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Ready for our first 5K
For Mother's Day, I asked for a jogging stroller.  When I was telling someone about this, the response was "I won't ever need a jogging stroller.  I don't jog."  This is probably the biggest misconception about jogging strollers.  They should probably be renamed or sold as exercise strollers.  If you are planning to do any type of walking, jogging or running for exercise with your baby, you are going to want a jogging stroller.

Just like with any other baby gear, there is a huge selection to find out there.  And, they start at roughly $100 and can go to nearly $500.  While doing my research, I was overwhelmed with all of the features and abundance of information.  However, the main things to remember about the difference between a jogging stroller and a traditional stroller is:
  1. The larger tires roll effortlessly and make for a nice run or walk.
  2. The air inflated tires absorb shock from faster paces and make a smoother ride.
  3. The front roller can be fixed or provide swivel features for running or walking.
  4. Some strollers provide hand brakes.  
I had picked the In Step Grand Safari when making this request.  And after doing my homework, I felt like this is a great stroller and economically priced.  It had all of the features that I wanted and works like a charm.

Adjustable handle bars
There are adjustable handles that can can be raised or lowered.  When I'm walking, I tend to keep the hand grips at a higher level.  But, for jogging, I like the handles to be lowered.

Adjustable shade
The shade is adjustable and allows King Diaper to be shaded as we go.  I can easily tilt and provide some much needed shade during walks and jogs.  However, with this model it is important to remember that the MP3 cord is fairly short and can cause the player to dangle or disconnect completely.  

Compartment underneath
There is a compartment underneath for a diaper bag, a purse or whatever might be needed.  I find that this has plenty of space for whenever we are out walking.  I don't normally feel the need to take a whole big diaper bag.  I usually take a few key items just because of the extra weight an bulk.

These are all standard features that most strollers have, but they are ones certainly that one should consider with this kind of a purchase.  I have used each of these features every time we have taken this out!

Cup holder and closed compartment
There is a cup holder and closed compartment for keys up top.  The closed compartment is a favorite.  I'm not worried that my keys are going to fall out if I hit a bump or turn a corner.  And the cup holders have a nice grip.

The seat is plushly padded.  It makes for a great ride.  It is soft and is a big bonus for the little man riding up front.  He just sinks in a takes it all in stride.

Wheels remove for easy storage and travel.  And, it folds up easily.  I can pack this into the back part of our car's trunk with plenty of left over space.  Plus, I'm able to remove the wheels and fold down in about 90 seconds.  Same for putting them back on and unfolding.  

Folded in my truck
Probably the best feature for King Diaper is the MP3 speaker.  I can plug in my iPhone or iPod and play music for his ride.  Since he loves music, this is a huge plus.  He loves just sitting back and listening to his music as we stroll along!

Even though its a great piece of gear, there are some things to consider.
  1. It is considerably heavier than regular strollers.
  2. It is large and bulky in comparison to other strollers.
  3. Doesn't work well for every day use outside of exercise.  Jogging strollers aren't for stores and shopping.  
With all of this being said, plan for using your jogging stroller each week.  Sign up for little 5K walks or runs.  Take a walk or run after work on sunny days.  Enjoy a long Saturday or Sunday stroll.  Getting outside is a wonderful way to get sun and air.  Its a change or scenery.

Being healthy is a planned activity for us at our house.  By planning to incorporate tools like this into our lives, I have what I need to make working out easy and accessible for me.  Being able to to go and work out with King Diaper and not having to juggle a sitter or my husband being at home is a winning combination that pays for itself every time we go out!

Have a happy week!

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  1. I always wanted a jogging stroller when the kids were little. They were new on the market then and not in my budget at all. This one looks wonderful!


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