The Camp Life Subscription Box Review - Spring 2021

The Camp Life subscription box's theme is "On the Road Again".

A good subscription box is my jam!  Over the years, I have subscribed to boxes containing everything from beauty products and clothes to kid's toys.  But, The Camp Life Crate has become a favorite above other boxes.  Each quarter, there is a seasonal theme for camping and glamping gear.  "On the Road Again" is the spring 2021 theme.  Did this box deliver road-worthy gear?

The Camp Life Subscription Box Review - Spring 2021

The Camp Life subscription boxes have changed over the past couple of years.  One of the biggest changes this season was that it didn't arrive in a box at all.  A large, brown mailer arrived with all of my items, and this was a welcome change.  The reduction in disposable waste was an excellent way to start reviewing my "On the Road Again" spring treats!

The Sprout LED light is bright, compact, and lightweight.  Total score!

Sprout LED Lantern

I love a handy light to hang outdoors for evening meals or just time around the campsite.  The Sprout LED Lantern is bright enough and can easily hang from a variety of locations.  This is the perfect item for spring and summer camping.  We are staying outdoors longer.  While the days are longer, we are outdoors long past dark.  It's nice to have extra light at the campsite.  Plus this light is portable enough to go into a backpack.  Hang it up when reading in your hammock or anywhere else you need a light.  I also like that this light gives off a bright white light as well as a more subdued blue light.  I'm so excited about this item!  It is already packed and ready to go in our RV.

Collapsible storage containers are perfect and so helpful.  I usually never have enough.

Collapsible Storage Containers

I always need little containers and dishes to store leftovers in at the campsite.  I keep a few in our camper, but I don't have any collapsible storage containers.  I have used collapsible gear since our pop-up camper days.  They save space and work great.  I'm certain these two containers will be regularly used on the road!  Expand them to store food.  The lids are air-tight.  Wash, dry, and collapse to store all neat and tidy!  Who wouldn't love this?

These Manna straws are much more appealing than previous ones that I have seen.  I am certain these will be in heavy rotation this summer!

Reusable Straws

I have never been a fan of reusable straws until now.  First, I don't love the idea of those metal straws.  That seems like a great way to chip a tooth.  Maybe I'm just accident-prone, but that's a whole different conversation and post.  But, these straws are different from ones I've seen in the past.  These straws came with a pouch to store and carry.  These straws will travel well and remain clean.  I also loved that there was a little brush to clean them.  I've always found reusable straws to be gross because I wondered how to keep them clean.  This kit takes care of that.  Plus, there are straight straws and ones that are bent slightly like a bendable straw.  I can see us using this plenty just because they are practical and will actually work for us!  It's just a good, fun item to use with cold spring and summer drinks!  Bring on the good times wherever we go!

Microfiber towels are highly underrated in my book.  These are a new favorite for us!

Microfiber towel and cloth

We have embraced microfiber towels and cloths over the past year.  These items dry quickly but are excellent for taking to the beach or lake.  They won't absorb sand and shake off easily.  Pack it away into a backpack while hiking.  If you come across a swimming hole, jump in.  You will have a towel ready without all of the bulk.  We also like these towels for drying off wet dogs when camping and it's raining when we have to take them out to the bathroom.  And, these also make a good item for washing and drying hands when we are cleaning up at the campsite.  Again, this is a practical item that we will be using all spring and summer because we do lots of water activities, and you never know when you might need a towel.  It is compact and will travel easily so you are always ready!

Get ready to throw in swimsuits and dirty clothes into these sacks.

Stuff Sack

We always end up with wet swimsuits or towels.  This little sack gives you a "laundry hamper" on the go.  This will help us keep up with items when we are changing and need a place to keep everything together.  I always opt for something reusable instead of disposable.  I won't need to carry around plastic bags for dirty clothes, suits, or towels for a day at the lake or beach.  And, I'll be able to use this for lots of different activities that we do!

These luxurious sponges are so great!  The scent is amazing!

Spongelle Travel Size Beach Grass Sponge

If you haven't tried Spongelle, you are missing out.  These are great for exfoliating your skin.  They smell terrific and have this luxurious lather that is amazing.  I cannot wait to use this.  The Beach Grass scent is clean and light.  It is a great way to end or start the day.  Plus, even though this says 5 plus uses.  I would say you could easily get double the use.  They are a great value too!

Since a couple of items in this quarter's box contained custom gear, it was a little harder to price each item for this box.  But, if I were to put a total value on this box, I would estimate it at around $70 which is a good value.  I feel like the items in the box are worth more than the quarterly subscription price, and that makes me feel like I'm getting a deal.  Every item in this box is something I will use regularly!  The "On the Road Again" box feels like it was well thought out by someone who actually camps and travels.  The Camp Life definitely put their road-worthy expertise to work to curate this box.

If you haven't tried the Camp Life Subscription boxes, you are missing out.  They offer a Glampers and Campers option and an Outdoor Essentials option.  The Glampers and Campers box is perfect for anyone that loves the pretty side of camping.  It would make a great birthday or Mother's Day gift!  The Outdoor Essential option is excellent for Father's Day or anyone a little more of the traditional camper.  Or, maybe you just want to treat yourself to something fun for a new RV or a new season of camping in your life!

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