September 2014


Celebrating Terrific Two's

Monday, September 29, 2014

King Diaper in the kingdom of pine cones!
Today is King Diaper's second birthday!  It has been another big year, and I'm excited to see what the new year has in store for us.  As we hit milestones each month, there is a lot to celebrate throughout the year.

Since his first birthday, King Diaper has started walking.  He is starting to say a few words and enjoys sign language.  His emphatic use of the sign for more is a favorite. Wheels are a constant obsession along with pine cones.  There have been lots of trips to the park, and reading books is another favorite activity.

Therapy is still in full effect.  And, this fall, he started to Parents Morning Out two mornings a week.   It has been a painful process with lots of tears all around, but we have managed to make it through.  Just this past week, he has started to go into his class without crying and has started to actually eat his snack and lunch while there.

Being the parent of a preemie has had its moments.  Our beautiful baby boy that is thriving and beating to his own drum.  It hasn't been easy trying to get him caught up.  But I am determined for him to have a normal happy childhood.  I don't want his existence to be centered around those first difficult months.  Nor do I want therapy sessions and the endless doctor's appointments to dominate his life.

I can't forget how hard he fought every day of his first six months of life.  But he has grown far beyond that.  And when I look at that happy baby boy, I'm reminded of how fortunate we all are.   In these moments, I know how important it is for me to focus on the happy and not look back so much.

But, then there are days when I have to look back and process it all.  Its a fine line.  There is balance and more happiness with eyes forward than with my head turning back.

In the rearview mirror of this year, I am trying to remember every moment and enjoy it all.  I know that this time if fleeting and he is such an innocent and sweet child.  There will be days ahead where he "hates me" and the decisions I make as a parent.  He will gain independence as he grows and need me less.  Each day I watch him becoming more and more his own person.  So this time is precious and guarded.  Yes, I'm eager for him to grown and do more.  But, there is part of me that wants time to stand still, and not talking is not really a big deal.

So I savor the fact that he wants to snuggle at bedtime, to be sung to and hear a story over and over.  I'm enjoying that I can still dress him in smocked and monogrammed outfits.  This will also one day be gone.

Right now, he loves to clap and smile at every little thing with excitement.  It is this sheer inhibition that I love about childhood that I enjoy sharing with him each day.  And in some of it I'm able to be a bit of a child myself as we play in the floor, sing songs and read stories.  The simple daily tasks are happy and uncomplicated.  (until he is rubbing food in his hair and screaming during meals….)

I'm determined that this will be the year of terrific twos.  With so much childhood happiness, how can it be terrible?  Don't answer that!  I may eat those words in a few days, weeks or months.  But, for now, I'm going to enjoy that terrific baby boy we have and the two years that he has brought joy and happiness to our lives.

Happy birthday sweet boy!  We love you!

Keeping up with day care and school schedules

Thursday, September 25, 2014

School schedules are taped to the inside of my kitchen
cabinet for easy access and doesn't clutter!
Now that King Diaper is going to a little preschool program a couple of mornings a week, we have more schedules and things to keep up with at our house.  I use my outlook calendar to keep with both personal and professional appointments, but what do I do with all of those calendar schedules of lunch menus and activities and school.  I don't have the time to enter all of those things on my calendar.

First, I needed a place to keep monthly handouts from his teacher safe and out of the way.  We are always in the kitchen in the morning and at night as we are prepping for the day.  I have scotch taped our school papers inside of my kitchen cabinet.  This keeps them from cluttering up the rest of our house and from getting lost.

Next, I took a picture with my phone of each one.  This will allow me to pull up weekly units, menus and the daily schedule while on the go.  And this is great for me while I'm out of town traveling for work.

Each month, I'm be able to replace previous monthly schedules with the new ones.  Also, encourage your husband or other care takers in the home to photograph these items as well.  Or, you could place these photos in a Dropbox folder and share with the necessary care givers or relatives that help to care for your child.  The main thing to remember here is to have everything organized and accessible to those taking care of your child.  You will always know about special occasions at school or request from the teacher.
Google Calendar is a great way to keep up and share

What if you are keeping up with a rotation of car pool scheduling with other parents?  Create an electronic calendar to share in Google Calendar.  It is free and anyone that is part of the calendar sharing can see what is added or changed with ease.  This can also be done with children's appointments such as doctors, hair, and extra curricular activities.

