October 2014


Happy Halloween Charlie Brown

Thursday, October 30, 2014

King Diaper's Charlie Brown Shirt!
Halloween is tomorrow, and we are ready at our house.  Until this year, we have celebrated Halloween going to grown up parties.  I've been Little Red Riding Hood, a Catholic School girl and all the other fun costumes that grown up women like to do.  And, I've finally traded some of that for something more elementary and quite different.

King Diaper is going to trick or treat for his first time this year, and I'm excited not to have to do a costume for myself actually.  I started out looking at all of the store bought costumes and didn't find much of it to be for us.  So, I went to my "go-to" ideas places - Etsy and Pinterest.  And there it was!  Charlie Brown!  Both easy and fun.

Since we already have a stuffed Snoopy, all we needed was the yellow shirt with black zig zag.  I could have bought one, but I knew I could make it cheaper and pretty quick.

I started with a plain, long sleeve, white tee shirt.  Why not yellow?  Not any easy find!  But, I could just dye it.  No big deal.  I picked up a bottle of yellow liquid fabric dye and did it in about 30 minutes. Its not the kind of thing one has to watch over.  Once the time was up, I just stuffed it into the washer and did a quick wash.
Craft supplies - shirt, paint, brushes and
fabric dye
Next I drew off a zig zag with a pencil onto the bottom of the shirt and painted it with black paint and a foam brush.  The paint was just a simple craft paint.  The foam brush was helpful in straightening the edge of the lines.  When doing something like this, but a piece of paper or cardboard between the layers to keep it from bleeding through.  You could also draw the black zig zag outline with a permanent marker and paint inside the line.  Either way, its so easy.

The cost break down for this project was:

Shirt - $3.98
Paint - $.97
Brushes - $1.47 (for a pack of four and used 1, $.37 and can use the left overs later!)
Yellow, liquid fabric dye - $2.47

The grand total was $8.89 for the whole lot of items.  Or, $7.79 if you are looking at the exact total of the items used.  Either way, it was less than $10 for everything!

Shirt after dying and ready for paint!
Halloween night, he will wear the shirt and jeans with his Chuck Taylors.  Our "Charlie Brown" will have Snoopy and a plastic pumpkin.  And for purest, this is our version of Charlie Brown.  Part of the fun of Halloween isn't recreating the exact replica as much as creating our own costume through one's own eyes.

So look for some inspiration on Pinterest or Etsy.  A simple search for children's costumes or something more specific (gender or theme) will yield some great results.  And if you don't have time to make your own, Etsy probably has a vendor that can do the work for you.  Yes.  I know Halloween is tomorrow.  But, it is never to early to start thinking about next year.

So, Happy Halloween!  Enjoy whatever festivities you plan to join in on whether it be handing out candies, taking little ones trick or treating and dressing up yourself.  You are never to old to enjoy this holiday.  I'm excited to see it through a child's eyes this year!

Beep Beep…This Baby is Two…A Party Review

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cupcakes with printed toppers, stoplight cups and a mum
is a nice seasonal touch of color!
For King Diaper's Birthday this year, we had a car themed birthday party.  It was lots of fun to plan and lots less complicated.  I think that one of the best ways to plan an event or party is with a Pinterest Board.  I started my Car Themed Birthday Party Board several months ago with collected ideas.

To go along with the theme, I did a few simple things:

  • Ordered a car theme party invitation from Tiny Prints.
  • I also ordered bright solid color plates, napkins and cups in yellow, red, orange and green.
  • I used black table cloths on the tables with yellow tape making a road stripe down the middle.
  • Toilet paper holders were turned into small cars along the table.  
All of these things were easy and could be done in advance.  Also, party invitations could easily be made through a print or word processing program.  These things were all done first.

I wanted to make simple favor bags for the children.  This was an outdoor party at a park.  So, I included bubbles and sunglasses.  Hot Wheels cars were also spread down the table for children to take home.  I ordered the bubbles and sunglasses from Party City.  Hot Wheels cars can be picked up anywhere.  I ordered a 20 piece set from Amazon Prime.  Working full time and traveling for work doesn't yield a lot of time for shopping.  My sofa on Friday night is the best place to shop!  (online!)

Sandwich cars, BLT wraps and spare tires
Food was yet another easy fix.  

