Camping Inspired Apron

This camping themed fabric from Timeless Treasures is an excellent combination.
Growing up, my mom always wore an apron in the kitchen.  She still wears an apron or a smock and encourages me to do so.  Even though I tend to scoff at her suggestion, I need an apron.  I'm easily the messiest person I know.  My sister refuses to eat sushi with me in a white tee shirt.  I've stained good clothing while cooking dinner more times than I care to count and have become a whiz at removing greasy blemishes from culinary mishaps.

If I'm going to wear an apron, I want it to be a fun one.  Camping is no different.  I made myself a new camping themed apron.  This project could be just what you need for the new camping season!

I've been doing a series of projects this winter with camping themed fabrics.  Timeless Treasures has some adorable camping themed fabrics.  I've used fabrics from their line to make both potholders and napkins with a camping theme.  You can view both of these projects from previous posts on my blog.

I have a book for crafts made with one yard of fabric -One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!  I made this apron using a pattern from this book.  You will need:
  • main fabric - I would say 1/2 yard
  • coordinating fabric - also 1/2 yard
  • thread
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
An apron is really a rectangle attached to a pair of ties.  Anything else that you do is decorative and fun.  You can dress up aprons with ruffles of coordinating fabric or a pocket.  These creative touches will add a little to your work, but they also may encourage you to sport your apron a little more.  I did both a ruffle and a pocket.

First, start by washing and drying your fabric before you begin cutting and sewing.  This will keep your fabric from puckering after wear and wash.  Measure and cut your fabric on a large, clean table.  Take your time measuring and getting your pieces correctly cut.  

I used a blue camper fabric and a coordinating a red and black check fabric for a tie and ruffle.  I also decided to add a pocket on the front.  Pockets are as functional as they are pretty.  Pockets are handy for matches, your phone or other items you might need while cooking.  I use my phone to help me determine the number of briquettes for cooking in my dutch oven or even to read a recipe.  A pocket isn't required for your apron, but you might be glad you have one.

Use the measurements below to cut your fabric from the main and coordinating fabrics.

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Start by hemming on the one long side and the two angled sides of the apron from with a double hem folding in 1/4 inch first them folding over again 1/4 inch.  I used my iron to press these seams down.  Stitch all the way around on the three sides.  Leave the top short side open and exposed - a raw edge.

Next, lay the apron ties wrong side up and fold the short sides in 1/4 and press.  Fold the right sides together on the long side and stitch all the way down.  Turn right sides out.  Press and them top stitch all the way around on four sides.  This will close the ends that were just pressed down and create a nice top stitch on the two long sides.

Top stitch all the way around the apron ties on all four sides.

To make the ruffle, double hem one long side and two short sides of the ruffle piece.  To do this, press 1/4 then fold and press 1/4 inch more.  Stitch all three sides to close the hem.  Baste along the raw edge and then gather evenly to match the top of the apron front.  Pin the ruffle with the right side up on top of the apron front and stitch into place.  Don't worry about the raw edges exposed.  The waist band will take care of that.

Attach the waistband and top stitch all the way around.

The ruffle adds a nice decorative touch.

Now attach the waistband.  Fold and press 1/4 inch on one long side of the waist.  Pin the raw edge along the apron ruffle with the right sides together.  Be sure to pin so that it fits directly in the middle with some extra fabric on each end of the waistband.  Stich along the raw edge.  Press the waistband up.  Turn the waist down to connect to the back of the apron with the pressed edge inward so that it closes in the raw edges.  Turn the short ends inward.  Pin and then topstitch along all four sides.

To make the pocket press a double hem using a 1/4 inch fold all the way around on all four sides.  Stitch one side down.  Next, pin the pocket on the three remaining sides to the front of the apron.  The hemmed edge should be on the top.  I am right handed.  So, I placed my pocket on the right side.  Be sure to try on your apron to make sure that the pocket is pinned in the best place for you to use it.  Stitch on the three remaining sides.

I love how vibrant the pocket is on the front of the apron.  It is as pretty as it is practical.

Attach the ties by placing a tie on each side of the waistband slightly behind the waistband.  Pin into place and stitch down.

The finished product turned out perfect!
I'm planning to do lots of cooking in my Dutch Oven this camping season while wearing my apron.  If you are looking for a new way to cook at the campsite, dutch oven cooking is amazing!  Learn more about Dutch Oven Cooking from my post last year.  

If you are looking for more camping themed projects, visit my Projects Page.  Be sure to share this page with a crafter or camper in your life or share on Pinterest with other campers!  And as always...