Finally, if your child has started a new school or just has contact information from the teacher, add a contact with all of the information into your phone.  It just makes it so much easier to keep up with everything.  If your child's teacher didn't give out an email automatically, ask he or she if you can have an email address for easy communication.  Many times, it is easier to send a quick question to the teacher through email.

Make use of that phone!  You pay
enough for it!
Take advantage of easy tools that are at the palm of your hand.  Paper handouts are great, but it isn't necessary to photocopy these sheets over and over to keep up with them all.  And better yet, if your teacher would like to, he or she could email you these forms and calendars directly to your inbox and save them from there to a folder that is also stored to your phone like dropbox.

The key to keeping up is making the most use of electronic tools.  They simplify your life and make it where you can access information on demand.  This is one of the ways we keep our sanity at our house.

Feel free to comment and share ideas that you have for staying organized with school schedules.  There are lots of ways to do this.  Find something that works for you and your family.  It will make each day and week run a bit smoother.

Have a great and organized week!

An Honest Review

Monday, September 22, 2014

A month's worth of diapers delivered to my door!
A couple of months ago, I decided to make a switch to the Honest Company bundles for diapers and home products.  First, let me say that this is not just a site for diapers.  The Honest Company has lots of different products and bundles.  I love the bundle services.

The buyer customizes the bundle based on need, etc.  The bundle can be updated each month before shipping.  And, the shipping date can be changed and spaced as needed.  Its just that easy!  There are three different bundle options:

  1. Diapers and wipes
  2. Essentials for home cleaning supplies or even baby products
  3. Health and wellness - vitamins
We currently participate in the first two bundles.  For the most part, we have loved our products.

The diapers and and wipes have been great.  They come in lots of different patterns that you can choose from.  This is fun.  But, they are soft and absorbent.  We were spoiled by Pampers and their wetness indicator to tell us when to change King Diaper.  The diapers are eco friendly.  (I'm always a bit skeptical of this statement, but you can read more about what goes into the diapers on the site.)

Wipes are thick and work great!  These might be my favorite part so far.  For our first bundle I ordered the soothing bottom wash to use with - well you know what kind of diapers.  

The diapers and wipes bundle is $79.95.  This is basically $20 per week for diapers.  And that works great for us!  

We have also ordered the essentials bundle.  You choose the items you want to include - up to five items.  For our first bundle, we ordered:
  • Toilet cleanser - It works great and will last a while.
  • Dish soap - Not a favorite.  It just doesn't lather like what we are used to.
  • Dryer Cloths - Each one can be used twice, but my husband tires of this and asked me not to order again.
  • Oxy Boost Pouches - LOVE this for laundry!  They can be used in place of bleach and are chlorine free.  
  • Brush and Ceramic Dish for dishes - Great addition to my kitchen.  Scrubs dishes well and have a ceramic dish that hold the brush up on a spring held drainage bottom.
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bug Spray - Works great, but is a bit oily and has a strong herbal smell.  Be prepared.
  • Body Lotion - It is for babies or adults.  I don't feel like it absorbed well into King Diapers skin and we had to go back to Johnson's lotion.  His skin was so dry!
What you purchase over the five items, will save you 25% off.  The bundle itself is $35.97.  Well worth it in my opinion.  

Given that the buyer can customize bundles and shipping, this is a great service for us.  This last month, I logged in and made some changes to our order based on what we liked and didn't.  I changed the ship date too.  It doesn't get easier.

If you have babies or not, this can be a convenient service for great products for your home.  Check out what they have to offer.  I have a feeling you will find something that fits your needs and budget too.  If nothing else, these are items that I don't have to shop for that come to my door.  And who doesn't love that?

Expanding Our Nest

Thursday, September 18, 2014

No, there isn't another baby on the way.  We recently installed a Nest Protect in our home.  Its a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  Several months ago, we installed the Nest Thermostat.  We liked it so much, that we decided to add to it!

  • Nest Protect connects to the wi-fi in your home.
  • There are both battery and wired options available for home owners.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Nest Protect integrates with the Nest app on your phone.
  • Users can monitor if it is working from the phone app.
  • If there is an alert, the homeowner will be alerted on their phone.  

What you will receive in your Nest
Protect box
The Nest Protect costs $99 and can be purchased for stores or online.  We ordered from Amazon Prime.  The box came with everything we needed for installation, except for tools.