  • Spare tires - chocolate covered doughnuts.
  • Stop light cups - Jello layered into little plastic wine cups in green, yellow and red.  Kids really liked this.  I hadn't had jello in years!
  • Turkey and ham sandwiches race cars - I cut the sandwiches into narrow thirds and attached 4 little grape tomatoes with toothpicks for wheels.  
  • Cup cakes - Plain with sprinkles and little cut out toppers that I found a print out for with the theme online for free.
  • BLT Wraps for grown ups
  • Assortment of chip individual chip bags
  • I even printed labels for the food from a free site.  
  • Juice boxes and water for guests
The final thing was a birthday shirt for the birthday boy.  I love Etsy!  It is an addiction.  But there are so many wonderful gifts and unique items from lots of different sellers!  I picked out a shirt with the number 2 shaped by a road with cars appliquéd and his name monogramed.  So fun!  

Gifts by Gita is a mother's and baby shop that has lots of cute shirts with lots of different themes to choose from.  This is the shop where the birthday shirt came from.  If you are looking for a unique baby gift for momma or baby, this would be a great resource!  

If I could go back, what would I keep and change?
  1. The park location is a keeper.  Kids were entertained and had something to do.  At this age,
    games aren't really successful and a lot of work.  So, outdoor play was great especially at this time of year.
  2. I had a little too much food, but we didn't run out.  I think I will scale back next year.
  3. We had the right mix of homemade items and bought items so I wasn't working so much.
  4. Themes can be as easy or difficult as one makes them.  This was an easy one!
  5. Shopping online for gifts and party items is a must.  Best decision ever!  Lots of selection and allows me to pace the work load of it all.
This birthday was a success and much easier than last year.  I felt like I paced myself more and did less.  But, it was still fun, cute and enjoyable.   

Happy Birthday to Over 30 Years of Friendship

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yes, I did steal that off of your Facebook page!
My friend Lee Ann and I have been friends for over 35 years.  She is my longest friend!  I can't say the word old in that sentence no matter how young she is!  And today is her birthday.

A few things about her (all true….be afraid if you are reading Lee Ann):
  1. She loves to read.
  2. She still has the sense of humor that she did as a kid!  Which is a very good thing!  
  3. She's not crazy about television.
  4. She is crazy about her cats.  (I won't go into details about her new cat stroller or snap chat pictures she sends me of them!)
  5. No matter the time or distance, she will remain my dearest friend.
We grew up in a small town in South Mississippi with less than 1,200 people and not even a stop light. We spent summer evenings walking and talking, swinging on their porch, having sleep overs and playing games.  There were endless hours of laughing and silly jokes (ones we still laugh about)!

Just a couple of years ago!
Life in a small town meant that we entertained ourselves with the simple and uncomplicated.  Some time around age 10, we created a little newspaper that we typed up and delivered to "old people".  Each edition was typed on my mother's manual typewriter and ran off copies on an old mimeograph machine.  I can still smell that cool, fresh purple ink.

Lee Ann was a determined and confident child.  Both traits that have carried her well through life.  She wore corrector shoes that she hated, but she wore them no matter what.  One year some boys in our class asked her if those were karate shoes.  Her response, "Yep!  You want me to kick you with them!?"  She could turn nearly anything into a joke and would just keep going.  Nothing ever seemed to bother her.

She hated wearing make up and curling her hair.  I can remember her coming over to our house after getting ready just so she could brush out her hair and wipe off her make up.  I was still in a hairspray fog and painting my face.  I never understood the point of wasting good make up and hair spray like that!  Her argument was that it was easier just to appease her Granny, put on make up and do her hair.  Then undo it all!  Yes, Lee Ann will always remain one the most logical people that I have ever known.

I suppose a lot of things have changed since the years of eating fudge pops on their screened in porch.  And other things haven't.  She still loves sweets and would feed her kids pie and candy for breakfast.  Don't judge.  You know you are wondering why your momma wouldn't do the same!

I hope that Lee Ann's expectant daughter Lucie remembers that pie and candy for breakfast never hurt anyone.  Make it a family tradition.  Your mom did it with you, and you turned out great!  And, it made you love your mother for all of the obvious reasons!  She is awesome!

Last summer, 2013
Lee Ann worked for an accountant in Omaha when her children were small.  Once, her boss gave her children each some candy and gave them strict instructions not to tell their mom.  Both girls quickly asked, "Why not?  She lets us eat candy all the time!"

For any overly zealous mother or person in general reading this, stop before calling department of human services on Lee Ann!  Her youngest daughter just finished another half marathon.

