Top Five Posts This Year

2017 was an amazing year.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.  We completed over 80% of our pop up camper renovation.  There were also 5 great camping trips.  Reflecting back over 2017, here is a little review of our top 5 posts from this year.

Replacing Your Pop Up Camper Mattress

I positively could not use the mattresses that came with our camper.  They were probably the original ones that came with her and had served their purpose.  Some campers use air mattresses or foam toppers for comfort.  We actually have sofa replacement mattresses that are made of memory foam.  They came with a zippered mattress cover and were easy to cut to fit our space.  One year later, they are comfortable with sleeping and have held up well!

When planning to replace a camper mattress,  consider that camper beds are not standard bed sizes in many cases.  We have full-size beds in our camper, but they are "camper" sized full beds.  We had to cut about 7 inches off of each mattress for them to fit into our bunk ends.  That is the main reason I like a memory foam option since it can be trimmed to custom fit a space.

Repairing Pop Up Camper Leaks

Our roof on our pop up has been a situation in itself.  Really, it is our biggest problem at times.  We did a major repair on the roof that has held up well.  We had a pretty nice leak on our second camping trip that we took last year that resulted in removing our center seam and putting down some Eternabond and roofing seal.  We are about to give it one more good coat of sealant as we paint the exterior this upcoming year.

Bottom line, it is an old camper.  We could use a total roof rebuild.  It is still something to consider, but we have fixed the problem for now.  I feel that the roof and canvas were the two biggest things that we overlooked in the overall inspection.  It was a rainy day when we went to look at Peggy Sue the first time.  There were no apparent leaks.  But, quickly we realized there were some bigger issues that we should have taken a closer look at when buying.  This is one of my biggest tips for any buyer looking to purchase any camper - not just a pop-up!

Rookie Mistakes New Campers Make

Any camper can relate to this.  We all have to start somewhere. I cannot believe how many silly and simple mistakes we made last year.  I am still uncovering things that I need to know.  From leveling our camper to better options for grey water, there is a huge learning curve to all of this.  But, that is okay.  I like to learn new things!

One rookie mistake that stands out the biggest is our city water inlet that didn't work on our first trip.  We didn't do any kind of test prior to taking our maiden voyage.  It was a quick fix but did require ordering some parts.  And I still wonder why we didn't test this out at home!

Potty Talk - Porta Potty Review

I'm not gonna lie.  This porta potty that we have is awesome!  We have a Thetford Curve Porta Potty in our pop up.  We love this porta potty for two big reasons:

  1. There is a black water tank that keeps odors at bay.
  2. It is tall like a more standard toilet, so it is more comfortable.  

We did use the campground facilities most of all.  I also cannot count the number of times that having a potty right there is helpful when it is cold, dark and raining.  It is the little things that make camping so much better.  I have made those middle of the night trips to the restroom in 30-degree weather.  Nope.  I'm not feeling it!  If you are considering an item to add to your camping gear in the new year, get a porta potty.  You can thank me later.  You will use it more than you think.  And this model is made to make it easy to use and clean!

Pop Up Gizmos

We bought a set of pop up gizmos to go over our bunk ends, and boy what a difference they made!  Our first trip last year was during a chilly weekend in February.  The weather was upper 20's during the night.  Even with the heat, our bunk ends were cold!

Adding the bunk ends, we stay warm during cold weather.  During the hot months, we have a cooler space to enjoy at the end of a hot day.  Pop up gizmos really add to the comfort factor.  This is a simple addition that goes a long way.  You need a set of these.

The basic set that we have worked just fine for us.  But, I would recommend getting a mid or higher end version that is available.  Wind or stormy weather will rip these right off.  For only a small amount more, you can have a set of pop up gizmos that will stay on much better if the weather changes.

This list proves that the practical is going to trump the pretty side of camping every time.  And this list is also comprised of the things that make our trips awesome every time!  What items would make your camping top five list?  Feel free to comment and share your list.  Also, share your year-end gear favorites on social media by using the hashtag #southernglamper.