Pop Up Camper Curtains - Part Two, Hanging Curtains in Your Camper

Hanging Pop Up Camper Curtains 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about making the pop up curtains for our camper.  Hanging curtains requires planning, and it has to be planned for at the start of the project.  Peggy Sue, our pop up camper, came equipped with ceiling tracks on the bunk end for hanging both valances and bunk end curtains.  There was also a a wall track that allowed valances on the other walls.  However, to hang the remaining privacy curtains, I had to get a little creative.  

First, I wanted our valances to wrap all the way around the camper.  The valances were lined with blackout fabric and had track tape sewn on the back of all of them.  I used two different kinds of track tape.  

For the wall mount valances, I used RV Designer Collection A115 72 Inch Glide Tape.  This is a plastic strip with plastic attachments for the track.

For the ceiling mount tracks, I used JR Products 81355 White 72" Sew-In Slide Rite Curtain Tape.

Both of these constructed to fit snugly into the track system.  They don't allow for gliding back and forth.  So this is a stationary curtain that will stay in place when opening and closing the camper.

At the end of each curtain, I sewed a little elastic loop.  I used Command Mini Hooks to loop the elastic to and creating a wrap around affect closing in the interior of the pop up camper.  If you have trouble getting the hooks to stay in place, then use gorilla glue.

For the privacy curtains on the bunk ends, I wanted the curtains to be able to glide easily on the second ceiling track to open and shut as needed.  Rather than use a tape, I used individual sew in glider pieces.  JR Products 81275 Type C Elastic Sew-In Curtain Carrier were the pieces that I used.  They were easy to use and glide effortlessly.  They also stay put during opening and closing the pop up camper.

The curtains that gave me the most trouble were the privacy curtains that hang along the sides of the camper over the seating and sink.

I needed to create a way to hang a long curtain rod but didn't have a great way to attach it.  And even a tension rod would not work.  I started with hooks that had a metal end that I could strategically position along the side.  However, these hooks were not wide enough to hold an actual rod.  I could though clip a cafe rod to the hook and run the rod through it.  To fully support the weight and secure these for popping the camper up and down, I attached the clips with Gorilla Glue.

These curtains were simple panels that I attached cafe rings to it and ran them them the rod that I suspended from the hooks.

If you are making curtains for a pop camper project, I recommend using the ceiling and wall track systems that are in your camper.  They are a great way to create a stable curtain that will stay in place over time.

For other privacy curtains, you may have to get creative with hanging options.  This is just how I did ours.  However, I would love to hear from you and how you hung up your curtains.  Feel free to comment and share below.

And have fun with your curtains and fabric choices you make.  Your interior choices can really take a camper from drab to fab with ease.  This has been my favorite part of our project.  And I think we are going to enjoy the choices that we made in our remodel for a long time.

Happy Camping!

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