Included in the box are:  the Nest Protect system, mounting plate, screws, wire caps, and an instructional booklet.  Before starting, I recommend watching the installation video and reading over the book.  I'm a planner, and I'm not planning for a new hairdo.  The video can even help you decide if this is a project for you or a professional installer.

There is a quick set up with the Nest Protect with your home wi-fi and your phone app.  If you don't have any other Nest Products, you'll need to download the nest app and set it up.  This will all need to be done before starting to install the device onto the wall or ceiling.
Connect matching wires and cap

First, turn off the main breaker to the house.  Next you will disconnect the old smoke detector, if you are installing a wired system.  Connect the matching wires and cap them.  Put on the mounting plate.  If you have sheetrock walls, you may need to have some of those little drywall anchors.  Connect your Nest Protect and attach to the mounting plate.

If you are installing a battery system, you can install to the desired location without turning off the power in your home.
The phone app allows
the user to control both
the thermostat
and detector.

I really like the fact that if something happens to my home while I am out of town, I will be alerted through my phone app.  Its just that added layer of protection that just makes me feel good.

We have really liked our nest products.  They are easy to manage and fit well into our busy lives.  I also like that the products work together through one app on my phone.

If you are looking for some ways to upgrade some of the smoke detectors or thermostats in your home, Nest is a great way to go!  I'm just a mom that read the manuals and was able to do this on my own.  Being a DIY project, I was able to save money too!  Its a winning situation all the way around!

Bless your heart!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pre baby - 5 weeks pregnant!  We just found out!!!
I feel like a new person having celebrated a whole year at home.  We've made it through our first round of holidays and are looping through the second.  Time flies with such vigor, it's hard to even think back one whole year!

I can't even tell you what we did for the fourth of July last year.  And this year, celebrations have been in full swing!  

One thing I'm starting to celebrate as a mother is my sanity.  There are days that I have to stop and say a prayer for other mothers and their sanity.   

I've watched on the sidelines for years as a parade of over achieving mothers blaze a trail.  I was happy in that sideline position mainly because I saw the combative and competitive side of motherhood that is more horror story than something that gives me the warm and fuzzies.  

New mom - clueless!
But now, I'm right in the middle and some days I feel beat up by the organic and nipple natzis, the one uppers and do it yourself-ers.  I try to duck and hide from lots of it because I'm not competitive by nature.  If I could pump breast milk while growing organic vegetables and hand stitching my child's clothes simultaneously, I'd be a freakshow and be the best multi-tasker ever!!!  But, since I don't even see two of the three happening simultaneously, I'm going to accept my limitations and move on.  After all, I'm a human being and not super mom!  I'm not trying to be super mom.

I think the most disturbing trend I've witnessed is the constant expression of unhappiness, how hard patenting is and why I don't have a clue with only one child.  Is it that bad?  I'm writing this on my phone with two feet stretched into my face while king diaper sleeps happily! (Yes, his feet) And no!  It's not that bad!  I'm happy King Diaper is sleeping.  He is not crying.  Life is good!  If being a parent is that bad, we wouldn't have made it here.  I agree that it's hard.  But everyday we start over.  And, all is right with the world!

But mostly I just wonder why more women can't just share what they have learned as a parent to lend a helping hand or discuss their children happily without the need to be loudest and meanest at the table?  What I have learned as a mother is not proprietary.  I didn't invent motherhood and I need all the help I can get.  Trust me.  I ask questions often!

Surviving motherhood and mealtime!
Finally, the worst of the mothers are the exclusives.  I encountered this continually as I wanted a child dearly.  The constant talk of children so exclusively that I couldn't possibly contribute to the conversation.  It was the most hurtful and cruel thing that one could imagine, and I'm determined to avoid that path in life.

I have one friend, who will remain nameless, that was never 'an exclusive' ever!  Even now as she and I are both mothers, she keeps her mom talk to a minimum and offers well put advice only when requested or in the appropriate situation.  It is a gift!  One day I'm going to tell her what a hero she is!

Motherhood is hard enough without being picked apart by all the other mommies in the car pool line.  I'm determined to enjoy being a mother, and if that means switching lanes and speeding up a few times to get a tailgating mom breathing down my back off of my bumper - so be it!  Life is just too short.

