Summer Fab Fit Fun Box 2015

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box.  It is hands down my favorite box!  It covers all the bases. There is always something that is health and fitness related, beauty and makeup and fun little products that make it well rounded.  The summer 2015 box is my most favorite one to date!

For $49.95, this is what the summer box included:
  1. wireless clip on speaker - $35
  2. jump rope - $12
  3. nail wraps- $12
  4. wren necklace - $100
  5. Vaseline lotion - $6.49
  6. Gorge leave in spray conditioner - $24
  7. Inkling roller ball scent - $25
  8. facial sponge/exfoliator - 
  9. Headspace coupon - $36
  10. Tarte Lip Gloss - $19
This is a total of over $250 worth of products.  How did it stack up?

First, the wireless speaker is great!  It is perfect to clip on King Diaper's stroller, take to the beach, onto the deck for dinner or anywhere really.  It connects by blue tooth or an auxiliary cord.  It has a little cord to charge it up and you are ready to go!  Sound is perfect.  And, it functions as an FM radio!  What is not to love?  Everyone could use a little music on the go!

The jump rope is perfect for travel and
is a nice weight!
While you're at it, the jump rope is perfect!  This is my new go to in my bag I'm packing.  No gym, raining outdoors or just bored with the typical work out routine?  No problem.  Jump rope!  I love it.  It requires nothing other than just good ole sweat and hard work.

The nail wraps are most likely my least favorite, but this is not a deal breaker for me.  I just don't really do my finger nails.  I'm too hard on them for this to be a big interest item for me.  I will probably try them at some point, but its an "eh okay" item for me.

The Wren necklace has a little crescent
moon on it.
Jewelry is something I enjoy and wear but rarely buy for myself.  So, I was pretty happy with this score!  The length is just right.  It goes with lots of things, and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.  Every box has a "big" item.  This was it for this box, and its a pretty good one!   Spring had a great scarf that I've worn a ton!

I've been wanting to try the spray on Vaseline lotion, and this gave me my chance.  Its easy to use and great for summer when the pool and sun is drying out skin.  Plus, this is a full size item.  I really like that.  

Inkling Roller Ball Scent -
Smells Great!
Gorge leave in conditioner spray is a way to give your hair the little extra shine and balance you need.  Summer always fries my hair with pool chlorine and sun.  Plus, styling in general is harsh.  This is certainly something that I needed and have been using daily.  Since I color my hair, I think that I'll be glad this was part of my box.

Over the past few months I've become a bigger fan of roller ball scents.  These are easy to travel with.  So this is perfect for me since I am constantly on the road.  My only complaint is that it is a bit oily and bugs me a bit there.  However, the scent is light and not too heavy.  The pros over ride the oily factor.  

The facial sponge is like getting a facial every time you use it.  And it doesn't require anything with it.  It scrubs your skin and leaves it smooth and polished.  Again, great for summer!

The speaker can be clipped
onto just about anything from
a beach umbrella to a stroller!
Headspace is a meditation download that can be used on the go.  Described as  gym for the mind.  The $36 coupon essentially pays for 3 months of service.  You can download "courses" to listen to on the go.  It kind of reminds me of the digipill app that I have.  The first ten sessions are ten minutes long and very relaxing.  It is certainly worth a try and everyone has 10 minutes.  I always use the coupons in my box because it gives me a chance to try something new!  In the spring box, there was a coupon for $40 off of Hello Fresh.  

The Tarte Lip Gloss is another favorite from this box.  It is glossy with the perfect color and stays on pretty well.  It is just right for the summer and has become my go to lip color this season.

lotion and face scrubber!
The next box will be the fall 2015 box that will be out in a few months.  There is still time to order the summer box or sign up for the fall box and give it a whirl next time.  The ten items this time were totally worth it.  My favorites are definitely the speaker, jump rope, Tarte lipgloss, Gorge leave in condition, and necklace.  If I didn't use anything else from this box, I've done pretty good.

This box is perfect for anyone.  It has a little bit of it all.  And if you are a mom or someone on the go, run and get this for yourself or ask for a subscription as a gift.  I know way to many women that spend all of their time taking care of everyone else and not enough time on themselves.  This box is a way to get somethings fun while taking care of yourself and looking great while doing it.  And given that every box is packed with great products, you will get way more for your $50 than what you spend.  So, you can't loose.

And if the price tag is still bugging you, think of it this way.  How much do you spend on products a year?  Most women spend at least $16.65 on products a month for themselves.  Sometimes these are ones that don't make the cut and get tossed out.  Well, that is the price of this box if you break down the cost per month.  Not that bad when you think about it.  What are you waiting for?  You know you want it!