I am starting motherhood, and she is becoming a grandmother this year.  Yep.  I did just say that.  And I'm not calling her the "O" word.  I guess that just anchors the endless times I answer the question of if I am King Diaper's grandmother.  We laughed about that very thing when she announced her daughter's pregnancy.  Tonight as I sent her a snap chat of Joseph and I telling her goodnight, I thought about her sending pictures of she and her new grand baby soon!  I can't wait.

I enjoyed watching her girls grow into beautiful young ladies.  And, now I'll have the opportunity to watch her grandchildren grow too.

While we live miles apart and see each other on rare occasions these days, we still keep in touch with each other often.  We snap chat silly pictures.  We text.  And, there is always Facebook.  She never answers her phone, but is probably busier that I am at this point in her life.  Apparently grown up kids and cats are a lot of work.  I'm not judging.  I think it is true and ahead of me!  Hopefully not the cat part.

Senior year
She tells her girls stories about us eating raisinettes in church and our root beer and powdered doughnuts at sleep overs.  I'm not sure if she has disclosed the fact that we tried to pass off Tums as Sweet Tarts to someone once to make them stop eating our candy.  As I previously disclosed, we grew up in a small town and had to entertain ourselves.

We went to church camp in the summer and mission trips to New Mexico.  There has been big hair and big drama along the way.  But what remains is that endless friendship that I cannot imagine life without.

I hope that King Diaper will make life long friends like this.  Reflecting on our friendship makes me sad that she lives so far away.  Even if her kids are grown up, he could enjoy playing with her grandkids! (or cats)  And she could give me lots of parenting advice.  I mean she's about to be a grandmother and all.  Isn't that what they do?

So as I finish this up, I think its time for me to call, text or something for her birthday.  It is her birthday after all.  And maybe I'll have some cake in her honor!   Or I could just feed it to Joseph!  Happy birthday Lee Ann!  Guess what?  Love you!  I couldn't imagine what life would have been like without you!

Making a Memory Quilt

Monday, October 20, 2014

As we prepared for and anticipated the birth of King Diaper, there was always a part of me that was sad that our child would not know my father.  He was a huge part of my life, and I still think about him daily.  Early on, we decided that we would name our child after my dad if the baby was a boy.  And, as fate would have it, we had a boy with my father's namesake.

Daddy was a very practical person that took pride in hard work.  He was a strong man and instilled his work ethic and faith in both of his daughters.  Many of my childhood memories involve fishing, playing kickball and family vacations out west.  We were involved in church activities as he was a pastor of a church.  And this was the center of our lives.

His favorite color was blue.  And even though he was a minister and often wore a suit or dress pants and button down shirts, Daddy preferred his work clothes.  He called his jeans dungarees.  When I think about daddy now, I picture him in his dungarees and soft faded work shirts.

I saved a few of Daddy's shirts.  This collection included a few of work shirts and a Sunday button down.  And, yes, surprisingly (or maybe not so much) they were all blue or some variation.  I never really knew what I would do with them at the time that I stashed them away.  King Diaper was not even a thought at that time.

But, when I started to prepare for our new arrival, I decided that I would like to use those shirts for a quilt.  I think Daddy would have liked that.  He was practical that way.

My mom has been helping me with this project.  I cut up the shirts into squares.  She has made the quilt top by piecing them together and placing a little Dutch boy square in the middle.  We are going to have someone to do the quilting on a machine to finish the project.

King Diaper will have a quilt with a little piece of his grandfather.  It has been both a hard and happy project.  But, I'm glad we have taken on this task.  It seemed wasteful and against everything Daddy was about to just have those shirts hanging in a closet or stuffed in a drawer.

And as a child of the Depression where nothing was wasted, I think this quilt is everything he was.  With daddy's favorite color and mixture of work shirts and dress shirts, this quilt is a happy memory of the things that I remember best and most about him.  And what better way to remember and honor the man that we loved in our life.

I would like to think that if we still had daddy, he would marvel at the miracle King Diaper is.  He would enjoy taking him fishing, telling him stories and taking him on walks outside in the yard and talking to him about the pine cones.  (King Diaper's favorite thing at this point!)  This quilt has forced me to think about these things that make me both smile and cry at the same time.  But, its a good thing.

Use some of the things that you have from childhood, a loved one or special time in your life to make a memory quilt, shadow box or other memento that will allow you to keep your memories alive.  You will be glad you did - even if there are a few tears along the way.  Tears are the seasoning of life.  Things would be flat without them.  Celebrate life big and often.  Its how I like to live best!  Have a great week!

