Go Plae This Summer with Great Shoes for Your Kids Outdoor Activities

Keeping up with clothes and shoes has been a challenge for this momma over the past year.  Our son hit a growth spurt and has grown over 4 inches in a year.  As we neared the end of the winter season, I was just praying we could make it to warmer weather with the clothes and shoes we had.

Summer for us is casual and carefree.  Since my husband is a teacher, both boys are at home playing and keeping a very different routine from the school year.  Everything is about play clothes that are comfortable and easy.  This includes easy on and off for both shoes and clothes.

Little feet move easily and with confidence in these shoes.

Perfect for any activity.

Plae is a brand of shoes that I had learned about a couple of years ago.  These rugged shoes are light weight and easy to get on and off.  I originally purchased these shoes for back to school two years ago. They moved with our son's little feet and had great grip and traction while moving around. This spring, I decided to come back to Plae for a second try.  And, this company has earned a loyal customer.

Plae shoes are lightweight and bend easily with the foot.
First, Plae offers a growth spurt guarantee to parents.  If your child outgrows his or her shoes within 30 days of purchase, you can purchase a replacement at 50% off.  This is huge!  Given the last six months of growth, I can see how this would really benefit some parents.

Second, there are lots of styles for kids that work for all kinds of activities. Plae makes shoes for both girls and boys.  From basic sneakers to sports sandals, there is a style to keep your little one moving. Parents can choose pink and girly styles or boys basics to stylish for any gender.

We ordered our little one two pairs of shoes for spring a summer.  The Sam the Fisherman shoe is a closed-toe sports shoe.  The parent's morning out program our son attends requires a closed toe shoe.  This shoe fits that requirement while giving an airy shoe that is less hot.  The fisherman shoe can get wet and dry easily and works well for short afternoon hikes or backyard play.

Sam the Fisherman shoe is a great summer time shoe that can be worn both with or without socks.
Ty the Sneaker is the second spring and summer shoe that we purchased.  These flexible sneakers are a staple for us and far more than a basic shoe.  You can wash these sneakers.  They are made of lightweight, breathable materials that hold up well to busy little boys.

Velcro tabs can be switched out in these shoes for a different look or to accommodate different foot width needs.

Plae shoes are built to give traction, bend and remain lightweight.  
We always end up needing a couple of pairs of play shoes.  There seems to always be the afternoon stomping in the mud or a puddle.  Dirty is the name of the game at our house.  I cannot tell you the days that we literally hose him off in the backyard before coming inside for dinner.  Having a backup pair of shoes makes it easy to change and keep going.

Plae shoes come with interchangeable velcro tabs.  Easily change worn out tabs or just jazz up a pair of existing shoes for a fashion conscious parent or child.  Plus these tabs seem to be a lot easier for our son's little fingers to work and get closed.  He is much more independent with these shoes than others that we have tried.

And if you need to feel good about where you are spending your hard earned money, Plae cares about the world we live in.  Plae features a Plae It Forward Program that teams up with children and the causes they care about in the world.  Visit Plae's website to learn more about their Ambassador of the Month and how Plae donates to these causes such as clean drinking water for children in India.

As you gear up for spring and summer, explore the world of Plae.  They have great shoes at reasonable prices.  Plae shoes are designed for a variety of activities and events in your life.  These shoes will be well loved over our spring and summer camping trips.

We love our Plae shoes!
Have a great week!  Get out there and enjoy the outdoors with your family.  It is the best way to spend some quality time together!