Flannel Obsession - Simple Crafts for You or to Share

Henry Glass Woodland Retreat Flannel Fabric

Right now I'm a little obsessed with flannel.  It is cozy and soft.  With lots of luxurious colors and patterns, I keep finding one project after another that works with this fabric.  After finishing my flannel lap throws, I decided that I needed more flannel in my life!

I selected 6 projects that are simple, practical and would be in the spirit of the season.  Craft projects don't have to be difficult or time-consuming.  These projects also work well with smaller pieces of fabric. Henry Glass Woodland Retreat is vibrant and velvet like.  The thickness of the fabric makes it work well for plenty of projects.  The Cars and Campers and Red Plaid flannel are my absolute favorites.  At the time that I am posting this, both are out of stock.  However, check back to see if it is available again!

State Logo Appliqued Shirts

An appliqued shirt can be made with a cutout pattern of your choice.  I went with a state pattern for my home state.  You could do this with your home state as well.  Other applique ideas that would work well:
  1. Triangle Christmas Trees - 3 various sizes would work well
  2. Heart
  3. Star
If you are feeling fancy, do a deer head outline!  Pick one with fewer lines to cut out.

Print or draw your desired pattern.  Cut out your pattern shape in the flannel of choice and the same shape in Thermoweb Heat n' Bond.  Next, you will iron the Heat N Bond adhesive to your flannel piece.  Your paper from the Heat N Bond will be on top with the textured side on the wrong side of the fabric.  

After you have ironed this down, allow it to cool before peeling off the paper.  Once you have removed the paper, iron the cut out onto the shirt.  Use a zig zag stitch to go around your shape that is on your shirt.  That is it!  You can do this in less than 30 minutes!  If you would like my pattern for the Mississippi Flannel Applique, you can download and use it.  It comes complete with instructions on the pattern page.

These appliqued tee shirts are quick to make and wear well!

Flannel Coasters

Hot drinks require cozy coasters for resting.  A flannel set of coasters can make your coffee table festive and make a nice gift.  I like this idea for teachers, family, and friends.  These are also a good option for mailing as they are both light and flat!

These flannel coasters will make excellent gifts.

For this, you will need flannel for the exterior that is pretty and a felt insert as a lining.  This can be any color as you need the felt for thickness.

Enjoy your favorite beverages with these coasters for resting your mug!

Using a self-healing mat and rotary cutter make quick work of cutting your shapes.  You are going to cut three squares for each coaster.  One is the top.  Next is the middle or lining and last is your bottom.  You are going to stack, sew and turn.  Then, you will close these.  You could make several sets of these in an afternoon.  Pair with a favorite mug and hot beverage mix for a gift set!

Felt lining is what makes these coasters sturdy and absorbant.
Full directions on are on the link above.  I will be giving away a set of these on Instagram.  Be sure to follow my Instagram feed for a chance to win a set!

Flannel Headbands

Headbands can use up those little pieces of fabric that you can't do much with.  They work great for children and adults.  Plus I love them for those messy bun hair days to dress up your look.  These are excellent for camping, shopping or anything where you want to do something to keep your hair out of your face with little effort.

The flannel headbands work well for days when you have less time to fix your do!

You will need flannel pieces and elastic bands.  I found the pattern on Pinterest.  The blogger has a pattern for both adults and children.

Flannel Coffee/Tea Cozies

If you like getting coffee at shops, you have probably used your share of cardboard insulators around your cup.  I see reusable ones all the time on Pinterest and Etsy.  Fabric ones from flannel are so seasonal and provide just the right thickness for this project.  And, again, this is a great way to use leftover fabric. 

When making these, it is two cutouts from your pattern with a piece of elastic tucked inside.  Leave one end open for turning.  One you have turned the pattern for the right sides to face outward, pin the open end closed and top stitch all the way around to close and give it a finished look.  You can use the same fabric on both sides.  I used coordinating fabrics for the two pieces.  I also found that I really had to reinforce the elastic cord.  Using a flat elastic might work better.  

The thickness of this flannel works well for the coffee cozy. 

  To make this project, you will need flannel cutouts, a button and elastic.  If you want to make this a little more professional looking for gift giving, you can cut out a coffee cup shape from heavy craft paper and wrap the cozy around it for gift giving.  Add a note or bible verse to the cutout.  I found a coffee cup print out that you could use as well.

A simple wooden button works well with this fabric.
I used these today at Starbucks while shopping.  I received several compliments from people I saw.  I'll also be giving away some of these on Instagram during the holidays too! 

These fit perfectly on a coffee cup from your favorite shop!


Flannel Christmas stockings are the best!  You can mix and match patterns for something fun.  Plus, you can add trim, buttons, sequins or anything else you want to make it individual for each person in your family.

Flannel stockings are ready for Santa!

The stocking pattern that I followed for this project was for a flannel and faux fur stocking. This is a popular trend this season, but I went with a flannel only option.  These are lined stockings.  Don't let that intimidate you.  The flannel lining creates a cuff.  Using a coordinating fabric looks really nice. 

Trim your stockings with the embellishment of your choice.

Take your time and follow each step.  The final product is professional.   This product would be good for teaching a beginning seamstress.

Flannel Sleep Mask

Some campers want to sleep in and others are up with the chickens.  One thing that is key to a good night's rest for me is darkness.  I made flannel sleep masks several years ago for Christmas gifts.  I used a pattern from Martha Stewart.  This time I omitted the bias tape and sewed two pieces of flannel right sides together with the elastic fitted and pinned inside.  I left a couple of inches open at the top.  After turning right sides out, I topstitched everything down and closed.

The soft flannel is soothing and soft at the end of the day!

Again, this Woodland Retreat fabric is so soft and thick that I didn't need a batting midsection.  It is comfortable around my eyes for sleeping.  You could whip up several and give as gifts with lavender tea.

What else could you do with some lovely Henry Glass Woodland Retreat fabric?  Pajama pants would be an excellent choice!  You could also make nightgowns too.  Make something cozy, festive and flannel for this last season of the year.  I've loved working on each of these projects and have been squealing with excitement to share them!  

Be sure to check out my Projects Page for other ideas.  Winter is the right time for crafting while you are indoors during wet, cold days.  Be sure to connect with my Instagram feed and follow along.  I'll be doing some giveaways in the coming weeks with some of these projects in time for Christmas.  Have a great week!

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