Celebrating Terrific Two's

King Diaper in the kingdom of pine cones!
Today is King Diaper's second birthday!  It has been another big year, and I'm excited to see what the new year has in store for us.  As we hit milestones each month, there is a lot to celebrate throughout the year.

Since his first birthday, King Diaper has started walking.  He is starting to say a few words and enjoys sign language.  His emphatic use of the sign for more is a favorite. Wheels are a constant obsession along with pine cones.  There have been lots of trips to the park, and reading books is another favorite activity.

Therapy is still in full effect.  And, this fall, he started to Parents Morning Out two mornings a week.   It has been a painful process with lots of tears all around, but we have managed to make it through.  Just this past week, he has started to go into his class without crying and has started to actually eat his snack and lunch while there.

Being the parent of a preemie has had its moments.  Our beautiful baby boy that is thriving and beating to his own drum.  It hasn't been easy trying to get him caught up.  But I am determined for him to have a normal happy childhood.  I don't want his existence to be centered around those first difficult months.  Nor do I want therapy sessions and the endless doctor's appointments to dominate his life.

I can't forget how hard he fought every day of his first six months of life.  But he has grown far beyond that.  And when I look at that happy baby boy, I'm reminded of how fortunate we all are.   In these moments, I know how important it is for me to focus on the happy and not look back so much.

But, then there are days when I have to look back and process it all.  Its a fine line.  There is balance and more happiness with eyes forward than with my head turning back.

In the rearview mirror of this year, I am trying to remember every moment and enjoy it all.  I know that this time if fleeting and he is such an innocent and sweet child.  There will be days ahead where he "hates me" and the decisions I make as a parent.  He will gain independence as he grows and need me less.  Each day I watch him becoming more and more his own person.  So this time is precious and guarded.  Yes, I'm eager for him to grown and do more.  But, there is part of me that wants time to stand still, and not talking is not really a big deal.

So I savor the fact that he wants to snuggle at bedtime, to be sung to and hear a story over and over.  I'm enjoying that I can still dress him in smocked and monogrammed outfits.  This will also one day be gone.

Right now, he loves to clap and smile at every little thing with excitement.  It is this sheer inhibition that I love about childhood that I enjoy sharing with him each day.  And in some of it I'm able to be a bit of a child myself as we play in the floor, sing songs and read stories.  The simple daily tasks are happy and uncomplicated.  (until he is rubbing food in his hair and screaming during meals….)

I'm determined that this will be the year of terrific twos.  With so much childhood happiness, how can it be terrible?  Don't answer that!  I may eat those words in a few days, weeks or months.  But, for now, I'm going to enjoy that terrific baby boy we have and the two years that he has brought joy and happiness to our lives.

Happy birthday sweet boy!  We love you!