Father's Day Gift Ideas - Unique Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Guy in Your Life

Father's Day is less than 1 month away, and it is not too soon to start planning a gift for dad.  Collect some ideas now so that you can make your dad swoon over some great swag!  I believe that men are far less complicated than women.  My husband reminds me of this often.  He really is happy with hats, tee shirts and the simple.  Here are some ideas to get your wheels churning.

If you believe that the key to a man's heart is food, then, by all means, get him a book about food!  Food writers Jane and Michael Stern have made a lifetime of traveling this country and finding the best road food spots.  From mom and pop pie shops to roadside barbecue, this book covers the entire US with places to stop along the way.  This book is in its 10th edition and is better than ever! Roadfood, 10th Edition

At our house, hats are considered top notch gifts.  I like how easy this request to fulfill is, and it does make my husband happy!  If you are a fan of the outdoors, look for a fun hat like this Sasquatch hat with lights.  It is perfect to have at the campsite that is both quirky and functional.  

In keeping with the hat theme, I choose from a hat or even a tee shirt with the ROAM theme.  Both of these Etsy finds are practical and outdoor inspired.  You can't go wrong with either of these basics.  From the campsite to weekends and home, either item will be worn and loved!  Buy both is you can't decide!  The Roam Tee Shirt is from Blackbird Supply and is only $26.  Also, it is unisex, so you and your man can match if you like that!  The ROAM  baseball hat is from Press Threads and is $18.

For the more traditional dad, these handkerchiefs would be well loved.  My dad always carried a handkerchief in his pocket.  I still have a few that I keep.  It is something that I miss and think of when I think of my own dad.  This could even be a new tradition that a dad in your life might like.  These handkerchiefs are hunting inspired.  Moocowmomma sells these handkerchief sets starting at $7.99 on her Etsy shop.  

If you are looking for a sentimental gift, an engraved compass could be just what you are looking for.  And, while you are at it, spend some time with dad geocaching or just hiking outdoors using his new gear.  Engraved Gifts sells this custom engraved compass for $59.  I would encourage you to shop early for custom gifts so that you have time for it to arrive.  

If you are still looking for gift gear for dad, here are a few final selections that might be what you haven't thought of.
Other gifts that an outdoor gift may enjoy are new hiking boots, sunglasses, hiking socks or a gift basket with his favorite snacks, magazines, and gift cards.  And if you are still stumped on what to get a guy that loves to get outdoors, why not try a subscription box?  BivySak is a quarterly box that could the answer to your gift-giving quandary!  I did a full review of the spring BivySak on my blog last week, check it out to see if this box would appeal to your dad.

I hope that you have some new ideas for father's day gifts.  These are also gifts that would be perfect for upcoming birthdays or anniversaries.  Don't complicate that uncomplicated guy in your life.  Look for the simple, unique and something to be well used.  Have a great day and get dad some goodies that will make him know how much you love him.

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