Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Girl Camper and Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Mother's Day is almost here.  If you are still looking for something to give to a special mother in your life, here is a list of ideas for a mother that loves camping and the outdoors.  And no, this isn't a hint to my significant other even though I wouldn't oppose any of these items!


Every mother needs something great for her favorite beverage.  Hot or cold, there are lots of options.  
I have a swell bottle that I LOVE.  I use it primarily for water.  However, it can be used hot tea or coffee.  It is perfect for hiking, biking or just trips in the car.  There are also a variety of color choices.

The RTIC Tumblers are also a gift any mom would love.  I have a powder coated RTIC Tumbler that really keeps my coffee hot for a long time.  The lid stays on with a nice seal.  This blue color is amazing.

A regular coffee mug makes a nice gift too.  Etsy has vendors with unique options.  If you are looking for a camping theme, this "Let's Get Lost Together" mug from Apple Farm Creation is fun and only $12.

This basic mug is customized with a camping theme.

Decals for Drinkware

If you are getting mom a new tumbler or Swell bottle, add a decal for a personalized touch.  Again, Etsy is my go-to place to find these gifts.  Choose from options like a Happy Camper decal in a bright blue.  Or, you could choose your own color scheme from this MadMiaCreations Happy Camper Decal.  Decals are inexpensive but can really up your gift giving game!

Camping-inspired decals are available from several Etsy Shop owners.

Fun Tee Shirts for Camping

Your mom will look forward to sporting a new camping themed tee shirt on your next adventure with one of these fun designs.  From pink retro designs to gray basics, tee shirts make a practical and well-loved gift.  

Camping themed tee shirts are a practical gift for any girl camper in your life.
Etsy designer Rustic Grace Company has a Happy Camper Shirt with a retro pink camper that would appeal to your girlie camper.  No judgment here.  This one is probably my favorite!

If your happy camper isn't so frilly and pink and is more basic, try a tee shirt with the Happy Camper slogan and campfire in a heather gray.  I cannot resist a gray tee shirt, and think this is perfect for any mom or girl camper!

And if you want to get away from the phrase Happy Camper all together, try a more contemplative design.  Forever Strong Apparel has a shirt with the quote, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" with a choice of tee shirt colors for the design.  

These shirts are all reasonably priced and could be worn throughout the upcoming camping season for lots of activities.  You'll never go wrong with a tee shirt!

Throw Pillow or Decorative Item

I love decorating!  Both at home and in our camper.  Throw pillows can make a gift that someone will love but is many times something that mom won't buy for herself.  I kind of have a pillow problem.  I have tons!  I've made tons.  

But, I have to admit that Etsy has some decorative camper-themed pillows that are making me have a bit of pillow envy!  Choose from pillows like this Home Sweet Motorhome design or a Happy Camper Pillow Cover.

Everyone needs a cute throw pillow.

Pot Holders, Towels or Aprons

If your mom likes to cook, potholders, kitchen towels, and aprons make an appreciated gift.  Choose from items like this Camping Apron with Retro Travel Trailers from KitschNStyle or other styles that this shop owner makes.  

Personalized Camper Towel Sets are also good pick for the mother that loves to cook.   You know that your mom will enjoy using these and think of you every time she cooks.  Embroideryboutique1 has other towel sets to choose from as well.  

Look for camping inspired kitchen gifts like towel sets and aprons on Etsy.

New Dishes or Serving Ware

When we purchased our camper, I wanted a set of dishes that we could use so we wouldn't have to depend on paper plates.  Camp Casual makes unique products that appeal to the camping enthusiast. Their line of melamine dishes and serving pieces would be a great addition to your mom's camping gear.  

Phone Case

Is your mom a techie camper?  Or, does she just need a new phone case?  There are camping themed phone cases too!  Choose from Adventure Themed Designs or Woodland Themed Cases.  If if you have a photo from your favorite camping adventure with mom, create a case of your own using a tool like Shutterfly.

Phone cases are a way to express individual personality.  

Fun RV Lights

Retro Travel Trailer lights could also be right up your mom's alley.  These unique lights are bright and festive for the upcoming camping season.  With an $11 price tag, you can pick up a couple of sets and still have money to pick up a little something else.


Every hard working mom needs something to help her relax.  One of the first pieces of camping gear that we purchased was an Eno Double Nest Hammock.  We love ours.  And it is truly the right size to snuggle up with someone you love.

Basket of Camping Essentials

And if you just can't decide, create your own basket of camping essentials that mom would love.  Some things to include:
  • Mom's favorite coffee
  • Luna Bars or other favorite granola or meal bar
  • A favorite snack or chocolate
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Headbands, scarves or wrap to tie up hair easily
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Small Blue Tooth Speaker
  • Book or magazine to Read
  • Lip Balm
You could even add in some of the items listed above.  Be creative.  

I like themed gifts based on someone's interests or hobbies.  There are so many camping gifts available from Etsy shops and other companies.   And these gifts don't just have to be for mother's day or even a gift at all.  Maybe you are a girl camper and want some new swag.  Have a great week and happy camping!

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