Tips for Camping Safely With Dogs

Christy and her fur baby, Hachi Bear

Guest blogger, Christy Rogers, shares her love of camping with her dog in today's feature.  She is a proud alumni of the University of Alabama and can often be heard cheering "Roll Tide" for her alma mater.  Christy exhibits her love for Jesus, life and helping others wherever she goes.

I’ve always loved camping. My earliest childhood camping memories include sleeping bags on rocky soil, rain, leaky tents and burned hot dogs! Now that I’m older (and fatter and have more disposable income), I still love camping but comfort is a much bigger consideration than it once was! Of the many things that have changed as my personal camping preferences have upgraded, is my favorite--the addition of my fur-baby, Hachi Bear the Shiba Inu. 

Bear Rogers lives the good life!
I absolutely love sharing outdoor adventures and weekends in fun places with my boy! My dog makes me happy and I love doing things with him that I know he loves, too. One his most favorite things is to run off-leash alongside my mountain bike. He also loves to play in the water and be around people who are active and playful. These exact scenarios are often the scene of camping adventures with my friends, so it makes perfect sense that my Hachi Bear would join us on our camping adventures! 

Keeping guard over his camping site.
There are some considerations that must be made for your fur baby that may increase your payload for your camping trip. But with good planning and preparation, the extra gear is totally worth a great time with your friends and fur family! 

Hachi is always ready for an adventure.
I have an essential list of items for every camping trip that are Hachi Bear specific. I bring a harness, not just his normal collar, to ensure that his inevitable excitement about squirrels, deer, etc…doesn’t result in a collapsed trachea (sadly a common occurrence in many dog breeds). URPOWER Dog Leash Harness Adjustable & Durable Leash Set  

I also bring a plastic covered, metal tie out so he can be safely restrained but have plenty of travel room around the campground. I bring 2 beds for my little man—his usual soft bed for inside the camper or tent and a raised, therapeutic loft bed that allows him to rest comfortably OFF the ground. We do live in Alabama, after all and ants and other pests are a serious nuisance. This also helps my boy stay cleaner by not laying in the dirt. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed - Medium

I bring lots of toys, treats and food with 2 to 3 water bowls to keep all around our campsite. I pack his food separately to ensure that it’s easy to access and also so I can feed him easily away from other dogs since he can be a little food aggressive. I also bring a homemade solution of ½ apple cider vinegar, ½ water with 5 drops each of lemon, peppermint and tea tree essential oils in a spray bottle to spray on him with to help keep flies, ticks and mosquitoes away naturally. Add his special e-stem collar that allows us to hike off leash in secluded areas (ALWAYS keep your dogs leashed while camping for everyone’s safety—not to mention it’s the law in every campground in the US!) and we are guaranteed to have a safe, healthy and exhausting weekend of fun! 

This dog also enjoys the lake life!
It’s amazing how much love and joy our pets add to our lives. With a little planning and some preparation, your fur baby can join for almost all of your favorite activities! My favorite, camping, has been so wonderfully enhanced by the addition of Hachi Bear, that I can’t imagine going without him! So make a list, pack up and take your fur baby out to the campsite!