So remember, don't let yourself be sucked into the mommy boxing match!  Bless those mothers hearts.  Life is hard, kids or not.  I do think parenthood can bring out the best or worst in people.  Choose wisely.  I'm choosing not to be stuck out in the dugout with Negative Nancy.

Have a great week and enjoy all that it has to offer!

What do I do with all this stuff after I don't need it!?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So your house is overflowing with stuff!  And baby gear is big and bulky.  Even the little things get out of control.  In a small house, it feels like I'm being suffocated on some days with it all.  Since I'm not auditioning for an episode of Hoarders, I have to be diligent about all of the gear and stuff we have.
Last Christmas with King Diaper

Holidays, birthdays and seasonal changes are great times to just clean out and stay on top of it.

  • At the holidays, select unused or outgrown toys to pair down.  Your child will be getting more things that will replace them.
  • Birthdays are the same.  Even a few gifts add to a growing pile.
  • Seasonal changes are a great time to clean out closets and determine what is outgrown and can be let go.
King Diaper is an only child, so it is hard not to go overboard with him at holidays and birthdays.  We are really working hard to be sensible.  Having been a teacher in public schools with high poverty rates, I am aware of how many needy children there are out there.  

For his first birthday, we asked for people not to bring presents.  We are doing the same for birthday 2.  As we prepared for this birthday, I went through all of the bins and baskets and cleaned out toys and tethers and things he no longer uses or has just outgrown.  Many of these items are washable and can be easily donated to charity.  I'm drying the last of them now.  Whew!

Some friends encourage their older children to clean out toys to donate to charity before the Christmas holidays.  I think that this is a good thing to do.  On a recent tv show, the parents told the children to get a new toy, they would have to get rid of a toy.   The kids seemed to have a hard time with it, but it didn't seem like the worst thing ever.  The parents didn't want the children to be materialistic.  And it is ultimately up to the parent to decide how to handle it.  

Clothing can be handled in lots of ways.  I donate lots of items.  I also share clothes with friends.  And finally, I list items on Ebay and social media swaps.  From time to time, I do have items that I keep but mostly, out they go.  

If you are donating items, look for something that you feel strongly about.  For example, lots of churches do mission work both locally or in other countries.  You may have items that could be used in many locations of need.  The Ronald McDonald House is a charity organization that helps families with sick children.  Clothes or toys could be used by families staying in the house.  Women's shelters are also another great place for these items.  

Here are my tips for dealing with the mounds of stuff:
  1. Clean out what isn't being used before holidays and birthdays.  
  2. Locate a charity organization that you feel strongly about for donations.   
  3. Place expensive electronics for sale on Ebay if children are getting more gear.  It will offset your expenses.   
  4. Clean out closets seasonally.
  5. Donate clothing items you feel are in good condition and could be used by another child.
  6. List items on social media swaps or Ebay if you would like to sell them.  Consider selling just before or during the season in which children would wear them to sell them more quickly.
  7. Take clothing or toys to a consignment shop if you feel that you could recoup some of your expenses.  
The main thing is staying on top of it.  Its not fun or the way I like to spend my weekends, but its better than the alternative.  

Long Term NICU Stay

Monday, September 8, 2014

No one plans to be in the NICU for weeks or months.  When King Diaper was in the hospital, I used to watch families leave the NICU after a few days or anything shy of a month and cry.  Not because I wanted them to stay longer, I wanted to be them.  I wanted to go home with our baby and have a normal life.

Having a 25 week preemie, generally means a long stay.  And there is no rule on the time and it varies from baby to baby.  But, if this happens to be you or a loved one, plan wisely and try to wrap your mind around the reality of it.

I wish that I could have just embraced the length of stay rather than fight it but I didn't.  I look back and realize how hard it made things by fighting reality.  I was frustrated daily with the fact that our lives felt like they wouldn't ever be normal again.  And for a while they weren't.

Surviving the NICU can be hard, but there are things that you can do to be actively part of your baby's early life in even the smallest ways.  Below is a list of items that can really be helpful during long NICU stays.

