5 RV Updates That Everyone Needs

The updates we made to May Belle have really made a difference!

When you buy a new RV, there are five things that I think everyone needs to do.  It's the little things that can make a difference in overall functionality and comfort.  If you have a brand new rig or have something new to you, this post is for you!  And, these are all easy projects that anyone can do.  So, where do you start and what should you do first? 

We didn't do all of our updates at once, but it is important to budget for the extras that make a difference out of the gate!

5 RV Updates That Everyone Need

We had no idea what we were doing when we bought our first pop-up camper or travel trailer.  Sure, we learned along the way, but it can be overwhelming at the beginning.  And, even if you have owned your RV for a while, there may still be some things that you are changing along the way.  There are five things we did over time that have made a big difference on our RV journey.  

Our custom Murphy Bed mattress from Tochta sleeps so comfortably and fits perfectly!

Replace Your Mattresses

Both veterans and newbies, consistently for RV mattress recommendations.  We have a queen murphy bed and double over double bunks in our Grand Design.  All three mattresses have custom features that needed something other than a standard mattress replacement.  We placed Tochta mattresses on all of our beds.  They can make a custom mattress for a murphy bed with a hinge in just the right spot to fold into the wall.  Additionally, they can make custom mattresses for bunk beds that are cut and curved to fit perfectly.  Two years in and we still LOVE these mattresses.  They will custom make them to your specified thickness too.  This should be the first thing you do in a new RV.  You will get a better night's sleep and enjoy your RV so much more!  Budget for this expense initially, and you will love your RV from the first night you are on the road.

In our pop up camper, we used Classic Brands sofa replacement memory foam mattresses. 

If you are in a pop-up camper and want a different option, we used our Classic Brands Sofa Replacement Mattresses for nearly 3 years.  They slept great the whole time we owned Peggy Sue, and we could close the top with no problem.  These are less expensive than some options and worked well in a pop-up.  I would encourage you to place anti-fatigue mats under your pop-up camper mattress for an even better night's sleep!

A keyless entry is so easy to install and use!  Bye-bye extra keys!

Install a Keyless Entry

If I were ranking these items you should do in order, this would be number two on my list.  You can install an RV Lock system in about 30 minutes or less.  They work perfectly, and you never have to worry about having a key to get into your RV.  Sure, there is a backup key and key fob, but we love the keyless entry.  Just do it.  All you have to keep up with is a code to lock and unlock your door.  It runs on AA batteries that last 6 months to a year, and we have never had a problem.

A surge protector is often overlooked, but I cannot stress how important this purchase is!

Surge Protector

A surge protector will serve as an extra layer of protection for your investment every time you hook up.  This is a no-brainer for any RV.  Order one when you first get your RV and use it from day one.  This should be an update that you do when you get those initial camping supplies because it is really an essential component and is something you will use on every trip.  It protects you from surges, reverse polarization, and bad wiring issues.  It's like an extra layer of insurance for your RV.

Back-up cameras are a breeze to install in an RV that is already prepped!

Install a Back-Up Camera

Most newer RV's come pre-wired for an RV backup camera.  The Furrion Back-Up Camera is what we installed on our RV in January of this past year.  It's a plug-and-play device that works flawlessly.  My favorite features are that we can see behind us towing down the road and is a great safety feature when changing lanes.  I also love that it has a mic so that I can better hear my husband directing me as we back up!  

A slide topped may be a bigger job that you want to tackle, but it is worth the money!

Install a Slide Topper

This may be the only project or update that some will not want to tackle as a DIY activity.  But, my husband and I did this, and you can too.  If you have RV slides, a slide topper or slide awning will keep your slide clean and 

There are lots of new RVs out there on the road.  I see lots of newbies posting questions to social media groups about what to update and where to start.  I hope this helps someone on their RV journey.  These are the tried and true products and updates that we still love and think you would too.

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