How to Make Simple Camping Themed Pot Holders

Campers love camping themed decorative items.  Sometimes these items are easy to find.  Other times, you may need to make your own camping themed decor.  There are so many lovely camping fabrics available that I prefer to make my own if I can.  Timeless Treasures has a beautiful selection of vibrant colors that would suit any campers preference.  From frilly pinks to traditional prints and standard colors, there truly is something for everyone.

Pot holders are a craft that can be accomplished by beginners.  Experienced seamstresses will find this project simple and satisfying.  I am naturally drawn to crafts that can be done in an afternoon.  I live in a small home and prefer for it not to be torn up with a week of sewing to finish one project.

I used a book for this project that has quite a few patterns in it for 1-yard fabric projects. One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!  I'll be using this same book for several other projects in subsequent months.

Materials Needed:

1.  1 yard of fabric - or 1/2 each of coordinating fabrics  - Timeless Treasures Camping All Over Cream Fabric or Timeless Treasures Mini Pink Campers
2. Insul-Bright  - This is an insulated batting that can be used with heat.  Don't use traditional batting for this project!
3.  Coordinating thread
4.  Binding - you can buy this premade or make your own.
5.  Aluminized Fabric - optional for oven mitts

I used both Insul-Bright and Aluminumized Fabric that is heat resistant for these pot holders.

The aluminumized fabric should not be dried.  I did wash it on delicate and hung it to dry to test it.  The fabric held up fine.  I would recommend the same if you choose to use this fabric.  You can purchase it at places like JoAnn Fabrics.  
Another product that I used for this project that was a game changer for me is a SINGER Even Feed Walking Presser Foot .  You can use this specifically with sewing layers.  I wish I had purchased this item long before now.  I cannot stress how easy this presser foot made this project!

The right tools will make a much more enjoyable and easy craft project.  I have learned the hard way that having the right tools will yield much better results and leave me much less frustrated.  Crafters that give up many times didn't have the right tools to do the job leaving them frustrated and with lackluster results.

You will be making 2 different pot holder shapes for this projects.
  1. Oven Mitt
  2. Square Pot Holder
Start by quilting your fabric.  For the oven mitts, you will quilt the pieces of fabric before cutting out your mitt shape.  I laid the mitt pattern onto the fabric to ensure that I cut a long and wide enough piece to quilt and cut for my mitts.

For the square pot holder, begin by cutting the size square you need.  I cut 9 1/2 inch square pieces.  

Next, you will want to measure and mark your fabric for quilting.  I marked lines 1 1/2 inches apart on the diagonal of each piece.  You can use chalk or a disappearing ink pen for this.  I also finally broke down and purchased a large acrylic ruler for measuring fabrics and crafting.

Cut your InsulBright batting to match the pieces that you have cut to quilt.  Place the fabric wrong sides together with the batting in between.  Pin your pieces together with basting pins.  Now you can quilt your pieces.  I recommend starting in the middle and work from the middle outward with your seams.

For the oven mitts, I used the camping fabric on the right side and the aluminumized fabric on the bottom with the batting in between.  Make sure that you layer with the wrong sides of your fabric together and batting in between.  I can't stress that enough.

Finishing Your Oven Mitts

Trace and cut your mitt pattern from the quilted pieces for your mitts.  Place the right sides together and stitch all the way around.  Turn right side out.

Cut a 6-inch piece of bias tape to make the loop.  Close the bias tape with the simple stitch along the edge.  Attach the loop to the right side of the potholder mitt with the raw edges of the loop matched to the raw edge of the mitt on the opposite side of the thumb.

Now attach your bias tape to the armhole of the mitt.  Line up the raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of the oven mitt armhole.  Stitch around the armhole.  Next, wrap the bias tape over the top of the raw edge to encase it into the bias tape for a finished edge.  Pin around the edges and stitch closed ensuring that you sew all the way through the bias tape on both sides. 

Finishing Your Square Pot Holders

Pin your bias tape all the way around the potholder with the raw edge of the bias tape matched to the raw edge of the pot holder.  Do not start on a corner.  Stitch in place.  If you are working with a completely square pot holder, you will want to stop about 1/4 inch before you reach the corner and turn the bias tape on an angle to create a mitered edge.

This was really frustrating to me.  So, on another set, I took a can and created a rounded edge and wrapped the bias tape on a curved edge to make it easier to work with.  I liked these results much better.  I recommend the later.

Wrap the bias tape around the raw edge of the potholder and pin and stitch closed ensuring that you stitch all the way through the bias on both sides.

A Note about Bias Tape

You can make your own bias tape or buy premade.  Recommend making your own.  You will have a much more custom look.  It is easy to make.  And, it is easier to work with.

I cut a 2 1/2 inch wide piece of fabric.  I folded in half with wrong sides together and press closed with an iron.  Next, I opened up the strip and folded one edge to the middle fold and pressed down along the edge.  I did the same with the opposite edge.  It creates a long strip with the exterior edges pressed into the middle for a pocket like an effect that you can wrap around the raw edges.  If you need to, sew multiple strips together to make a long piece of bias tape.

Be creative with your fabric choices that you use.  You can create lots of different combinations.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns for the bias that finishes your pot holders.

From one piece of Insul-Bright, I was able to make 2 oven mitts and 4 pot holders.  I doubled the batting on the pot holders for added protection.

I loved how these turned out.  The mitts were my favorite because I'm not a fan of working with bias tape.  They finished much more quickly.  These would make a nice addition to your camping gear.  You could also make these pot holders and give as gifts to friends.

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