Before, you read this, do remember that every hospital has rules for sanitation and everything on this list may not be permitted.  Please check with the hospital before charging forward with what to buy.
  1. Mobile or Baby Einstein - Having something musical and visual is good stimulation for the baby.  It is calming and good for the baby once he or she gets older.  During the time in the isolette, these things aren't really necessary.  We didn't have a mobile for several months.  But, he loved it when he did get old enough.
  2. Lullavibe - This is like a vibrating ping pong paddle that is padded.  It is calming and soothing to the baby and is great gift for people even not in the NICU.  This was something that was helpful after King Diaper was a bigger baby in the NICU and off the ventilator.  It helps to calm him when he was unhappy.  
  3. Wipe Warmer - We looked for anything that could make our baby more comfortable.  This was one thing that we could do even from itty bitty times when we first starting changing diapers.  We took it with him to the PICU for his heart surgery and recovery.  I felt like if nothing else he could have warm wipes on his toosh if nothing else.    
  4. Crib Sheets - Once King Diaper was in a big crib, having sheets were so nice and made it feel more like our little space.  It was something that we could do for him and was very important for us.  The NICU makes a mother long for having her baby at home in their own bed.  Well, the 'bed' to your baby with colorful fun sheets.  
  5. Comfy onsies or sleep sacks - Tiny preemies sometimes cannot wear clothes.  King Diaper didn't wear clothes until he was 3 1/2 months old.  But if you can put your baby in clothes, consider wires and everything connected to your baby for monitoring.  So simple onsies and sleep sacks are the best.  Skip the zippered sleepers.  These are just too much trouble to have on preemies.
  6. Boppy - A boppy is great for positioning.  We kept one at the hospital and our baby enjoyed the change in position.
  7. Bouncy Seat - The bouncy seat was another way to reposition the baby.  We were in the hospital for over six months.  Being in the bed for so long is limiting.  But, this is a good way to change the view for the baby.
  8. Crib Toys - This is a good way to stimulate your baby and give them something to look at.  Again, check with sanitation and be aware that this is not needed until the baby is a bit bigger.
  9. Good lotion for your hands - This is for parents and/or grandparents.  You will start to feel like you are washing the skin right off your hands after a while.  Burts Bees makes a great lotion that is really thick and helpful!
  10. Music on an ipod or mp3 player that can easily be played - Our little guy loved music.  We made all kinds of play lists on our iPod for him to listen to at the hospital.  It was just another way to do something when you feel helpless and can't do anything.  I would put a small speaker with my iPod into a ziploc bag into the isolette with him to play music when he was tiny.  I continued to do this for him for most of his stay.  
And if you know someone who is in the NICU for a while, what can you do for them?  For starters, cards and visits even for a few minutes are so nice.  We had people that sent cards that we put on the bedside for our baby throughout our stay.

Also, offer to help with pets or laundry or housework for the family with a child in the NICU or hospital.  These are things that are very helpful and must be done no matter what.  

No one plans to be at the NICU for months.  It is a harsh reality for a mom that was anticipating the delivery of a healthy baby followed by coming home to the warm comforts of your new nursery.  Try to create a space at your baby's bedside that has some comforts of home and can soothe your baby.  These are things that you can do for your baby.  Finally participate in your baby's care.  If nothing else, change diapers if you are able, talk to your baby or hold their little hand.  The smallest things will make you feel bonded to your baby and help you as you struggle with your new role as a mother.

Baby Gear to Skip

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puj folding bathtub
There are lots of items you need and others you don't when your new arrival comes.  I was lost when it came to purchasing baby things.  Plus, I was on best rest at 21 weeks where I spent the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy.  And even with the 6 months plus of time to prepare before King Diaper came home, I was overwhelmed with what I needed.

Some friends gave me ideas and advice.  And I just figured out the rest as we went along.
  1. Bottle Warmer - I just used an old fashioned wide mouth mason jar, pint size.  Add about 1/3 of the way full of water and heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  Add your bottle, and you are good to go.  Easy.  And it one less thing cluttering up your house.
  2. Diaper Genie - Maybe it is just me, but there is something that really bugs me about having a huge container of diapers storing up in my house.  We just take them out regularly and are completely happy with that situation.
  3. Swing - This is an item that is used for only a short period of time.  If you have a vibrating bouncy seat or something else, it will do just fine.  Or if you get the swing, skip the bouncer.  Remember that you don't need multiple items like this.  And if it is a deal breaker, maybe check out consignment shops or social media swaps.  These things can be really expensive!
  4. Fancy Pack N Play with a changing station attached.  This is yet another bigger expense and item.  Simple is much better. Remember, the more pieces that you have, the more stuff it is to pack up when you are done playing!
  5. Big plastic bath tub.  I went with a smaller and easier flat tub that would fold into shape and would fit into the sink.  After bath time, it hangs flat in the shower to dry.  Puj is the maker of this tub, and it is awesome!
When you are registering for baby items, really think about what you need and don't.  Sometimes new mothers think we need tons of gear and that it simplified the process.  But, some of the gear is just becomes clutter central.  Just normal household items will do.