Rethinking Food Choices and More with Jawbone Up 24

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meeting my goal for steps is great!
Jawbone became an obsession of mine over a year ago.  I bought myself the original UP band for my 40th birthday when I was trying to get back in shape after King Diaper's arrival.  I described my mood at that point as "forty, fat and frumpy".  Not how I wanted to start out this new decade in my life.  Taking charge was a big thing for me to get back to where I was pre-baby.

The new Jawbone 24 continues to deliver, but it has some added features that I really love!

1.  It syncs with my iPhone app through a bluetooth connection.  So much easier than plugging into my headphone jack to sync.  Just open the app on your phone, and sync up automatically!

2.  It continues to work with other apps that you may already use like My Fitness Pal or Map My Ride. If you are using these apps to track workouts or food, they will sync with Jawbone.  Its an easy way to monitor daily activities to track overall health and activities.

3.  Finally, my new favorite feature is the food rating system!
A breakfast of high protein
granola and milk - not so high up!

The user can add food into the daily food diary directly through Jawbone or with My Fitness Pal or other apps that are similar.  Jawbone will analyze the food per meal or snack and give a 1 - 10 rating based on fat, salt, sugar, etc.

This has been eye opening for me.  Lots of things that I would think are great, healthy choices don't rate so high.  And other things that I haven't thought much of are rated great!

The goal is to keep food in the "green" higher categories as much as possible.  Its a visual way to think about food and how to make better choices each day!

Each day there are food, exercise and lifestyle tips.  The band can track sleep and determine how much rest you should be getting based on what you are getting.

A whole day's food tracking
Its the total package!  I love that I can really see what my overall daily food rating is each day.  If I don't eat so great at one meal, it encourages me to do better at the next.  And, I can see how I am doing in individual categories for fiber, fat, carbs, etc.  Seeing the actual numbers and how they correlate per meal and over the course of the day is a big deal for me.  I really like this feature.

So, if you are looking for something to motivate you each day and keep you on track.  This is a great product for you.  You can even set up a bedtime reminder to help you get more rest and sleep each night.

Getting back into shape and living a healthy life isn't always easy.  But, this is a tool to help you take a closer look at your level of activity, rest and quality of food.  These three things play a huge role in overall health.  I feel like I make better choices and hopefully will be back to where I want to be sometime soon.

I feel like I'm making the right choices and and in the right direction!

Bluum Box Continues to Deliver!

Monday, October 13, 2014

We have continued to use Bluum Box at our house.  It is a monthly delivery that bases your box on your child's age and gender.  This month was another winner.  September's box included:
September Bluum Box
  1. The Ants Go Marching Book with CD (sells for $10.29)
  2. Potty Superhero Book (sells for $6.49)
  3. Full Size Tokyo Shampoo (sells for $14.00)
  4. Bathtime Whale Whistle (approximately $7)
  5. Dried Peas Snack (approximately $2.09)
First, books are a big hit in our house.  As we approach potty training at our house, this book will come in handy.  However, I will be the first to say that I think that these kind of books gross me out!

Practical items such as shampoo are always a winner for us too.  Tokyo Baby USA is a great product line of "baby and me" items.  This is something that I probably would not have sought out, but I'm excited about using it and is something that we actually need!

Also, bath time is a big deal too.  I look forward to being home and being able to give baths and participate in some of the things I miss out on during the week.  So, this kind of fun item is something that gives us something to do together.  Plus, King Diaper loves music.  A whistle is right up his alley - and a stab at my sanity I'm sure at the end of a long day.

Each month there is a "mommy" item in the box.  This month is was a bag of dried peas for snacking.  Also a big hit!  I'm really working on getting back into shape.  Healthy snacks and treats are always welcomed!

Is it worth the money?  I think so.  Boxes are approximately $20 each month depending on the length of subscription/commitment.  This month, there was approximately $39.87 in products plus tax.  So, basically I received these items for about half off!  Totally worth it to me.

If you want to try it.  Use the link below to save on the first month!  

The box will come to your door, and you can always login to your account to update milestones your child is hitting.  This will further customize the monthly box.

This type of service also makes a great gift for a child.  Its like getting a gift every month.  It can be done for one month or more.  Great for family that lives far away or that you are unsure what to buy!  

Check it out.  This has been something that we look forward to each month in our home.  I'm sure you would love it too.  

