Rethinking Food Choices and More with Jawbone Up 24

Meeting my goal for steps is great!
Jawbone became an obsession of mine over a year ago.  I bought myself the original UP band for my 40th birthday when I was trying to get back in shape after King Diaper's arrival.  I described my mood at that point as "forty, fat and frumpy".  Not how I wanted to start out this new decade in my life.  Taking charge was a big thing for me to get back to where I was pre-baby.

The new Jawbone 24 continues to deliver, but it has some added features that I really love!

1.  It syncs with my iPhone app through a bluetooth connection.  So much easier than plugging into my headphone jack to sync.  Just open the app on your phone, and sync up automatically!

2.  It continues to work with other apps that you may already use like My Fitness Pal or Map My Ride. If you are using these apps to track workouts or food, they will sync with Jawbone.  Its an easy way to monitor daily activities to track overall health and activities.

3.  Finally, my new favorite feature is the food rating system!
A breakfast of high protein
granola and milk - not so high up!

The user can add food into the daily food diary directly through Jawbone or with My Fitness Pal or other apps that are similar.  Jawbone will analyze the food per meal or snack and give a 1 - 10 rating based on fat, salt, sugar, etc.

This has been eye opening for me.  Lots of things that I would think are great, healthy choices don't rate so high.  And other things that I haven't thought much of are rated great!

The goal is to keep food in the "green" higher categories as much as possible.  Its a visual way to think about food and how to make better choices each day!

Each day there are food, exercise and lifestyle tips.  The band can track sleep and determine how much rest you should be getting based on what you are getting.

A whole day's food tracking
Its the total package!  I love that I can really see what my overall daily food rating is each day.  If I don't eat so great at one meal, it encourages me to do better at the next.  And, I can see how I am doing in individual categories for fiber, fat, carbs, etc.  Seeing the actual numbers and how they correlate per meal and over the course of the day is a big deal for me.  I really like this feature.

So, if you are looking for something to motivate you each day and keep you on track.  This is a great product for you.  You can even set up a bedtime reminder to help you get more rest and sleep each night.

Getting back into shape and living a healthy life isn't always easy.  But, this is a tool to help you take a closer look at your level of activity, rest and quality of food.  These three things play a huge role in overall health.  I feel like I make better choices and hopefully will be back to where I want to be sometime soon.

I feel like I'm making the right choices and and in the right direction!