March 2019


5 Family Friendly Card Games to Pack in Your RV

Friday, March 29, 2019

This pack of classic kids card games is an easy way to introduce children to playing cards.

Playing cards are one of my favorite parts of my childhood.  I grew up playing cards with my cousins and aunts.  I still play cards with both at family reunions in the summer.  I have fond memories of my My grandmother's sisters visiting from Texas in the summers.  There would be afternoon and late-night card game on the porch and in the kitchen at my grandmother's house.  The sounds of crickets and cicadas in the early evening as we played and laughed still lingers in my mind.  I have long since learned how to play Skip-Bo, Uno, Rook, and a host of other games.  Its a long-standing tradition in my family.  When I think about fun activities to do with my family, I naturally gravitate to cards.  The best thing about cards is that they are compact and easy to store.  This makes them the perfect activity to pack and take on any trip - especially to the campground!

MS River State Park - Camping in the Arkansas Delta

Friday, March 22, 2019

Our picnic table had a nice view of the water from our site.
Our family has camped primarily in state parks.  Arkansas has been on our radar for some time.  It is in my territory for work, and I have been talking to persons about places to go and watching enviously on my social media feed.  Of all of the places recommended to me, our family ended up in an entirely different location.  And now, I'm ready to recommend a new camping gem to you!

Cool Down This Spring and Summer with a Portable Ice Maker

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Our portable icemaker was on my Christmas Gear Guide and has been an excellent addition to our camping gear!

Spring and summer camping will be here before you know it, and so will the long hot days that come with warmer weather.  When you are lounging in your camping chairs, there is nothing better than an ice cold beverage.  I had been pricing and eyeing portable ice makers for months.  Finally, I have one and feel like it is the perfect partner for the Mississippi heat where we live.

Can You Cheat Mother Nature? Last Minute Changes to Beat the Rain!

Friday, March 15, 2019

We changed our camping plans for better weather and less rain recently.  It wasn't all sunny skies, but I still feel like we came out a winner at MS River State Park in AR.

I have learned that March may be ideal timing for camping, but it is not ideal camping weather.  March is tends to have unpredictable weather.  In Mississippi, the weather is warm enough to camp but still cool.  However, we also fluctuate between lots of sun and lots of rain.  I feel like we are living in a monsoon right now.  If you have plans for camping that call for non stop rain, can you cheat mother nature by changing your plans?

Applying for a New RV Title

Monday, March 11, 2019

After 4 months we finally have our new title and tag in hand!

We had a title in hand when we purchased Peggy Sue. It was not until 2 years later that we discovered that there was an issue with the title.  I know.  Shouldn't we have discovered this as soon as we bought our camper?  I was in an RV store looking for a new brake light and was recommended the kind that would allow me to hang my tag.  What???  I had no idea I even needed a tag until that moment.  The guy actually said, "Well, unless you are towing your camper out of state, you probably don't even need one."  I still laugh and say this is the most Mississippi answer ever!  But, being a tax paying and law abiding citizen that does travel out of state I decided to do the right thing.  With my title in hand, I went to the courthouse to get my tag, and that is where my problems began.

How Do We Teach Our Children About Wildlife and Animal Safety

Friday, March 8, 2019

This rubber snake was a bad idea at Christmas that I would discourage other parents from buying for their children.

Last year, I used some poor judgment when shopping for stocking stuffers for our son.  Christmas morning he was not amused when he pulled a rubber snake out of his stocking.   Quickly, he asked me to get rid of it.  He didn't think it was funny and wanted to know why Santa would bring him that toy.  His cheerful face had turned to a serious inquisition that was almost sad.  My mother even scolded me for having gotten him that rubber snake.  I'm wondering the same thing now.

Spring Camping Gear Guide

Monday, March 4, 2019

Camping themed toys are in full rotation in our home right now!

"I don't need therapy.  I just need to go camping."
If you are a camper, you need gear for that hobby.  I've mindfully selected each recommendation based on our own camping experiences. My Spring Gear Guide is divided into three categories:  Campground Kitchen, General Gear, and Health and Beauty.   There is something on this list for everyone in your group, and everything is under $75!

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