The first step is always admitting...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

King Diaper loves therapy!
Overwhelmed is one word that describes me on most days.  This isn't related to work or my travel schedule.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only mother to ever feel this way and am not professing anything new really.

Let me preface everything that I'm about to say with the fact that I am thankful and grateful for my overwhelming life.  And now, you wonder, what I even have to say if I'm grateful.

King Diaper goes to speech and physical therapy every week.  And our main mode of conversing at this point is a lot of screaming and grunting.  Sure, there are a few words, but more screaming.  Pretty normal for the most part of a two year old.  But throw in the fact that the speech therapist is recommending sign language and games to encourage words, and it does become overwhelming.

This past week, while on the road, I got a text from my mother telling me that the speech therapist says his is trying to imitate words and sign language.  Since I'm not able to go to speech therapy with him each week, I don't know what words they are signing and how to even sign them.  I have managed to locate some starter signs for basic things.

When we are eating, getting a bath, and having story time at the end of the day - it gets lost in the shuffle.  Yes, I'm trying to do all of these things, but my mind is stuffed.  At this point I know more medical terms and jargon related to his prematurity, chronic lung, and pulmonary hypertension than I ever thought possible.  Now, I'm trying to sign while trying to survive a screaming toddler.  And maybe this isn't so different from every other mother out there.  Most mothers are all overwhelmed on some level.  The cause for that emotion is just different and dictated by the individual child.

Yes, that is a buggy full of baby dolls!  I'm man enough
for this!
Parenthood has made me really rethink students and parents from my teaching career.  I can remember that glazed over look during parent conferences.  I would be standing there recommending activities to help their child.  As a young teacher with no children, I couldn't figure out why they all had that look!

I know now!  Its a lot to take in!  Sure we do all of the normal things at home - singing, reading, talking to our son, playing outside and all the rest of it.  Yes, I do try to incorporate things from therapy into our daily routine, but it is more difficult than it would seem.  I'll keep trying, but admitting that it is overwhelming is a way for me to keep my sanity at this point.  And I'm okay with that.

By the way, in case you want to know how to sign the word "more".  Drop by my house, or hop on Skype with us.  It is "more snack", "more books", "more songs", more, more more.  He signs the word more emphatically for anything he might want.

The word "Bye" is a daily favorite.  I will take that as progress.  He can actually say "bye" verbally.  He may say it when someone comes to our front door.  It is interchangeable with hello, and it is his way of shooing you out the door too!  It is also his way of coming to terms that he is about to leave something, so "bye" to pine cones or "bye" to the dog that we are passing by on our walk.

I'm okay with being overwhelmed.  However, I hope that this year I will start to be less overwhelmed and more into a comfortable routine.  Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?  I have no idea how to answer that.  Maybe I need to just strive to become comfortable with the overwhelming.

From our house to yours, "More" and "Bye"!

Pint Sized Productions

Monday, October 6, 2014

We love books at our house.  I can't tell you how many times I've read Good Night Moon or Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  And we are gonna keep on reading.  I'll have them memorized sooner or later.  It is the best part of my day.

King Diaper's birthday book
Recently, I came across an ad for Pint Sized Productions.  Anyone can create a child's board book with simple pictures by inserting them into a template.  I did one for King Diaper's birthday in about 30 minutes.

First, select the theme or template for the book.  These themes are simple and can be customized with pictures that you take on your phone or camera.

If you are really creative and tech savvy, you can create everything from scratch including the artwork using downloadable blank templates.  This is something that will require a bit more time, but can also yield and excellent project!

Each page is personalized with your own photographs
Next, you will insert the pictures into each page of the book.  With each addition, you can preview the pages and edit as needed.  I would recommend making sure that you have edited you photos ahead of time to ensure the best quality book once you are finished.

After you have approved the final product, you will order and pay.  It only takes about a week to get your completed book back.

Include fun photographs!
Books are sturdy and durable.  They make great gifts for any children in your life.  And, if you want, you could even give a simple gift certificate for someone to make their own book!

You can even make a set of personalized flash cards to use with your child.  Both books and flashcards are great for building vocabulary and teaching your child valuable language skills.  You could even make your flashcards with simple family member and pet photos with the names on each one.  This is a great pre-reading skill.

As you move into the holiday season, consider giving a child you love a book of his/her very own.  One with personal pictures can be very exciting and entertaining to your child.  Plus, you will enjoy making the book as much as you will reading it with your child.  And what is more fun than that?

