How to Install the RV Lock Keyless Entry on Your RV

The RV Lock Keyless Entry system has been one of the best upgrades that we have made to our RV.
Right after picking up our new RV, we closed the door with both sets of keys sitting on the counter.  We found ourselves locked out with a malfunctioned lock.  $50 dollars and a locksmith later, we were back inside of our RV, but who wants to risk that?  A keyless entry lock is an excellent upgrade that is easier than you think!  And it can help keep you in business with or without a set of keys.

Everything you need to install your RV Lock System will arrive in one box.  It even includes batteries.

RV Lock makes keyless entries for RV's.  They offer a full line of products including ones for travel trailers, compact models and Class A/C locks.  We have RV Lock V4 Keyless Entry with Key Fob.  This little project took us 20 minutes to complete, and that time included programming our keypad.  You will receive:
  1. Keyless entry panel
  2. Switchplate
  3. Screws for installation
  4. Two spare keys
  5. Key Fob
The contents of our RV Lock System included the key fob, spare keys, locking system, new switch plate, and screws.

Remove the Old Hardware

Remove the 4 screws from the back your existing door system.  Remove the screws from the switch plate inside the door.  Take all of the hardware off of the door.  You will be left with a hole in your door where the old hardware was and where your new hardware will go.  

Remove all of the screws from the old (original) system and begin to remove the hardware.

You will need to remove the screws and switch plates as well from the original lock to get it out of the door.

This will leave a bare spot to install the new RV Lock system.

Install the New Hardware

Place the new front panel with the keyless entry into the front of the door.  Ensure that the wires are not crimped.  These wires will connect to the back piece of the RV Lock system.  Connect the wires from the backplate to the front plate.  Line up the screw holes from the back and front plates.  Screw in the four new screws, but don't fully tighten.  

Test the handle to make sure that the locks and latch works.  Finish tightening the four screws on the back.  Then attach the new switch plate on the door.  Done!

Begin by placing the front of the RV Lock system into the door.  Ensure the wires are not crimped and accessible to install and connect the back piece.

Install the back piece of the RV Lock system.  Place the four screws into the system and tighten them slightly.

Finally, add the new switch plate cover and the screws to secure it.

Program Your Key Pad

You can program your 4 digit code for entry and locking.  Follow these steps:
  1. Press the lock button and 8 at the same time.  You will hear a sound.
  2. Put in the existing code to the door - 1234.
  3. Press lock again.  Now you are in programming mode.
  4. Press the four digits you want to use as your code.
  5. Press lock.
  6. Enter the four digits again.
  7. Press lock.
  8. You will hear one long beep.  This indicated you have programed your keypad.
The model that we have also included a key fob.  On the back of the panel (the one to the interior of the door), you will turn the button on.  Press the "Fob Pair" Button.  On the key fob press the lock button.  This will locate and program your key fob.

Key Features

  • You can lock and unlock the door using your programmed 4 digit code.
  • Replace your batteries as needed with 4 AA batteries.
  • Use the key fob or panel to get into your RV.
  • If you lose your fob or forget your code, you can always use the spare keys to get in and out of the RV.
One thing that we have encountered occasionally is the door lock sticking.  While the code was entered properly and the system started to unlock, we were unable to open the door.  Our key came in handy for these situations.  It has only happened a few times.  This is one reason we keep a spare set in our tow vehicle glove box.

No matter what, you will always be able to get into your RV.  If you forget your keys, no problem, use the keypad!  If you forget the code, use the backup keys.  You can always get in.  It is a total win.

If you have been considering this as a possible upgrade, the answer is a solid yes!  I love how easy it was to install and how well it works.  Bring on the good times, we are ready.

Until next time...

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