Update Your Door for Less than $10

Adding some self-adhesive paper onto my pop up camper door gave a whole new look to my interior.

I've had a complicated relationship with my pop up camper door.  Peggy Sue's door was bandaged up with medical tape when we purchased her.  We finally got the door repaired, but the job was more functional than attractive.  This past weekend, I gave my door a little facelift for less than $10!

As a teacher, I used contact paper for everything.  Those pretty adhesive rolls lined the shelves of my classroom, covered ugly cabinets and more.  If you think contact paper is only for lining shelves, think again.  There are so many fun designs available that you can change the look of your interior in minutes with minimal work.

I started this project with Beach Wood design self-adhesive paper.  There are lots of distressed wood designs that you can select for projects.  I like this type of paper because it hides flaws and contains multiple colors to blend in with many color palates.

Beach Wood Faux Finish Paper is less than $10 for a roll!

Start by measuring and cutting a piece of self-adhesive paper the length of your door.  The width of the paper will be wider than the actual door space, and that is great.  I had about two inches on each side of the door going down.  Essentially, cut to the length not the width of the door.

Center the paper and begin to stick by removing the paper from underneath a small portion at a time.  Smooth from the center outward as you work down.  Be sure to get out all of the bubbles.  A smoothing tool could easily do the job.  I just used my hands.

The before and after photos really show a dramatic difference.

After getting the paper adhered to the door, trim the paper on each side of the door frame for a completed look!  Done.  It's that easy and so inexpensive.  I loved the top of the door so much that I decided to do the bottom too!

Cover the bottom of your door to create a custom look from top to bottom!
An added bonus, you can piece your pattern together by cutting "wooden slats" from the board pattern.  To create extra width to fully cover the door's bottom, I cut little wooden "slats from the pattern in the paper.  I used the cut pieces to fill in the width for a completed look.  You cannot even tell!  This is literally the most forgiving adhesive paper that I have ever used.

You can use this paper for any place you want to create a faux finish.  I've seen this type of adhesive film used for resurfacing camper cabinets, backsplashes, cabinet accents, wallpaper and more.  It is really up to you.

What is a simple and inexpensive modification that you have made to your camper?  I'd love to hear project ideas and triumphs from you.  If you are looking for more self-adhesive project fixes, I used a countertop vinyl in my camper also.  Until next time...

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  1. Looks amazing and such a great idea.

    1. Thank you! This was such an easy and rewarding project!

  2. And now I'm thinking of all the places I want to put that contact paper! It would look great as a tabletop, I think.

    1. It would look great. I’m going to use some farmhouse shiplap style paper in our new camper. It’s so easy!!! Hope it turns out great!


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