Every Glamper Needs Bunting - How to Make Your Own

Glamper bunting made from left over fabric from our cushions and curtains.

I have had bunting envy for some time now.  Finally, I decided to make a little of my own.  No time like the present when it is hot as Hades outside.  A good afternoon sewing project is just what the weather man ordered.  I can dream about camping in the cool air conditioning of my home.

Making your own bunting requires:
  • fabric pieces - can be scraps or actually purchased fabric specifically for your project
  • bias tape
  • bunting pattern for triangle pieces
  • Pinking Shears
  • thread
  • pins
I had some left over fabric from all of my sewing projects that I previously did for my camper - curtains and cushions.  I save everything because I can make gifts or other decorating projects out of the left overs.  I've used my left overs to make pillows, placemats and yard flags so far.  I love how many things I've been able to create with my remnants.  

First, find a bunting pattern.  I found this one online that I printed from One Young Love.com.  This pattern can be used to create various sizes for your bunting.  It is much easier to do this than create your own.  Go this route.

Next, cut your triangles from the fabric using pinking shears.  I folded my fabric in half and cut those triangles so that I would have a back and front.  As you are cutting, you can turn you triangle pattern each time you cut to line up with the previous line so that you can waste less and cut less.

Turn your triangle cut out a pattern as you work so that you are only cutting one side each time.  The previous cut will alway make one side of your cut out.

Sew up your triangles by sewing a straight stitch down each of the long sides.  You don't have to close the top.  This will be closed when you add the bias tape.

Sew along the long edge.  You won't even have to pin anything.

Determine the length of your bunting and cut your bias tape accordingly.  You can purchase bias tape in many different colors from any store that has sewing notions.  I purchased this from Walmart.  I ended up using 4 packages of bias tape.  Each piece constructed a single line of bunting with a long tail end on each side for attaching.

Start by pinning the first triangle in the center of your bias that you have cut.  Place your triangle between the folds of the bias tape.  Then pin it closed around the triangle top.  Space each triangle about 2 to 3 inches apart and continue to pin.

Once you have pinned all of your pieces in place, sew a straight stitch along the bias tape to close the bias tape around the pinned pieces.

Sew beginning at the end of the bias tape to close the entire piece and working toward your pinned pieces.

Pin your triangles inside of the fold of the bias tape and sew shut with a single seam all the way down the bias tape.  I left long tails for me to tie up.
That is it!  You now have your bunting made, hang it wherever you like.  You can hang your bunting over your beds in your camper or you can hang it outdoors along the awning.  It is up to you.

And if you don't sew, no worries.  Make a rag or ribbon version of bunting or garland really.  This is some rag garland that I made for my son's room where I hang photos.

Rag garland in my son's room.  This could be made to go in a camper or for outdoor decoration if you like.

I used various colors and sizes of ribbon tied around a piece of hemp to make this.
Take scraps of ribbon and fabric pieces along a piece of rope, and you have a decorative piece to hang with no sewing required.

Bunting is a great way to decorate.  I love how it gives a pop of accent color in any place you choose. How else can you use bunting?
  • decorate for a birthday party, shower or wedding
  • create props for a photo booth or photo shoot
  • decorate a baby's room
I ended up with 4 pieces of bunting that I can hang indoors or out or even both!
Have a great week and enjoy making a crafty project that you can enjoy on your next camping trip.  Why shouldn't your camper be pretty and fun just like your home?  After all, it is your home on wheels.  

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