Update your wardrobe for summer

I've finally given in to the fact that the pre baby clothes are on the back burner.  Sure.  I'll get there, but until then, I might as well make the best of it.  Wearing clothes that don't fit or flatter just make me feel worse about myself.  What's the point in that?

Old navy is a favorite for the inexpensive, practical and fun clothes that fit the bill.  You can add lots of accessories to mix and match.  I consider it my baseline for whatever else I'm doing.  So what's in my closet this summer?

Navy maxi dress  - $30 (Old Navy)
Light weight sweaters - $19.94 (Old Navy)
V neck vintage tees - $8.50 (Old Navy)
Diva, cropped jeans - $29.94 (Old Navy)
Denim jacket 
Black wedges

With these items, you can mix and match with accessories for lots of combinations.  Accessories can include items like:

  • summer weight scarves
  • long beaded necklaces with pops of color
  • fun earrings
  • bright, colorful sandals that you already have
  • fun bag or clutch that adds color or interest
Accessories are always the things that I enjoy digging through from my stash and mixing up with new things.  Also, be on the lookout for fun accessories when shopping  You will never know when you will come across something that can be a real winner in your wardrobe.  It can be the most overlooked part of your look, but it can be the most important.  Accessories can take drab to fab for certain!  

Combo one
Pointe knit sheath with denim jacket and nude shoes for a casual look.

Combo two
Pointe knit sheath with light weight cardigan and wedges and bright accessories.

Combo three
Maxi dress with cardigan for color.

Combo four
Cropped jeans with a tee and flats.

Combo five
Cropped jeans with a tee and cardigan with wedges.

I like neutrals like black, grey, nude, and navy.  Adding color to any of these works with bright green or coral.  These neutral colors also work with lots of prints and jewelry options.   The denim jacket can be paired easily with a bright dress, linen pants or white jeans.

I tend to buy things in a similar color palette that allows me to mix and match things in lots of different combinations.  Plus, classic styles, patterns and colors can always include a pop of color or style from something else.  Start with the basics and build from there.  It will always yield a great wardrobe and looks that you will love the whole season!