And finally, this stuff is big and bulky and will crowd you out of your house!  This is also a big consideration.  Every item we have was thought out from the perspective of space.  That is a big thing to think of unless you have limitless amounts of space to store everything.

One last thing to remember with a newborn is clothes.  I hate to be "not fun" but I wouldn't invest in lots of expensive dress up outfits for a new born.  One or two will do.  It is fun to dress up a new baby, but they grow out of it faster than you can imagine.  And, you won't be getting out that much with a little one.  So, simple sleepers, onsies and socks are the most practical.  There is plenty of time for smocked outfits and truck show clothes.

Have a great week!

Top Ten Baby Items for New Moms

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tell about a favorite baby
to win this set of Dr. Brown's
Standard Bottles
To start the month of September, I'm going to do a three part post of baby gear items for moms.  Also this month, I'm hosting a give away contest for a set of 3 Dr. Brown's Standard Bottles.  You can register for the contest on my blog to the right of this post.  All I'm asking is that you share your favorite baby product or gift.  I want to know what others like to use at home with their little one's or what you like to give as baby gifts.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had no idea what I would and wouldn't need.  Even though I have lots of mom friends, everyone is different.  And I was lost trying to figure out what I needed and didn't.

Looking back over the past two years, I can see what things were awesome to have.  Any new mom is going to need sleepers, socks, and hats.  Those are just the basics.  But beyond that, what are the necessary items?  Here is my top ten list!

  1. Changing Pad - I turned a simple dresser into a changing station by placing a changing pad on top.  One day, it will just be a dresser.  But for now, we have double duty going on.  If you go this route, make sure that the dresser top is waist high for easy of use.
    Some of my favorites!  Wipe warmer, Sophies, Mobile, and
    Changing Pad!  
  2. Wipe Warmer - We looked for any way to make King Diaper comfortable in the hospital.  This was one of the first baby gear items we bought, and it is still awesome.  
  3. Mobile - Babies love music and movement.  Just get one.  You will be glad you did!  It doesn't have to be fancy either!  There are ton's on the market.  Pick one that suits your theme or decor.
  4. Lullavibe - Okay, this might be the most genius product ever.  It looks like a padded ping pong paddle.  It vibrates and can be placed under the mattress to soothe the baby at bed time.  The nurses would also place it on our little one's rear and let it vibrate him to sleep.  This could be a sanity saver for a fussy baby!
  5. Travel System - Waking a baby after going to sleep in the car is no one's idea of fun.  Having a travel system allows you to remove the car seat from the base and snap into a stroller.  We LOVED this.  Its a big purchase and kind of bulky.  But it is worth it!
  6. Pack N Play - Keep it simple.  We got one at our shower as a gift.  It was an item that we have used for a long time.  These are also great for travel!
  7. Sophies - These were our little man's favorite teething toys.  They are soft and natural.  You can find these little giraffe teething toys at just about any baby shop as well as Target.
  8. Dr. Brown's Bottles - Just trust me on this one!  Dr. Brown's bottles are a life saver for a colicky baby.  Lots of parts, but awesome.  
  9. Medella Pump In Style - This breast pump comes in a carrying case.  This pump is built into it.  It comes complete with bottles for storage and a little cooler.  The blue ice is shaped to fit around the bottles and keep the milk cool until you get home.  It was a great pump that was in use for a long time.  This pump can even be used with a battery pack and a car charging adapter.  
  10. Tommy Tippee Milk Bibs - This are bibs with little padded collars around the neck to absorb any dripping milk from the babies mouth.  
The bonus items for any new mom is a jogging stroller.  I wrote about jogging strollers in an earlier blog post.  You can read about it and decide for yourself.  But, its a way to encourage mom to get back in shape and getting the baby out for fresh air.  I have LOVED mine.  I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

Everyone has ideas about what new moms must have.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you loved best as a new mom.  Or check out one of the items from this list.  It may not be the list for you, but these are great items and would be loved by most every mom!

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