November 2020


Camping Christmas Wish List 2020

Monday, November 30, 2020

Christmas is such a wonderful season that we celebrate fully with lots of fun decorations and family actvities.

Christmas will be here in just a few short weeks.  Maybe you have already started on that list of gifts to buy, or you may have even made a list to share with your family with gift ideas for you.  I put together a list of 10 camping items that would make excellent gifts for anyone on your list.  Maybe this will give you a few ideas for something thoughtful, practical, and fun!

RV Stovetop Cover

Monday, November 23, 2020

This RV Stove Cover adds a little style and functionality in my RV Kitchen.

Our RV stove has a glass top that folds up to cook.  It serves as a solid surface of sorts across the top, but it isn't always practical.  I would like to use that surface to place things as extended countertop at times, but the glass top makes me cautious.  I don't want to break or damage it.  I've seen lots of farmhouse style stove top covers on Pinterest lately.  Why not make this for our RV?

Camping Crafts - Knit Around the Campfire this Fall!

Friday, November 13, 2020

These vintage mittens turned out perfectly!

Knitting is somewhat of a mindless activity for me.  Aside from counting stitches on occasion, I can just zone out and work the stitches between my needles.  I've been a knitter for about 15 years.  I don't love big projects.  I prefer something that is simple or small that yields a finished product rather quickly.  Knitting around the campfire can be a lot of fun.  So, I encourage you to grab those needles and keep reading!

No-Bake Cookies - A Classic Cookie Perfect for Camping

Monday, November 2, 2020

No-Bake Cookies are a classic and so easy to make with ingredients that you most likely have on hand at home in your pantry!

When I was growing up, we rarely had store-bought treats.  My mom always made homemade popsicles in the summer.  Nearly every week, she would make some type of snack for us to have throughout the week.  Her culinary delights varied from week to week.  But, one of our favorite treats was No-Bake Cookies.  

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