Duraflame Cube Heater - Adding Warmth and Ambiance to Your Pop Up Camper

The Duraflame Cube heater puts out plenty of heat for a 400 square foot space.
Fall and winter camping may seem out of reach to some campers.  In fact, camping may be out of the question during extreme temperatures.  For us, in the deep south, camping really can be done in all four seasons.  Much of this is due to us having two seasons - hot and less hot.  Regardless of your region, how can you warm up your pop up camper if you don't have a furnace?

Peggy Sue has a new Mach 10  with the Elect A Heat element added.  This option worked well for us during our Thanksgiving weekend trip with temperatures down into the 30's at night.  I still think that a professionally installed furnace or heat strip is the safest way to go in your camper.  If you exercise caution, you can use a small space heater in your camper.

Our Duraflame Cube heater fits nicely in our camper floor space.

We purchased a Duraflame Cube Heater as a backup heater.  This little heater has the following features:
  • Casts a flamelike glow with or without heat.
  • 750 and 1500 watt heat settings for low and high heat.
  • Will heat up to 400 square feet.
  • Cool to the touch exterior.
  • Low blowing fan that has a soft sound.
  • A variety of exterior colors. 
Right out of the box, I liked this product.  It is larger than I anticipated but it is still small enough to be placed on a countertop or a table if you prefer.  The firelike glow makes a nice nightlight and creates a gentle glow.  The flame is not exactly real looking, but it is pleasant enough.  And for the price, who can complain?  I paid less than $40 for ours, and I feel like we have gotten $40 worth of enjoyment from our heater in the month that we have it.  

The Duraflame Cube heater comes in a variety of colorss.

Depending on your camper's connection and what all you have running in your camper, it is easy to blow a fuse on the 1500 watt setting.  Be aware of this.  We did blow a fuse when I turned up to the 1500 watt setting one afternoon.  For our small camper, we don't really need the higher setting.  We keep pop up gizmos on our bunk ends.  This insulates our camper a little more, and we find our camper to be a lot warmer in cool months and cooler in the warm months.  

The Duraflame Cube Heater is fine for keeping your camper warm during the day to keep the temperatures from getting too cold.  I find that it makes a difference to get the chill out of the air and keep the internal camper temperature from getting too low.  This is one reason I like to at least turn on the heat as the sun starts to go down to warm up the space.  No one wants to come in out of the cold and into a cold camper.  

We actually run our Mach 10 heat strip during the night.  I turn off the heating element of our Duraflame heater and use the flame like glow to give off a night light effect.  Its a simple bulb inside of the heater that gives this effect.  The lighting is not harsh and makes glow that you can see if you need to get up during the light without such harsh lighting.  

I like the soft fire like glow of the heater.  This can be used alone and with heat.

Could you use this heater as the main heat source at night?  I certainly think this is plausible.  This heater cranks out some heat.  When we get up in the morning, we switch to this heater.  We stay nice and warm with this running.  I see no reason why it couldn't be used at night.  

If you are using a space heater in your camper like this Duraflame Cube Heater, here are some safety tips for you to remember:
  • Keep your heater clear of items like clothing and bedding.  
  • Operate in a ventilated area where air can circulate around it.
  • Don't have too many things plugged in while you are operating your heater.  
  • Start out in the low setting to see how your heater performs and to ensure you won't blow a fuse.
  • Have some extra fuses on hand in case you do blow one.  
  • If you aren't around, turn off your heater.  
I'm glad we bought this heater.  It is the perfect back up and companion piece for us.  This heater could work solo if you don't have a furnace or heat strip in your ac.  I love the lighting effect.  These heaters come in a variety of colors, even leopard print.  

Nice cozy start to our day when the air is cold outside!

If you are considering what gear you need in the 2018 year, this heater could be a great addition to what you have.  Even our friends with a big fancy camper use a floor type space heater in their camper during the day.  Also, check out my Camping Gadgets and Gear Page for other ideas that might be game changers for you on the road.  

What pieces of camping gear do you like the most during the cold weather months?  Do you have some gear that you can't live without?  Leave me a comment to share with other campers what you love to camp with to keep you warm.