They have fabric gauard, vinyl treatment and cleaner all designed to make your canvas last longer and work better!


Learn how I made my Pop Up Camper curtains here.
For the RV Track Systems on the ceiling and walls, I used track tape from Amazon.


I recovered my own cushions, and your can read more about how I did this here.
Some of the products that I used to make professional looking cushions were piping and long upholstery zippers.


I redid my countertop surfaces for less than $50.  For a full how-to, read my post on redoing my countertops.


I closed the gaps around the floors using Instatrim Flexible Trim.  This is also a project that is very cost effective.  Around $50 will trim the floor of a small Pop Up Camper.  You can read about my project here.

We replaced our worn mattresses with sofa replacement mattresses.  This is a cost effective solution to new mattresses for any pop up.  You can read my full review for comfy bedding.

If you need to repair your canvas, I have used a couple of different things.  I have a canvas repair kit and a sewing awl.   Both are stored in our camper for use as needed (hopefully never) on the road!


We had to repair the roof on our camper as well as sealing everything up to make sure that we were leak free.  Below are some of the products that we used for this.  You can read about this project on my post about how to fix a leaking roof.


We also repaired out city water inlet using a few simple products.


 If you are looking to update your cabinet hardware, here is the catch and strike system that we used.


We made a new table to go into our pop up camper.  Since we were starting from scratch, we needed a kit to fit our space.  Below are the links to create a kit that you can purchase from Amazon.  There are several sizes of poles that you can find on Amazon.  Measure your space and determine how high you want your table to be.


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