King Diaper loves pointing at the pictures and saying "momma" and "daddy" and some words we can't understand for Bunnie.  He also enjoys pointing to the stars and saying "star" on one of the pages.  I had really hoped that this would be the outcome at the time of making this.  As we are working on language, this is a fun and natural way to learn to say family member names.

Happy reading, gifting and making memories with someone special in your life!  If you have a favorite book or gift idea for a child, feel free to share in the comments section.  I love feedback from readers.

Lambs in Ivy - A Seasonal Preview of Social Shopping at its Best!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls smocked Christmas party long sleeve tee
Vive la Fete $17.99
Red corduroy 4 ruffle skirt
Lambs in Ivy Basics $19.99
For a busy mother, shopping isn't always easy, fun or convenient.  Welcome to the world of social media shopping - where you can shop when it works for you.  On your phone, tablet or computer, you determine when and where to shop!  Could it get any easier?  Oh, and did I mention monogramming and free shipping???

Lambs In Ivy has become a favorite in my house for lots of reasons.  All of the pictures featured on today's post are from fall/winter clothing items that you can find now!

Below are some appealing shop factors that you may or may not know.
  • Quality clothes that wash and wear great!
  • Lots of basics for every day.
  • Holiday clothing galore.
  • Church and dressy clothes too!
  • Monogramming is only $12 extra.
  • They offer bows for girls that coordinate with fun outfits.
  • Big selection of clothing for both boys and girls.
  • Coordinating outfits for boys and girls are available in many options.

Boys smocked Christmas party long sleeve tee, $17.99
Vive la Fete
First, follow them on Facebook (Lambs In Ivy Children's Auctions) and Instagram (@lambsinivy).  Whenever a sale or auction is going on, you will see it in your feed as you scroll through.

You can comment on items that you want by size and/or email address.  They will send you an invoice through soldsie.  Pay up and you are done!  If you want monogramming on any purchased item, this can be added and check out.

If you have questions about outfits, add comments with your questions.  They will answer and quickly too!  Communication has been a big plus for me with social media shopping.  You can shop with certainty that it will be correct and they will try and help you make good decisions about sizing and monogramming.

Baby girl fuchsia chevron ruffled back long bubble
Lambs in Ivy Basics $27.99
Once you discover the ease of shopping through social media, you won't look back.  It has simplified my life.  I'm able to pick up things for the new season or holiday without having to physically go to stores and make the selection and hope for sizing.  Social media shopping allows you to see if your size is available and move on to something else if it isn't.
Boys embroidered crab longall
Vive la Fete $29.99

Girls red chevron ruffled dress, includes
removable grosgrain flower pin
Lambs in Ivy Basics $26.99
Lambs in Ivy make great gifts options too.  This is an easy way to shop for shower gifts, birthdays, and more.  You can easily shop for any child in your life.

It is not to early or late to be thinking about fall and winter pieces.  This is a great time to think about outfits for holiday pictures and more.  That time is right around the corner!

Red Corduroy pants, $17.99; Red striped long sleeve turtle neck, $15.99 (also available in crew neck)
Both Lambs in Ivy Basics

For the fall and winter season Lambs in Ivy has featured lots of:
  1. Chevron print dresses and little girl outfits.
  2. Bright colored corduroy long alls and pants for boys.
  3. Both the chevron and corduroy could easily coordinate for holiday pictures that have a little pizzaz and are different.  
  4. Dresses and boys outfits in coordinating colors that can be mixed and matched for both fall and winter holidays.  
  5. Select matching outfits for children in a variety of sizes and gender for multiple children.
Baby girls smocked pink cord cupcake bishop
Vive la Fete $33.99
If you are a more conservative shopper but want to incorporate holiday colors the chevron print outfits and corduroy are great ways to take clothing across multiple holidays.  The Lambs in Ivy Basics line has lots to choose from that are both practical and well made.  Monograming makes these items extra special and is a fun touch.  These can be cute play clothes and work well for day care too.

Baby boys navy striped long sleeve knit bubble
Lambs in Ivy Basics $23.99
Watch for sales and special events in the upcoming days to help save extra money.  However, you are going to find that items are a steal even if there isn't a special sale going on.  Lambs in Ivy makes it feel like every day is a sale!

I think that these are some of the best priced kids clothes out there.  The quality and service is great!  Check them out online.  Follow them on social media and shop away.  It is easy, affordable and quality shopping right at your fingertips.

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